Best AR-15 Optics & Scopes 2017: Red Dots to Magnified

Not sure what optic or scope to get for your AR?

We’ll cover 1x optics and magnified scopes, plus recommended mounts, accessories, and backup sights.  By the end of this you’ll know the perfect one for your budget and end use.

*UPDATED 2017*: More optics and links to my Best Budget Red Dot article.

AR-15 Scopes
AR-15 Scopes

So let’s get started with red dots first!

Best AR-15 Red Dots

These are “red dots” or “reflex” sights which are exactly what they sound like…they superimpose a red dot as the aiming reticle.

Whereas with standard “iron sights” where you normally keep one eye closed and have to perfectly line up the two sights, red dots allow you to keep both eyes open and have a lot more leeway with where your head or eyes are positioned.

This makes them much faster in acquiring a target and also allows for more peripheral vision.  Plus, they are much more useful in darker environments.

TRS-25 AR Optics

Most Affordable

TRS-25 AR Optics

The budget red dot that has a history of great reviews and personal performance.  I would caution against going any cheaper unless you are shooting low-recoiling .22 LR.

With optics, you’ll usually find that you really get what you pay for…

I see plenty of TRS-25’s during rifle competitions and the owners all say that they are holding up well.

I used one on my AR (~1000 rounds) before upgrading.  Now it’s on my AK-47 pistol and even with the higher recoil of the 7.62×39, it has held zero for over 500 rounds and multiple water splashes.

If you conduct further research, you’ll find that there are two models of the TRS-25…one with white and one with gold writing of “Bushnell” on the side.

Years ago, it was found that the gold version was better for most since it had the glue of the emitter at 6 o’clock while the white writing (shown above) had the glue of the emitter at 4 o’clock which blocked some people’s view.

TRS-25 Trophy vs AR Optics
TRS-25 Trophy vs AR Optics

However, now people are seeing that there are combinations all over the place (likely due to various manufacturers) and that it just depends on the luck of the draw.  There are two versions of the TRS-25…the Trophy version and the AR Optics version with riser.

I recommend getting a riser for the TRS-25 for use in the AR-15 for easier target acquisition and especially if you plan on using irons or backup irons.  I do not like the riser that comes with the TRS-25 AR Optics version since I broke mine during installation.

I recommend getting the .83″ UTG version which has worked well for myself and others (gives co-witness).  You also save money by getting the non-riser Trophy version of the TRS-25 and getting the mount separately.

UTG Mount Co-Witness TRS-25
UTG Mount Co-Witness TRS-25

Recommended Buys:

Vortex Sparc AR

Most Robust

Vortex Sparc AR

Prices accurate at time of writing

A more purposeful (and newer) Sparc geared towards AR-15’s.  The Sparc AR ($199) is super beefy and can take a lot of punishment with the rubber housing.  One great thing is that it takes one AAA battery.

The glass is the clearest of the “budget” red dots but has a slightly smaller field of view when compared to the Holosun and Aimpoint Micros.  Full review HERE.

Holosun HS403A/B

Editor's Choice

Holosun HS403A

Prices accurate at time of writing

My best bang-for-the-buck red dot that ran head to head against the Sparc AR and Primary Arms in my 2017 Red Dot Reviews.

The Holosun HS403 ($140) has clear glass and a larger field of view when compared to the Sparc AR.  It also survived my drop tests and temperature tests.

Holosun also makes other models that are solar powered and even some that have two reticles…including one that mimics EOTech.

Aimpoint Micro H-1

The Gold Standard

Aimpoint Micro H-1, 2 MOA

The gold standard of red dots…the Aimpoint.

Costs a nice handgun but lasts for 50,000 hours on one battery and is fully waterproof.  Also has extreme weather capabilities (around -20 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Micro H-1 what I run on my regular AK where the optic directly sits on top of the gas block which gets extremely hot.

Thousands of rounds and still going strong.  I would not hesitate going into something unknown with my Aimpoint H-1.  There is also a T version which supports night-vision, but for most people the H-1 is everything you will ever need.

There’s two reticle size options…2 MOA or 4 MOA.  I personally like the larger 4 MOA dot for this optic since it’s perfect for closer quarters and the accuracy of my AK could leave some to be desired.

If you’re mounting on your AR-15, I would opt for the 2 MOA since it’s still plenty good for close quarters but can be useful for farther engagements or if you ever plan on using a magnifier.

And for a nice optic…you need a better mount that will hold zero better.  I suggest LaRue which is what I use for all my “nice” optics.

LaRue Micro Mount
LaRue Micro Mount

Recommended Buys:

Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic)

The "Goldilocks" Red Dot

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO)

What I would buy currently for my AR-15 if I did not have the older Comp ML3.

The Patrol Rifle Optic ($450) optic is bigger but gives an even beefier enclosure, 3-years of continuous battery life, night vision capability, is submersible up to 150 ft , and better temperature tolerance (-50 to 160 degrees).  Plus, it’s cheaper than the Micro and comes with a mount.


Best Holographic Sight

EOTech XPS-2

For a long time it was Aimpoint vs EOTech.

Aimpoint had it’s tubular “reflex” sights while Eotech had it’s distinct “holographic” sights.  While the technology was a little different, both were heavily used by the US military and had fervent supporters.

Then a disaster hit EOTech and culminated in a lawsuit from the US Government in 2015 for the sights losing their zero due to hot/cold weather and moisture.  They paid a $26.2 million dollar fine and are now offering refunds to their civilian buyers.

They state that problems only arise from -40 to 122 degrees but I would just like to stay away from a company where their products were found defective.  Plus, 122 degrees is easily reached inside a car during a hot summer day.

But, if you do like the large circle reticle, I would recommend the newer XPS2 ($479) model which allows for co-witness with iron sights.

Aimpoint vs EOTech Reticle
Aimpoint vs EOTech Reticle

It’s the smallest EOTech model currently.  But if you’d like to see their other offerings, check out our EOTech Guide.

Need to reach out and touch something?

Flip-Mounted 3x Magnifiers

Want the quick target acquisition of a 1x red dot or holographic sight…but still need to hit out farther?

COD MW3 Magnified Sight
COD MW3 Magnified Sight

We tested three of the most popular 3x magnifiers under $200 and found the best…

3x Magnifiers
3x Magnifiers


Vortex 3x Magnifier

The Vortex had the clearest glass, good eye-relief, changeable for lefties, easy to use mount, slim design, and was the lightest of the bunch.

Check how it compared to the competition in our Best 3x Magnifiers shootout.

Best AR-15 Scopes

Now we dive into optics with some magnification!

We’ll first start with some compact fixed scopes and then onto more traditional variable magnification scopes.

Vortex Spitfire 3x

Best Fixed Magnification

Vortex Spitfire 3x

A fixed 3x magnifier, this optic is built specifically for the AR platform shooting 5.56 since the reticle has dropdowns for 0-500 yards.

Since it’s from Vortex, it has an unlimited lifetime warranty that is fully transferable.

Spitfire Reticle
Spitfire Reticle


The Vortex Spitfire ($350) 5 intensity levels and the ability to choose between a red or green reticle to allow for shooting in darker areas, and comes with a mount.  You might need some practice to shoot closer distances because of the fixed magnifier, but the Spitfire is a great optic that I liken to a budget ACOG.

ACOG TA31F 4×32

Battle Proven

ACOG TA31F 4x32

The Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) is battle proven, compact, and basically bombproof.

The recommended TA31F version is a fixed 4x magnification and has a reticle calibrated for AR’s shooting 5.56 from 0-800 meters.

ACOG Reticle
ACOG Reticle

The ACOG is expensive because it combines the best of all worlds…it does not need a battery during the day since it its fiber optic system illuminates the chevron (upside-down V) reticle, while at night the tritium lamps take over and are guaranteed to glow for 15 years.

I would highly recommend trying one out in person since the fixed sight system is not for everyone.

Consider the ACOG or the Spitfire if you’re looking at mostly longer range engagements since shorter distances require some getting used to.

Recommended Buys:

Burris MTAC 1-4x

The updated version of the TAC30 which was my first competition scope, the MTAC adds a better interface to utilize the illuminated reticle which is now much more visible during the day.

Also, the ring to change the magnification does not turn the rear of the scope…this was a problem in the TAC30 since if you had lens caps, they would turn as well.

Plus, it now has windage and elevation knobs you use instead of just holding over.

Personally, this doesn’t really matter to me since with a maximum of 4x magnification, it doesn’t make too much of a difference.

Since there is only a $50 difference between the TAC30 and the MTAC, I would get the MTAC due to its better illumination, ability to more easily use lens caps, and windage/elevation knobs.

Recommended Buys:

Vortex Viper PST 1-4x

Vortex Viper PST 1-4X

A higher end 1-4x scope with better/clearer glass and a different reticle that excels at both close quarters and distance shooting.

Second focal plane.  With a better optic I recommend a better mount as well.

Viper PST Reticle
Viper PST Reticle

Recommended Buys:

Vortex 1-6x Strike Eagle

Best Value

Vortex 1-6x Strike Eagle

My current 3-Gun optic which allows me to much more easily hit the 375 yard targets at my local competition compared to my previous 1-4x TAC30.

Very affordable (especially when compared to the other 1-6x scopes) and very clear glass from 1-4x.  I can see some hints of distortion at 6x but since I usually only use the max magnification one stage a match it doesn’t bother me.

If you’re shooting closer matches or distances, you can just turn it to 3-4x as well to minimize the minor distortion.

Reticle is pretty good for close-up shots as well as farther shots.

Strike Eagle Reticle
Strike Eagle Reticle

Almost a recent no-brainer to get since it’s cheaper than the MTAC above while giving you 1-6x.  Two of my other friends have ditched their 1-4x in favor of the Strike Eagle.

I pair mine up with an extended Aero one-piece mount for a super-secure hold and weight savings.

Recommended Buys:

Vortex 1-6x Razor HD Gen 2

Gold Standard

Vortex 1-6x Razor HD Gen 2

This is the go-to AR rifle scope for rifle competitions when you will be engaging 300+ yard targets and 1-4x just doesn’t cut it.

The 1-6x Razor has really clear glass and is built tough.  I’ve looked through several and everything is much sharper than my TAC30.  Compared to the Strike Eagle, the glass is much clearer, you have a larger field of view, and a more forgiving eye box (location where your eye is and you will still get the full field of view).

Razor HD 2 Reticle
Razor HD 2 Reticle

It’s next on my list when I get better at my rifle and start shooting competitions with longer range targets again.

Recommended Buys:

Leupold 3-9x VX-1

Best Hunting Scope

Leupold 3-9x VX-1

One of our recommended hunting optics where you don’t necessarily need 1x but might need something more magnified.  The 3-9x VX-1 fills this need nicely and at a great price.

Recommended Buys:

Best AR-15 Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS)

Now that you have your primary sight, you’ll need some back up sights in case your primary breaks, runs out of batteries, or just falls off.

For 99.99% of their life they will live flat underneath your scope.  But if something happens to your primary…you’ll wish you had these to flip up!

Magpul Gen 2 BUIS

Perfect Backup

Magpul MBUS

These polymer Magpul BUIS ($80) paved the way for back up sights to become mainstream.  Affordable and still plenty accurate when you need them.

Magpul MBUS Pro

The latest iteration from Magpul, the MBUS Pros ($160) are steel instead of polymer to survive anything you can throw at it.

Offset Iron Sights

Best Offset Sights

Ade Advanced Offset Sights

Prices accurate at time of writing

Maybe not for everyone, but if you’re competing and don’t have time to switch your AR-15 scope back to 1x…these offset sights ($25) will help you get a better time.

All you need to do is tilt your gun and you have these ready for close targets.

Offset Sights MBUS
Offset Sights MBUS


Now that you’ve seen everything for the AR-15 from red dot sights to ACOG’s and variable optics, what will you choose for your purpose?  Check out more in our Gun & Gear Reviews.

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Can I use a Bushnell AK red dot on a Colt M4 …. no problems?

Very good article. I recently purchased my very first red dot. It is a “AT3™ LEOS™ Red Dot Sight with Integrated Laser Sight & Riser”. It was just over $115. I don’t have a lot of experience with it yet, but so far I’m super impressed with the build quality. I was wondering if you have ever done, or would consider doing an article on slings for the AR15. I would be interested in advantages and disadvantages of different designs and materials. I’m new to the AR15. I just bought mine in August. It came with a couple of standard… Read more »
James Hannan

Did a good job now i have an idea on wat tu put on my SAINT. THANKS


I’ve been rocking the primary arms 3X on my DD and loving it. Very surprised none of their offerings even got a mention…

Sam H

Eric….Nice write up BTW….My question…I am looking for a good quality red dot for my S&W 629 44magnum w/6″barrel…I don’t want to break the bank…BUT…I NEED quality and DEPENDABILITY , to handle the recoil.

I’m an old IPSC shooter that “my eyes ain’t what they used to be”…Would like as large if sight window/diameter as feasible….What would you suggest?!?…..Thank you for Your Opinion