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[Top Ten] Vickers Tactical Videos

Larry Vickers is the real deal and we've been a fan of his Vickers Tactical YouTube channel for years. Here's a few of our favorite videos.(Read)


What is Limp Wrist Shooting a Gun and How to Correct

Learn what is limp wrist shooting, why it happens, and several techniques on how to correct it. Complete with helpful diagrams and videos.(Read)


Holding a Gun Slide & Firing

Interesting video that popped up in my feed today about what happens if you hold a gun slide and fire. This goes without saying...don't do this at home!(Read)


Does a Pillow Silencer Work?

You've seen it in movies and tv does the pillow silencer work? Our favorite competitive shooter Jerry Miculek puts the gun myth to the test:(Read)


Stopping Bullets with Water Balloons

Another cool video that showed up recently. How many water balloons does it take to stop a .44 magnum bullet? We'll also cover older videos that test shooting a 50 caliber into water & even shooting guns underwater.(Read)
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