Best AR-15 Ammo for the Range & Home Defense [2018]

Not sure the best ammo to feed your AR for the range and home defense?

We’ll go over caliber, barrel twist, bullet type, and price range to find your perfect fit.

Bunch of 5.56 Ammo
Bunch of 5.56 Ammo

*UPDATED October 2017*: New .223, self-defense options, and more online stores.

Can’t wait?  Here’s the best AR-15 ammo:

Ready to see why we chose these and the best places to find them for cheap?

AR-15 Calibers: 5.56 vs .223

Your average AR-15 comes in two popular calibers, the 5.56x45mm NATO and the .223 Remington.

You can double-check what it is by looking at your model specs or physically on your barrel, which should be stamped with the caliber and barrel twist rate.

AR-15 Barrel Caliber & Twist
AR-15 Barrel Caliber & Twist

The two cartridges are physically identical but the 5.56 may be loaded to higher pressures than .223 ammunition.

The .223  is a civilian round and has SAAMI specs (organization that sets standards for pressure and dimensions) while the 5.56 is a military round that has their own specifications that might require higher pressure for higher velocity.

Therefore, it’s best to follow the advice:

  • 5.56 chamber: OK to fire both 5.56 and .223
  • .223 chamber: OK to fire only .223

Your barrel or rifle probably won’t instantly blow up from shooting a 5.56 in a .223, but why risk it?

Combine that with the variance in the machining of the barrel and ammo production standards, it’s best to use the proper ammunition.

AR-15 Barrel Twist

Your barrel stamp should indicate the barrel twist after the caliber.

You should see a ratio from 1:7 all the way up to 1:12 and it means that the barrel will spin the bullet one revolution every X inches.  Most barrels will be from 1:7 to 1:9 twist, with the most popular being 1:9.

Take a look at the chart below to see the ideal twist rate for your barrel.

Ideal Bullet Weight vs Twist, Shooters Log
Ideal Bullet Weight vs Twist, Shooters Log

The heaver grain bullets are usually reserved for the military and their tracer rounds.

With normal cartridges, you’re most likely to see 55 grain and 62 grain bullets.  These are fine to shoot in 1:7 to 1:9 barrels and you probably won’t even notice a difference up to 300 yards.

Bullet Types

You’ll see two big families of bullet types, the full metal jackets (FMJ) and the hollowpoint/softpoints (HP/SP).

The FMJ’s are great for plinking while HP/SP are more for home defense or long range applications.  FMJ is also sometimes called Ball ammo.

Don’t you love multiple names for things…

Other confusing acronyms you might see include (BT) which means boat-tail and indicate the back of the bullet has a more aerodynamic shape than simply cutting off straight.  The middle one below is a FMJ-BT.


Lastly, if you’re looking at military 5.56 rounds, you’ll see M193 and M855.  The 55 grain M193 is the standard FMJ of the military while the 62 grain M855 is the “green tip” penetrator round that has a steel rod inside (light gray).

M855 Cutaway,
M855 Cutaway,

Things to keep in mind for 193 vs 855:

  • Pricing is similar
  • M855 is better at penetration (duh?)
  • Some ranges do not allow steel core ammo like the 855
  • M193 is better at soft targets under 100 yards
  • More info about the differences
  • Most of the time you’ll see XM instead of just M…that means it didn’t quite meet military specifications but still meets commercial specs.  Learn more here.

Where to Buy

We’ve selected a couple of our favorite online places to buy ammo.  We’ve been buying from them ever since we got started and they have great live inventory, appropriate shipping charges, and quick service.

And since prices and inventory fluctuates, we recommend looking at all the vendors to see the price differences.  Sometimes one will be running free shipping deals!

Finally…the recommendations!

Best AR-15 5.56 FMJ (Ball) Ammo

Now we combine the good stuff we learned above and stick to 55/62 grain bullets that are close to military specifications.  These are the rounds that we’ve shot tons of and never had a problem.

Our suggestions are also all brass cased so you can keep them if you think you might ever start to reload your own ammo in the future.

American Eagle XM193

Our Editor’s Pick is currently American Eagle XM193 since it’s never failed to go *boom* and there’s currently a manufacturer’s rebate of 5 cents a round until December 31, 2017.

Editor's XM193 Pick

American Eagle XM193 55 gr


Our second choice is PMC which also has never failed but right now you can’t beat American Eagle’s rebate.

American Eagle XM855

Our favorite green tip ammo suggestion is going to sound about the same…take advantage of American Eagle’s rebate while it lasts.

Editor's XM855 Pick

American Eagle XM855 62 gr (90 Rounds)


And PMC’s X-TAC XM855 variant is also GTG.

Best AR-15 .223 Ammo

If your barrel is .223 or if you want to shoot some slightly lighter loads in your 5.56 barrel.

PMC Bronze

My personal favorite is PMC Bronze since it’s affordable and the brass is great for reloading.  Plus…it’s on the low end of recoil so I love it for competition.

Editor's .223 Pick

PMC Bronze .223 55 gr

Wolf Gold

If you aren’t looking to reload and want the best bang for the buck…all my buddies and I love Wolf Gold.  Buy it cheap (1000 round boxes) and stack it deep!  Wolf Gold is made in Taiwan and not Russia like other Wolf ammo.

Best Bang-for-the-Buck

Wolf Gold .223 55 gr

And finally…if you’re going for pure accuracy…

Tula & Wolf Polyformance

We don’t readily use these next suggestions in our AR’s, but if you’re really trying to save money, you can opt for Russian steel or coated steel cartridges.

Start off with a small batch first since some AR-15’s don’t like steel cased ammo.  They offer pretty good savings but are dirtier shooting and less accurate…but probably great for the range.

Also keep in mind that you can’t save these to reload later, and you need to shoot at a range that allows both steel casings and bi-metal bullets.

Self-Defense AR-15 Ammo

For self-defense you want the bullet to put all its energy into the bad guy by breaking apart.

That means FMJ and the penetrator rounds are usually not the best choice.

I recommend going with specific use self-defense ammo that are hollow/soft point and are used by law enforcement.

Federal LE Hi-Shok 55 gr

Both Speer and Federal are great but I give the edge to Federal since I love their pistol defensive ammo.

Editor's Pick

Federal LE Hi-Shok 55 gr 500 Rounds

Prices accurate at time of writing

Speer Gold Dot Duty 55 gr

Another go-to brand for self-defense rounds…Gold Dot.

Speer Gold Dot Duty .223 55 gr

Prices accurate at time of writing


So there you have it, our recommendations for the best AR-15 ammo in both .223 and 5.56.

Let us know what you went with and how it runs in your AR.

Want more AR-15 guides…check the all out here.

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Eric, are you getting paid by Lucky Gunner? They are high on prices and availability is hit or miss.. Ive yet to see you mention. SGammo,… Targetsportsusa . or aimsurplus.. These are some great ammo sites that didn’t jack their prices sky high after sandy hook …unlike lucky gunner, ammoman and cheaper than dirt…

IMO, a 223 (or 5.56) for home defense is silly. One needs only to turn to the pump shotgun for home defense. A shotgun is not only a defensive weapon but it also qualifies as an offensive weapon. I have many shotguns stationed around the house and all of them are 870 pumps except for one and it is a Beretta 1301. My favorite of those is the youth 870 20 gauge. It has a shorter butt stock and is lighter than a 12 gauge (I’m 6’1″ and 225 lbs). For shear fire power, the Beretta can put an S-load… Read more »

I have a hard time believing 12 years LEO and recommending using #8 shot for home defense, not to mention if they have body armor on , it will not penetrate at all. You might want to do some actual testing and you will see the over penetration of shotguns.. then shoot a 55 grn sp 5.56 into the same barriers, the results will be enlightening , then come back and say ” thank you “


Just a clarification:
The 55 gr. M193 was the standard round of the U.S. military during the Vietnam Conflict, and was changed to the 62 gr. M855. I believe the M855A1 is now the latest standard.


Winchester PXD1 .223 for self defense, awesome Ammo.

Hornady 75gr TAP 5.56 is also a devasting round.


The Federal .223 64 gr Hi-Shok Law Enforcement is out of stock and i have never seen it in stock anywhere.

The Hornady TAP Personal Defense Ammunition 223 Remington 55 Grain Polymer Tip Point Box of 20 is discontinued!