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Patriot Stencils Shooting Target Review

Bored of shooting random cardboard at the range? Check out these spray paint friendly stencils that add some much needed flair to standard targets. What Are They? Patriot Stencils are made from industrial-strength Mylar that lets you clean them off with any normal paint solvent (even acetone and turpentine.  No more one-use things or trying to make gunky […]

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Best Lightweight Bolt Carrier Groups (BCG): 2017

Looking to really reduce your AR double-tap times? You’ll want to go the lightweight low-mass bolt carrier group (BCG) route. The BCG is the piece of metal moving back and forth between each shot.  Lower the weight…and you’ll lower the disturbance to your rifle and sight picture. We’ll cover the most popular ones out right […]

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Thinking of Buying a Used Gun? Read This First

You know what’s intimidating?  Buying a used gun. You know what shouldn’t be intimidating?  Buying a used gun. Let’s fix that. It’s natural to be intimidated when trying to buy a used anything, especially when it comes to spending several hundred to thousands of dollars. But what is so intimidating about buying a used gun […]

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Ultimate AR-15 Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

So you just bought a new AR-15 and took it to the range.  You ripped through a few boxes of ammo and now you’re home and you need to know….how do you clean this thing? Maybe you’ve pulled the pins and separated the upper and the lower and you have no idea what to do […]

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Great Surplus Rifles You Can Buy on the Cheap

Edit: Dang!  I linked to the wrong article in the latest email.  Here’s the Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your AR-15. Owning the newest rifles gets expensive fast. But what if I told you that there was an entire group of firearms that are fun to shoot, interesting to look at and, best of all, that […]

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6 Helpful Tips for Disabled Shooters

Do you or a loved one suffer from a disability that makes using a firearm difficult? Some of the most talented shooters I’ve ever met actually had a handicap or disability.  Contrary to popular belief, physical impairment does not mean you cannot shoot a gun. It is true that amputation, nerve damage and other severe […]

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