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Inside Look: LAPD Chooses FN 509 MRD LE

The LAPD will use the optics-compatible FN 509 MRD-LE as its new duty pistol...and we got the inside scoop on how the decision was made. (Read)


U.S. State Dept. Bans Russian Ammo Imports

The U.S. State Department banned Russian ammo imports, but why? We deep dive into what caused this and its effect on American consumers. (Read)


Rare Breed Triggers & ATF Battle Over FRT-15 Trigger

The ATF recently classified Rare Breed Triggers' FRT-15 as a "machine gun" but the company fired back. Come get all the details on this trigger and the pending case. (Read)


TGC Panel 2021: Garand Thumb, Pew Pew Tactical & More

The Gun Collective will host the TGC Panel 2021 in Houston, Texas Sept. 4 with Garand Thumb, Pew Pew Tactical, and making an appearance. Come get the deets! (Read)


Team USA Shooting Wins Big at 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Team USA took home six medals in the shooting events at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics -- the biggest win for the U.S. in shooting in 50+ years. (Read)


Ruger Revives Marlin Firearms

Lever-action legend Marlin Firearms, previously owned by Remington, has returned after being bought by Ruger in 2020 for $30 million. (Read)


Ammo, Inc. Acquires GunBroker in $240M Merger

Ammo, Inc. and GunBroker have joined forces in a $240M merger that will see GunBroker act as a subsidiary of Ammo, Inc. (Read)

Gun Laws

NY Governor Declares Emergency Over “Gun Violence”

New York Governor Cuomo declares a Disaster Emergency over gun violence, targeting it with state funds and two new pieces of legislation. (Read)


Gun Thefts: Was 2020 the Worst Year on Record?

We dove into the ATF's files to look at gun thefts in the U.S. and find out whether 2020 saw more stolen guns than previous years. (Read)


Online Gun Classes: Are More Students E-Learning?

2020 saw a surge in gun ownership, but has online gun training witnessed the same increase? We talk to a few online venues to find out. (Read)


NRL22 Updates Match Rules for 2021-2022 [Guide]

We take a look at some match updates for NRL22 for the 2021-2022 season. Come see what's changed and what we think this means for the sport. (Read)


The Best Selling Guns in 2020 Were…

We take a look at what guns flew off gun store shelves in 2020 and the reasons why these models were the most sought-after. (Read)


FN Herstal EVOLYS: A Machine Gunner’s Analysis

Our resident machine gun expert takes a dive into FN's brand new EVOLYS machine gun series to see how the specs and stats stack up. (Read)


Guns, Ammo Shortage Causes Shifts in Buying Trends

COVID, riots, and an election yielded ammo and gun shortages in 2020. But has that impacted or uprooted traditional buying trends? We investigate. (Read)