AR-15 Rifles [The Definitive Resource]

Mono AR-15

The AR-15 is America’s most popular sporting rifle.  And because of that, there’s dozens of reputable manufacturers, tons of options, and thousands of accessories.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect AR-15 as a first-time buyer, or just the perfect upgrades and optics…you’re in the right place.

The Modern AR-15

It used to be really easy…head down to your local gun shop and choose from the 2 or 3 AR’s they had on the shelf.  But those days are long gone.

Now you’re bombarded with TOO many choices…

But if you do your homework (with us), you’ll be rewarded with the perfect AR-15 to fit your budget, purpose, and look.

Chapter 2

How to Shoot the AR-15

Once you’ve gotten your AR-15…learn how to properly shoot it.  This section focuses mainly on video since that’s the best way to learn this kind of stuff.  Stay safe!!

Chapter 3

AR-15 Ammo Choices

Your AR-15 is hungry…you gotta feed it some good ammo!  These articles will cover the best ammo for self-defense and range shooting.  Plus some popular alternative calibers.

Chapter 4

AR-15 Optics & Scopes

Your AR-15 probably came with iron sights or even bare-nekkid…time to upgrade for a much better shooting experience!  We’ll cover non-magnified sights such as red dots and holographic sights, all the way to magnified scopes.