Best 10/22 Upgrades [2018]: Stocks, Triggers, & More

Got a Ruger 10/22 and want to make it shoot (and look) better?

Since it’s one of the most popular rifles out there…there’s so many options and ways to get overwhelmed.

But don’t worry, we’ll guide you through all the best upgrades from stocks to internals and even cosmetic.

Fully Upgraded 10/22 with Magpul Stock and Tandemkross Upgrades
Fully Upgraded 10/22 with Magpul Stock and Tandemkross Upgrades

By the end you’ll know exactly how to modify your 10/22 to meet your exact needs and budget.

The 10/22

My first gun (and favorite rimfire rifle)…after I shot it the first time…I knew I was hooked.

Ruger 10/22 Synthetic
Ruger 10/22 Synthetic

It’s gone through a couple iterations as my needs and tastes have changed.

Here was the first mod.  Go easy on my rattlecan paintjob!

10/22 Tapco Intrafuse Stock
10/22 Tapco Intrafuse Stock

Almost all my friends have one and we’ve all got the modding bug…so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Without further ado…all the best upgrades you can do to your Ruger 10/22.

10/22 Stocks

The biggie in determining the overall feel and look of your rifle.  I used the standard synthetic one for a couple outings before I wanted to go with something different.

But here are some that build upon the standard look, while others take it to more tactical, competitive, and even bullpup configurations.

Tapco Intrafuse Stock

This one leans toward the tactical look and is AR-15-esque with the pistol grip and adjustable buttstock.  I like how it enables use of Picatinny rails and a regular + angled buttstock.

Plus it’s easy on the bank account at $80.  Make sure you choose the correct one based on your barrel: RegularBull Barrel, or Takedown.

Tapco Intrafuse Stock

Prices accurate at time of writing

Hogue Overmolded

Another favorite of people who want to keep it simple.  The overmolded stock feels great in the hand with just the right amount of rubberized grip.

Even more affordable ($60) at than the Intrafuse above…the Hogue comes in Regular and Takedown varieties.

Hogue Rubber Over Molded Stock for Ruger 10-22

Prices accurate at time of writing

Tactical Solutions

The Tactical Solutions Stock is the go-to for precision shooting with its thumbhole stock.  A lot pricier ($200) but worth every penny.  Only for bull barrels though!


This super-cool bullpup stock comes to you from High Tower Armory ($270).  Expensive but now you get a sweet .22LR P90 clone.

High Tower Armory - Ruger 10/22 Stock Bullpup

Prices accurate at time of writing


My previous personal favorite, Magpul’s X-22 Hunter ($120) has a great grip angle and overall feel.  It comes with adjustable inserts to match your length of pull.  Plus multiple sling mounting options.  And finally…it will fit regular or bull pup barrels.

Magpul Industries Hunter X-22 Stock

Fully Upgraded 10/22
Fully Upgraded 10/22

FAB Defense

And what’s my current favorite stock?  It’s the R10/22 M4 Foldable Stock ($160) from the Israeli company FAB Defense.  It folds down so you meet the 26″ overall length laws for CA with the stock barrel.  Please be sure to check your local laws for length.

Fab Defense R10/22 M4 Foldable Stock

Prices accurate at time of writing

FAB Defense 10/22 Foldable Stock
FAB Defense 10/22 Foldable Stock

There’s plenty of rails up front, the stock collapses and extends, and some spacers to fit both bull and normal barrels.

FAB Defense 1022 Stock
FAB Defense 1022 Stock

I figure if it’s good enough for the IDF’s less lethal weapon of choice, it’s good enough for me to plink and sometimes shoot Steel Challenge.  Stay tuned for a more in-depth review as I run it more.

10/22 Triggers

If you want better accuracy…you better change the stock trigger.  Having a trigger with a lower pull weight…plus one that breaks like a glass rod is almost guaranteed to up your precision game.  Here’s two of the best:

Ruger BX Trigger

Straight from the source.

The BX Trigger ($75) is Ruger’s upgraded trigger.  Normally I’m pretty *meh* about factory upgraded triggers…but the BX is great.  It lives up to its 2.5-3.0 lb trigger pull.  The break is clean and has minimal over-travel.

It’s what I have in my upgraded 10/22 since it’s the best bang-for-the-buck in my opinion.


If you’ve been reading up on 10/22 upgrades…Volquartsen has to have come up.  They make some great stuff that’s worth the high price tag if you’re looking at the best.  If you are…here is their upgraded trigger ($225).

Light trigger pull, glass rod break, and adjustable for minimal overtravel.

Plus it comes with auto bolt release and an extended magazine release (two other upgrades we recommend).

Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 Trigger Guard 2000

Prices accurate at time of writing

10/22 Sights

The sights that come stock on a 10/22 are ok for plinking…but what about when you want to get serious with groups/precision or speed?


What I first installed on my 10/22.  The GI style Techsights ($75) allow much more precise shots and also windage adjustment.  Plus you don’t need to install third-party scope mounts.

Red Dot

If you want to get the fastest sight acquisition…you’ve got to go red dot.  I cover a variety of red dot sights for the AR-15 in this Ultimate Guide which will work great with the 10/22.

My vote goes to the Holosun ($140) for the AR-15 and general robustness.  Plus it enables you to mount it low on the rail (next section).

Best Red Dot Under $200

Holosun HS403A

Prices accurate at time of writing

10/22 Side with Tandemkross Mods and Holosun
10/22 Side with Tandemkross Mods and Holosun

But you can’t go wrong with the TRS-25 ($70) for the best economy red dot.  Remember…the .22LR has almost no recoil so you don’t need the most robust things out there.

Most Affordable Red Dot

TRS-25 AR Optics

Simmons Scope

Planning to reach out and touch something?  Get yourself an affordable and super highly-rated rimfire scope like the Simmons 3-9x ($40).  Be sure your mount will work with the provided dove-tail attachments.

Simmons Rimfire Scope

Prices accurate at time of writing

10/22 Accessories


Make sure whatever optic you go with…you get the right rails to go along with it.

The three biggies are…Picatinny, Weaver, & Dovetail.

10/22 Picatinny Rail

Prices accurate at time of writing

Titanium Takedown Knob

This titanium takedown knob ($25) saves you a LOT of time since you can use hand power to enable a quick takedown.

Like how Volquartsen holds the ground for big upgrades…Tandemkross rocks for the accessories.

Titanium Takedown Knob

Prices accurate at time of writing

Just make sure you’re using the correct models for it.  It holds on my Magpul stock but isn’t super tight.

10/22 Underneath View with Extended Mag Release & Takedown Knob
10/22 Underneath View with Extended Mag Release & Takedown Knob

Extended Mag Release

If you’re taking your time plinking at the range…you probably won’t need this.  But if you want some speedier reloads…especially during competitions…I’d take a look at getting an Extended Mag Release ($45).

I love it since you can either push OR pull to release the mag.

Extended Mag Release

Prices accurate at time of writing

If you only need it one direction, you can check out this one.

10/22 Side with Tandemkross Mods and Holosun
10/22 Side with Tandemkross Mods and Holosun

Charging Handle

I also like having an extended charging handle ($25).  Again…makes it much easier to manipulate the bolt during competitions.  Plus it looks super cool being skeletonized.

Skeletonized Charging Handle

Prices accurate at time of writing

And if you’re a lefty…or share your rifle with a lefty.  This combo charging handle + Picatinny scope base ($80) might be for you.

I have it installed and my left-handed buddy raved about it.  It’s a little more difficult to pull than having the extended charging handle…but much easier than having to change hands or going underneath.

10/22 Top View with Scopebase & Double Charging Handles
10/22 Top View with Scopebase & Double Charging Handles

Muzzle Brake

Since the recoil is so minimal…there’s not a true need for a muzzle brake ($35) when compared to larger calibers.  But it still helps with rapid firing and engagement of multiple targets.

Tandemkross Muzzle Break

Prices accurate at time of writing

I don’t have one installed since my barrel is unthreaded…but I’ve tried my buddy’s and it does help when you’re double-tapping.

10/22 Internal Upgrades

These are the internal upgrades that will add some much needed capabilities to your 10/22.  It’s kind of odd that these weren’t added from the factory in the first place…especially given how much they help!

Bolt Release

So the 10/22 bolt release…it’s pretty annoying especially for newbies.  The Guardian Bolt Release ($10) affordably solves this problem.  Now all you have to do is pull the bolt backwards when it is locked…and it will spring forward upon release.

Guardian Bolt Release

Prices accurate at time of writing

Extended Extractor

Sometimes your 10/22 fails to extract correctly and you jam up?  Getting an extended extractor ($10) will fix it right now.

Extended Mag Release

Prices accurate at time of writing

Bolt Tune Up Kit (Extractor + Firing Pin)

This Volquartsen tune up kit ($34) adds the extended extractor plus firing pin which will help improve ignitions if you aren’t using the best rimfire ammo.

Because of the way rimfire ammo’s primer is all around the bottom…sometimes you need a better geometry firing pin…which you’ll get right here.

Volquartsen Tune Up Kit

Prices accurate at time of writing

10/22 Barrels

When you’re dead serious about making your 10/22 the most accurate rifle it can be…you upgrade the barrel.  I personally haven’t reached this point yet…but the most accurate 10/22’s I’ve seen have…

E.R. Shaw

Heavy contour barrels ($100) that are available in stainless steel, 18″, and even fluted varieties.

E.R. Shaw Target Barrels

Prices accurate at time of writing

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber

Daaang, these carbon fiber barrels ($270) are ultralight with match chambers and some already have built in compensators.

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrels

Prices accurate at time of writing

10/22 Magazine Upgrades

The 10-rounders are fine…but 25-rounders are a lot more fun!

Triple Mag Coupler

If you can’t buy higher capacity mags…but still want to rock and roll.  The Triple Mag Coupler ($10) is the answer.  This “coupled” with a Tandemkross extended mag release and you’re GTG.

Tandemkross Triple Mag Coupler

Prices accurate at time of writing

There’s also a Tandemkross double clear version ($10) too.

25 Rounders

The go-to is Butler Creek’s 25-Round ($15) for extended capacity and extended fun.

Butler Creek 25 Rounders

Prices accurate at time of writing

10/22 Ammo

I cover a little on this in my Best Places to Buy Ammo Online, but I’ve found my 10/22 to be a little finicky with ammo…especially before I did some of the upgrades I listed above.

But…CCI varieties have always been the best.

CCI Minimags
CCI Minimags


So there you have it…all the best Ruger 10/22 upgrades to make yours the best it can be.  This versatile and venerable firearm can be modified to an extreme degree, and is a great choice for those who want to tinker and toy with a new gun, or get into some light-to-moderate gun smithing.

Did you find anything on this list useful? Is there anything that might find a home on your 10/22? Anything I missed? Let me hear about it in the comments below.

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Sorry, but I vehemently disagree with your recommendation of Butler Creek extended mags. I’ve tried two Hot Lips 25ers and they both jammed or failed to feed every 2nd or 3rd round with all types of ammo that I tried (7 different varieties) and lubing them with graphite. In my experience they were absolute garbage. We gave up trying in order to protect the firing pin. The factory 50rd mag, however, gave smooth running with only 1 fff in 400 rounds of Remington Thunderbolt.

Chad Newland

Great article! Thank you. So, just a little confused still, lol. If im just playing around with friends at the house. I want a cool looking, accurate 10/22. What mechanical upgrades do i actually need? It looks like you provided all upgrades. Im sure i dont need everything listed. Thanks so much. I have a 10/22 carbine btw.

Linda Burton

There are sooooo many models. Which do you recommend? Any thoughts on Standard vs. Takedown for starters?

Help, I want to start customizing now and willl have endless decisions to make. But now, trying to decide on the basic to get.

Larry Foss

Why no mention of the Promag Archangel stocks? I am using two different models on two of my 10/22’s and love them – fitment – looks etc…


Also Feddersen barrels are a great quality upgrade for a bull barrel. I love the 10/22 and have a blast modifying the 3 I have.