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Top 10 Gun Myths

One shotgun blast can clear an entire room. All guns are assault rifles that shoot 30 clips per second. The gun show loophole arms all the baddies. Let’s go over our top 10 gun myths that keep getting perpetuated by Hollywood and the media. Myth #1: Guns make people fly Zen Question #1: If a […]

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Load Development for Beginners

One of the best parts about reloading is customizing your ammunition to your gun. Why would you want to do that?  And how does that work anyway? We call figuring out the exact specifications of the components you want to use “dialing in a load,” or “load development,” and we’ll cover why and how to do […]

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Trigger Reset: Slapping the Trigger Guard vs Riding the Reset

When it comes to self-defense shooting…do you ever want to be in second place? Probably not…like the great Bill Jordan said, “Be first or be dead, there is no second place winner in a gunfight!” One of the more controversial training aspects in shooting is how you release the trigger after shooting. We’ll walk you […]

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Best Electronic Hearing Protection Ear Muffs for Shooting

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?” Ready to stop yelling and level up to electronic hearing protection? I’ll walk you through the most popular ear muffs for all budgets and what I use for all-day competitions and when I’m being the range officer (RO). My Hearing Protection Journey I first started with the 3M Optime ($20) above since […]

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.300 Blackout (BLK) vs 5.56 & .223

Time to cut through all of the chatter. The .300 Blackout (BLK) has been called everything from the 5.56 killer to the black mamba. It was designed by Advanced Armament Company (AAC) to be a replacement for the MP5SD, a 9mm sub-machine gun favored by special ops.  But it had to have more power, the […]

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5 Personal Reasons to Carry a Concealed Weapon

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you don’t carry a weapon daily. But with all of the doom and gloom in the media have you been seriously asking yourself: “Why should I conceal carry?” You’ve gone this far in life without needing a gun to really protect yourself. Honestly, that seems like […]

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