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Pandemic & Riots Drive New Gun Owners to Overwhelm Shooting Classes

Current events have added millions of new gun owners in the United States. Where are they getting their training? (Read)


What Guns Did People Panic Buy During COVID & Protests 2020?

Eric Hung from Pew Pew Tactical shares his data with Gun Sports Radio on what people panic bought during COVID and BLM Protests. (Read)


California Ammo "Freedom Day"

For a few brief hours Californians could order ammunition online without it going to an FFL plus a background check. Now what? (Read)


Gun Retailers Can Now Offer Curbside Service (Thanks ATF)

The US BATFE released an industry letter announcing that gun retailers can offer curbside services to sell guns and ammunition. (Read)


VHA Combating Coronavirus with 3D Printing

Using their 3D printing knowledge and experience, the VHA is leading the effort to combat COVID-19 by printing PPE for medical professionals. (Read)


Pre- “Armageddon” Gun Sales: Buying Guns Like They’re Going Out of Style

The current situation with coronavirus has push gun sales in the US to record highs in March 2020. (Read)


Confiscation and Crisis: Hurricane Katrina (And Can It Happen Again?)

How did gun confiscation happen during Hurricane Katrina? And can it happen again in America during the next crisis? (Read)


SHOT Show 2020: Best & Cringiest Stuff

The Pew Pew Tactical team chooses their best and cringiest products and marketing from SHOT Show 2020. (Read)


[Slickguns]: Reach Their 2020 Site & Other Alternatives

Looking for Slickguns and their deals? We have the 411 on where they went. Plus some other alternatives for the best daily guns & gear deals out there. (Read)


Best New Years Gun Sales [2020]

New year, new sales! We've compiled the best gun deals for 2020. Some are re-hashed Christmas sales and some are new. But you'll save money! (Read)


The Gundies: Pew Pew Tactical Nominated for Best Gun Reviewer

What are the Gundies? It's the people's choice award for the firearm industry. Find out how to vote, what you can win, and then vote for us! (Read)


What Happened to FPSRussia?

Curious why FPSRussia suddenly stopped creating YouTube content? We dig in to see what really happened to our favorite Professional Russian. (Read)

Gun Laws

What Are Red Flag Laws? (And What It Means for Gun Owners)

What the heck are "red flag laws" and how do they affect you? We cover it in layman's terms as well as the states with them what's next. (Read)


[Is It Dead?] Hudson H9: Lawsuit & Current Status

What happened to Hudson Manufacturing's H9? We cover the current status of lawsuits, and what to do if you currently have an H9 in hand. (Read)
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