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Best Bullpup Rifles and Shotguns: 2017

Forget everything that you’ve learned about conventional firearms.  Bullpup rifles and shotguns break all of the rules.   They’re short, compact, and easy to handle, but still have the same accuracy as long-barrel rifles, shotguns, and sub-machine guns.  I’ll cover exactly what a bullpup gun is, the pros/cons, and the best models out there right […]

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Lightest AR-15 Handguards: Roundup 2017

Ounces equal pounds…pounds equal pain. At least if you’re schlepping your AR-15 around on patrol. But what if you’re a competitor looking to shave a couple fractions of a second from your target transition times? Well, we’ve got both sides covered…from the battle-proven to the truly featherweight AR-15 handguards.  Read on to see how they […]

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Bravo Concealment OWB Holster Review

Ah…kydex holsters have come a long way. Or at least the ones that can hold a handgun+light without going the bulky one-size-fits-all route. Follow me as I review Bravo Concealment‘s OWB (outside the waistband) holster with light and their universal pistol mag holster. Not looking for OWB?  Check out our Best Holsters for Any Way […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Surefire Steps to Help You Shoot Accurately

Practice makes perfect – so here’s an infographic with visual instructions on how to practice shooting effectively at the range and at home in 8 easy steps! To use this infographic on other printed and web publications or social media, please use the embedding link below the infographic OR link back to this page. Share this […]

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Best Way to Conceal Carry for Women: Holsters, Purses, & More

Women in the gun community get a lot of advice. It’s always well-meaning, but some of it is better than the rest. With the huge numbers of women who are dipping their toes into the concealed carry world, it seems that even more people want to tell the ladies how to do it. I’m at just […]

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Ammo Subscription Review: Monthly Ammo Box Goodness

Want more ammo to shoot, keep, or…bury in the backyard? But you can’t afford to buy 1000’s of rounds at a time? That’s where a monthly ammo subscription like the aptly named Ammo Subscription comes in. I’ll walk you through how they shoot, a strip-down of the components, and most importantly…does it make financial sense. […]

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