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Pew Pew Tactical and You

With a name like that, how can I take you guys seriously?  You don’t have to…since we don’t take ourselves seriously either.

There’s enough of that going around in the firearms world and all we want to do is to help out fellow enthusiasts level up their gun knowledge (while also keeping safe).

Think of us like your gun obsessed buddy who is really awesome at explaining stuff, and doesn’t mind doing whatever it takes.

Pew Pew Tactical and You
Pew Pew Tactical and You

What to Expect

  • Quality firearms resource from the viewpoint of a complete newbie.  We found there was a stigma online attached to new shooters who just wanted to learn but didn’t have a military or police background.  Here, we spell everything out in the Beginner’s Guide to Guns.
  • Time-saving recommendations for when you just don’t have time to watch all the YouTube videos and forum posts on a product.  We’ve already vetted it for you.
  • Detailed “how-to” videos and articles that get straight to the point and don’t skimp on helpful tips.
  • Some really nerdy references and/or corny jokes that will leave you shaking your head.

What Not to Expect

  • Tactics for operationally operating operators.  We don’t pretend to be what we aren’t.  But we also don’t judge those that veer towards the “tacticool” side of things.  We’ll be the first to admit, sometimes we choose stuff just because it looks cool or ___ uses it.
  • Political stuff…you won’t find much of it except some Pro Second Amendment stuff.

The Team

Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Eric Hung Headshot
Eric Hung Headshot

Hi I’m Eric Hung, and I know…I look like the stereotypical gun owner.

I’m a biomedical engineer (go Blue Devils) and an entrepreneur who co-founded Educator.com, a math & science video tutorial site for high school and college students.

I guess I just gravitate towards educating people about stuff I love.

And I really love my guns because…they are just fun.  I feel not enough people say that reason.  Self-defense and hunting are all great, but I love guns because they are fun to shoot, fun to take apart, fun to compete with, and fun to upgrade.  They satisfy my engineering impulse and I love the peaceful Zen of shooting.

In my spare time when I’m not Pew-Pew-ing, I play video games, travel, eat fried things, and spend time with my beautiful wife and two cats Pepper & Patches (Trigger and Colt were vetoed).

BLM Precision Shooting
Precision Shooting in the Desert

Managing Editor

Coming soon

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