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18 Best Gun Safes for Pistols & Long Guns [All Budgets]

Need to keep your guns out of the hands of unauthorized family and burglars?

Then you need a gun safe.

There’s A LOT of them out there…from $30 to over $10,000.

Best Handgun Safes
Best Handgun Safes

We’ll cover the different types (handgun safes to bigger long gun safes) and give you a few options for going affordable, best bang-for-the-buck, or high-end.

Liberty Centurion 24
Liberty Centurion 24

Old school mechanical and even newer biometric and wi-fi versions.

Vaultek RS500i
Vaultek RS500i

Table of Contents


How Much Should I Spend?

The best answer I’ve gotten for this question is “If you lost everything in the safe…how much would you spend to recover it all?

Guns are expensive.

Cash Cannon

But if you only have a few that are mass-produced…you can choose a smaller number that makes sense for some piece of mind.

But if you have heirloom items that cannot be replaced…I’d up the price even more.

Think of your safe as insurance for the stuff inside (plus it should lower your insurance rates too).

Electronic or Mechanical Lock?

I’m a little old school.  So for important safes I go strictly mechanical.  Important as is I hear a bump in the night and I need access NOW.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Simplex Open
Fort Knox FTK-PB Simplex Open

No batteries to replace and less potential for hacking.

But I still think there’s room for electronic locks (even Bluetooth & biometric ones) when ease-of-use is the primary concern.

Jurassic Park Quote

You can set up multiple combinations, have a running log of access, and use your fingerprints.

Important Numbers & Ratings

You’ll see “gauge” come up soon and it’s a measure of how thick is the steel used in a safe.  Like shotgun gauge…a smaller numerical number is actually thicker.

More affordable safes are in the 14 to 12 gauge range for steel walls.

Steel Gauge Thickness
Steel Gauge Thickness

There’s also going to be talk of “RSC” (Residential Security Container) that is coined by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) which develops standards for consumer products.

There’s different categories within but basically…RSC means the unit was tested to protect against hammers, chisels, wrenches, pry bars, punches and screwdrivers for at least 5 minutes.

Still with me?

Best Gun Safes

Let’s start with some Pistol Safes…

1. Fort Knox FTK-PB

Fort Knox FTK-PB Simplex Handgun Safe
Fort Knox FTK-PB Simplex Handgun Safe

My personal “bump in the night” safe and what I recommend to all my friends is the Fort Knox FTK-PB.

Not the cheapest at $240 but it’s heavy (20 lbs, 10 gauge thickness), boltable, and uses the mechanical Simplex lock which is super fast and easy to use in the dark.

Plus it holds 2-3 pistols plus some mags depending on how you want to stack them.

Fort Knox FTK-PB
Fort Knox FTK-PB

One negative is that there’s only 1081 combinations so if you have a teen that knows how to Google and has patience…you need to work on concealing it or teaching them to respect your firearms.

See the full review and more choices in our Best Bedside Quick Access Safe.

Best Overall Handgun Safe
at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

And boom…we have a full video review of the Fort Knox plus some other handgun safes.

If that helped, please subscribe to our YouTube channel since we’re adding new videos every week!

2. GunVault SpeedVault

If you’re at a desk most of the time…this nifty safe from GunVault doesn’t need RFID keys or biometrics.

After inputting your code…your handgun drops down easy to grip.

One downside is that it won’t hold a revolver or extra magazines for your semi.

GunVault SpeedVault
GunVault SpeedVault

I’m using one right now…somewhere…

Best Hidden Gun Safe
at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

3. GunVault NV300 NanoVault

Another GunVault…I use the NV300 for travel so it’s legal in the car…and an extra layer of security where I’m staying.

GunVault NanoVault NV300
GunVault NanoVault NV300

Tightly fits a full-size Glock 17 and two mags and has holes for securing a cable.

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

4. Vaultek LifePod & LifePod 2.0

The Vaultek LifePod is now my go-to travel case when I’m driving and also staying over somewhere.

Vaultek Lifepod
Vaultek Lifepod

Discreet, enough protection, quick access, and still able to be tethered to something sturdy.

Check it out in action:

Buttons work well even when wet since they are capacitive. I like having the latches undone but still locked when I go down for the night.

There’s also the option for their slingbag which is pretty nifty.

Lifepod and Slingbag
Lifepod and Slingbag

Capacity is just right for me…compact gun with light and a mag.

Lifepod Capacity
Lifepod Capacity

Great for trips where you only need one gun.

at Vaultek

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

And now a larger version with the LifePod 2.0 that can hold a LOT MORE stuff and also comes with trays if you aren’t transporting a handgun.

LifePod 2.0 EDC
LifePod 2.0 EDC

And if you are…the larger size let’s you carry two guns. Here is a full-size and micro.

LifePod 2.0, Two Guns
LifePod 2.0, Two Guns

Or even some other goodies…

LifePod 2.0 with VP9 and Suppressor
LifePod 2.0 with VP9 and Suppressor

And even some special editions with different colors, additional foam, and lid organization.

LifePod 2.0 Tray & Foam
LifePod 2.0 Tray & Foam

I use mine for holding my holstered CCW gun at the end of the day. Its main purpose is to keep it away from little ones and wandering eyes.

LifePod 2.0, Camo
LifePod 2.0, Camo

Did I mention the camo looks awesome?

LifePod 2.0 Black & Camo
LifePod 2.0 Black & Camo

Check em out for a larger travel solution or for keeping two guns (or a holstered CCW) safe at home.

at Vaultek

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

at Vaultek

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

5. SentrySafe QAP1Be

SentrySafe QAP1BE, Open
SentrySafe QAP1BE, Open

The QAP1BE has 3 different ways to open up this highly rated safe…buttons, fingerprint scanner, or backup key.  Also pretty thick steel at 12 gauge.

Can hold up to two guns but I think one full-size and two mags might be the realistic max without stacking.

I like that it’s pretty quiet when opening.

Best Drawer Safe
at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Fingerprints your thing?  See more of the SentrySafe and others in our Best Biometric Safes article.

6. Vaultek VT20i & VT10i

We’re moving up in tech!

Vaultek VT20i and VT10i
Vaultek VT20i and VT10i

These Vaultek bad-boys have key, electronic button, fingerprint, and Bluetooth phone app ways of opening up.  They look and feel great too if that matters to you.

We tested the biometric reader and had a rough 90% reliability factor.  Good for when you don’t need it 100% in a hurry.

The VT10i ($229) holds a full-sized pistol and two mags.

Vaultek V10i
Vaultek V10i
at Vaultek Store

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

While the larger VT20i ($255) can hold even larger guns (maybe 2 compacts).

VT20i with S&W 686+ 4-inch
VT20i with S&W 686+ 4-inch
at Vaultek Store

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Check out the full review with plenty of gifs.

Plus an overview of their other models which don’t have biometrics (saving you money) and their new flagship…the PRO MX Series.

Vaultek MXi, Banana for Scale
Vaultek MXi, Banana for Scale

We have a full review of the Vaultek MX line here.

Vaultek MXi, Fully Loaded
Vaultek MXi, Fully Loaded

Now let’s move into Best Long Gun Rifle Safes…

These are what you probably traditionally think of as “gun safes.”

Liberty Centurion 24, Open
Liberty Centurion 24, Open

They can hold long guns and are much bigger (and more expensive) than their handgun-only counterparts.

You also don’t need to spend TOO much to get everything you want.  After a while you just get better aesthetics.

Fast Five Vault
Fast Five Vault

How Big of a Gun Safe Should I Get?

When looking at a traditional safe…the rule-of-thumb is double what you think.

It’s not because you’ll likely buy more (ok…it’s a little that), but because the number of guns that manufacturers quote a safe can hold is for un-scoped rifles stacked on top of each other.

You should also definitely measure wherever you’re going to be placing that thing.  It’s likely a couple hundred pounds and hard to move without a bunch of friends and some extra maneuvering space.

Now let’s get to it!

7. Stack-On 8-Gun Cabinet

The Stack-On is what I would suggest as a starter “safe” since it’s technically a cabinet with a lock.  No RSC rating on this one.

Stack On 8 Gun Cabinet
Stack On 8 Gun Cabinet

It has a keyed lock, but with 18 gauge steel sides and weighing in at 64 lbs…it’s not going to resist a lot of prying (even with it bolted down).  10″ x 21″ x 55″ dimensions.

I had a 5-gun cabinet as my starter safe when I only had a handgun and rifle.

5 Gun Cabinet, Open
5 Gun Cabinet, Open

It quickly became too small to hold more than 3 rifles with optics.  So if you have any inkling to buy more guns…start with an 8 gun safe at least unless space is the primary factor.  A few of my buddies really like theirs.

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

If you need something bigger but still in the affordable price range…check out their 18-Gun Cabinet ($180) which comes recommended from some of our readers.

8. Liberty ProVault or Centurion

I opted for the largest 24-gun (59.5″ x 28.25″ x 22″) Liberty ProVault since it was going to be an overflow safe of my newer guns.  Mechanical lock since I didn’t want to deal with batteries.

Liberty ProVault 24
Liberty ProVault 24

There’s also the 12 and 18 gun models which is what I actually recommend after my experience.

The ProVault version is a special color edition made by Liberty (probably the largest safe manufacturer) for Cabela’s.  It had awesome reviews so I wanted to see for myself.

Flex means an upgraded interior that can hold other stuff and be re-configured.

at Cabela's

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

The problem was that the combo didn’t work.

I gave Liberty a call and they had great customer service.  The guy walked me through everything and even called me back when he said he would.  But in the end the combo didn’t work.

So he found a local dealer to come pick it up (free of charge) and swap it with their Centurion.  Which is the same exact thing except in a different color.

Liberty Centurion 24
Liberty Centurion 24

Which…did work.  The Liberty rep said this was the first time the combo didn’t work for the ProVault…and same with the local dealer.  I really am the best at breaking stuff.

Liberty Centurion 24, Open
Liberty Centurion 24, Open

Here’s the inside (with Flex Interior that you can somewhat reconfigure).  With scoped rifles I’d estimate I could fit maybe 12 total in both of the long gun segments.

375 pounds so it’s not walking away…but determined people with a dolly can still move it.  I’d recommend bolting it into the concrete which is what I did.

Plus…there’s fire protection.  30 minutes at 1200 degrees with heat activated Palusol on the door seals.  And did I mention it’s US made?

  • Exterior: 59.5″(H) x 28.25″(W) x 22″(D)
  • Interior: 57.4″(H) x 26.7″(W) x 15.6″(D)
  • Weight: 370 lbs.
  • Fire: 30 minutes at 1200 degrees

Overall it’s decent for the price…but a potential deal-breaker is that Cabela’s has a ~$180 delivery charge.  If I had to do it again…I’d get the 12 ($429) or 16 gun ($549) models so I could fit it into my closet.

ProVault 18
ProVault 18

Or simply up my budget a little higher to get something RSC-rated (up next)…which the ProVault/Centurion is not.

9. SecureIt Agile Model 52

So that ProVault 24 I had gotten…it was originally for my closet.  I measured twice (and bought once)…with an inch around to spare.

And when the day came…I realized there’s no way I was able to move the 375 lb safe into my closet without destroying stuff.

Enter…SecureIt’s Agile Model 52 ($599) which is delivered flat…and can be assembled quickly.

SecureIt Agile 52, Closed
SecureIt Agile 52, Closed

Plus, all the assembly is internal so there’s no screws or anything to take apart on the outside.

It has a depth of 15 inches and weighs 105 pounds so it’s easy to store anywhere (and likely out of sight).  I’d definitely still bolt it down though even if it’s hidden.

Agile 52 Dimensions
Agile 52 Dimensions

The disadvantage is you give up capacity…to the tune of only holding 6 long guns with scopes.  BUT…they are nicely held in almost any configuration due to the modular Cradle Grid backing.

Cradle Grid
Cradle Grid

But if that’s enough…the Agile 52 might be the easiest solution to setting up your own gun safe.

SecureIt Agile 52, Open
SecureIt Agile 52, Open

Mine is set up with 6 long guns (hardware included…I really like the bungee retention system for the barrel).

And I also got the optional bins…yellow bins for stuff on top and two metal trays that fit in nicely behind the long guns.

Plus…the Agile 52 might be the cheapest to ship solution…I was testing zip codes and got results from around $30 if you’re on the East coast to $70 on the West coast.

Check out our new YouTube review.

And our standalone written review if video isn’t your thing.

at SecureIt

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

What’s your take on the SecureIt?

Readers' Ratings

4.98/5 (1027)

Your Rating?

10. Winchester Pony 19 & Ranger 26

The Winchester Pony 19 Gun ($850) is a really popular mid-sized safe that can hold most collections and isn’t TOO heavy to deal with on your own.

Winchester Pony 19 Gun
Winchester Pony 19 Gun

It’s almost the same exact dimensions as my Liberty above.

Mostly available in electronic format but is RSC rated and uses 12 gauge steel.

The interior is great for not only storing long guns but also handguns, valuables, and magazines.  I personally don’t like storing ammo in a tight confined space.

Free shipping to your curb from so that gives an edge over Cabela’s.  You can also upgrade your delivery service for placement and up some stairs.

  • Exterior: 60″(H) x 28″(W) x 20″(D)
  • Interior: 58″(H) x 26″(W) x 15″(D)
  • Weight: 470 lbs.
  • Fire: 60 minutes at 1400 degrees

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

For a little more, another very popular larger safe is the Winchester Ranger 26 ($1050) that comes in both mechanical (UL rated) or electronic models and either black or gray.

Winchester Ranger 26 Gun
Winchester Ranger 26 Gun

When you already have a good collection (or are thinking about it).

  • Exterior: 59″(H) x 30″(W) x 25″(D)
  • Interior: 55″(H) x 27″(W) x 17″(D)
  • Weight: 602 lbs
  • Fire: 60 minutes at 1400 degrees

11. Liberty Fat Boy Jr. 48 & Winchester Big Daddy XLT 56

Now we’re getting serious…

The Fat Boy series by Liberty is the #1 selling line of safes in the US.  The Fat Boy Jr. ($1549) is what I recommend for large collections of 48 long guns.  Or realistically half of that if you’re going with optics.

Fat Boy Jr. 48 Gun
Fat Boy Jr. 48 Gun

Made from thick 11 gauge steel…it is RSC rated along with its locks.

Here’s my buddy’s current load out…he’s working hard on filling it up!

Fat Boy Jr. Inside
Fat Boy Jr. Inside

Everything feels quality and if you don’t have a place to put it…it’s pretty enough by itself to be a decoration piece!

Fat Boy Jr. In Its Natural Habitat
Fat Boy Jr. In Its Natural Habitat
  • Exterior: 42″ (W) x 25″(D) x 60.5″(H)
  • Interior: 38″(W) x 14.5″(D) x 56″(H)
  • Weight: 760 lbs
  • Fire: 60 minutes at 1200 degrees
at Cabela's

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

And the Winchester equivalent is the Big Daddy XLT 56 ($1800).  There seems to be some preoccupation with body weight at the higher end of safe capacity.

Big Daddy XLT 56
Big Daddy XLT 56

RSC rated and UL listed mechanical lock.  12 gauge steel which is thinner than the Fat Boy Jr. but still plenty thick.  Comes in at over 1000 pounds so you’re going to need some upgraded delivery service.

Interior is well designed to hold a lot of rifles, handguns, and other valuables.

  • Exterior: 72″(H) x 42″(W) x 27″(D)
  • Interior: 66.5″(H) x 39″(W) x 17″(D)
  • Weight: 1080 lbs
  • Fire: 75 minutes at 1400 degrees

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

12. American Security BF6032 18

Research enough and “Amsec” will keep coming up.  They are one of the best in the biz for higher security and beautiful safes.

Amsec BF6032 18 Gun
Amsec BF6032 18 Gun

One of their most popular is the BF6032 18-Gun Safe ($3379) which is RSC rated with thick doors (.375″ solid steel), body, and bolts.  Also the longest fire rating yet.

And like a fine 1911…there’s tons of options to customize…so it’s likely to cost you even more.

But what price can you put on peace of mind?

  • Exterior: 59.25″(H) x 30″(W) x 21″(D)
  • Interior: 52.8″(H) x 26″(W) x 14″(D)
  • Weight: 913 lbs
  • Fire: 120 minutes at 1200 degrees

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

13. Rhino Safe Ironworks 6033

A newer brand to me…but they’ve been in business 20+ years manufacturing in the US.

Check out their hand-made Ironworks 6033 safe…

Ironworks 6033
Ironworks 6033

That is just too pretty!

Plus with the right stuff inside to back it up.

Ironworks 6033, Inside
Ironworks 6033, Inside

There’s a lot more sizes (up to a ginormous 72″ x 56″) but this 60″ x 33″ is their most popular.

Thick 10 gauge steel body and tons more security features (including RSC rating).  Plus the best fire protection on our list.

  • Exterior: 60″(H) x 33″(W) x 27″(D)
  • Weight: 960 lbs
  • Fire: 130 minutes at 1400 degrees

All this awesomeness is going to cost you a little…but if you want the best looking and one of the best performing safes out there…

at Rhino Safes

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

We’re done with our list of long gun safes…but what if you didn’t get the $5000 safe with all the fixings?

Long Gun Safe Upgrades

I would recommend getting a Gun Safe Panel Organizer that fits your door.  One of the best upgrades that let’s you store a lot of handguns and miscellaneous items.

Spika Panel Organizer
Spika Panel Organizer

If you’re only wanting to expand your pistol storage…get some Handgun Hangers.

Handgun Hangers
Handgun Hangers

If your safe doesn’t come with lights…I really like the new LED Light Switches.  I’ve put them in my safes and my car so I’m not wasting the car battery when I’m rustling through stuff at night.

LED Light Switch
LED Light Switch

And if you’re in even a semi-humid area…I highly recommend getting a dehumidifier.  I use this renewable Mini-Dehumidifier.  But there’s also plugin models that are less of a headache and stronger powered.

Mini Dehumidifier
Mini Dehumidifier

You can see it along with the light and handgun hangers too in my Centurion.

Liberty Centurion 24, Open
Liberty Centurion 24, Open

14. Vaultek RS500i

Want something super hi-tech and looks great as a decoration piece?

Vaultek RS500i
Vaultek RS500i

Check out the Vaultek RS line…and here specifically is their medium-sized RS500i.

Vaultek RTS500i Keypad
Vaultek RTS500i Keypad

Everything you can think of…the RS has it:

  • capacitive keypad
  • fingerprint scanner
  • Wi-Fi to get alerts and receive commands
  • smart key for quick access
  • manual keys
  • super modular interior

Check ours out in action:

The RS500i has an interior of 13.75″ L x 9.75″ W x 53.25″ H which places it in the middle of the series.

Vaultek RS Series
Vaultek RS Series

We can comfortably place around 3-4 rifles with optics in there and some handguns with the added rack.

Vaultek RS500i, Open
Vaultek RS500i, Open

It’s our go-to safe for stuff we use on the regular and even after 3 months the battery is still going strong. It’s easy to keep plugged in as well.

If you’re spending over a grand for a nice electronic safe with all the fixins…I’d start at least with the RS500i if not the larger RS800i.

at Vaultek

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Now…let’s move onto some hidden safes…

Best Hidden Safes + Job Site Boxes

Sometimes you don’t want your safe to be easily found…we’ll cover a few options.

15. Tactical Walls 1450M

Want to feel like you’re out of a spy movie?

Take a look at Tactical Walls’ concealment mirror.  Useful day-to-day…while also harboring some awesome firepower when needed.

at Cabela's

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

16. Tactical Walls Coffee Table

Another offering from Tactical Walls that gives you access to your long gun in the middle of your home.

Pricey…but opens up via a nifty RFID key and silky smooth dampened pistons.

at OpticsPlanet

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

17. Trinity 36″ Job Site Box

Large, boltable, affordable, and less conspicuous than a full on safe…enter job site boxes.

Job Site Box, Open
Job Site Box, Open

Though not RSC rated…they have space for big padlocks and can be secured a variety of ways.

One downfall is that they are normally full of valuable tools…so it might still be a target for thieves.

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Want more?

Check out our full review of Best Hidden Gun Safes.

And finally…Best Car/Travel Safes

If you’re going bare bones…I like the NanoVault from earlier.  A couple of the electronic safes fare well as vehicle safes too.

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

But if you want quicker access…

18. V-Line Top Draw

Enter V-Line’s lightweight entry into the Simplex lock category.

I have one in my car when traveling that is chained to my car seat.  You’ll have to practice a little since it’s top open…gravity is working against you.

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Last Line of Defense

We’re almost done!

Your gun safe should be the last line of defense against unauthorized access to your guns.  How do you make it harder to reach that last line?

This advice is after talking with some police officers that see a lot of stolen guns…

  • keep your home/car doors locked
  • get an alarm system (or at least a sticker)
  • don’t advertise you have guns (I’m sorry…this means stickers for NRA, gun logos, etc)
  • teach your kids not to touch your guns
Glock Car Sticker
Glock Car Sticker (don’t do this)

And keep in mind no safe is impenetrable given enough time and tools…you just want to make it annoying enough so that baddies give up or don’t even try.

To sum it up…here’s our best picks for each safe category.

Best Gun SafeCategoryPrice
Fort Knox FTK-PBBest Overall Handgun Safe$240
Vaultek VT20i & VT10iBest High-Tech Safe$229
Stack-On 8 GunBest Long Gun Starter Safe$129
SecureIt Agile 52Easiest to Install Safe$599
Winchester Pony 19 GunBest RSC Rated Safe Around $1000$850
Liberty Fat Boy Jr. 48 GunBest Large Capacity Safe$1549
Amsec BF6032 18 GunBest Upgraded RSC Rated Gun Safe$3379
GunVault SpeedVaultBest Hidden Gun Safe$95
V-Line Drop Draw SimplexBest Car/Travel Safe$166

Any other safe categories or info you’d like to see?  Let us know in the comments below.  Want more…look at our specific Best Beside Safes and Best Biometric Safes.

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  • Greg Davis

    Good article but these are not budget gunsafes unless you have a large house and have a budget for $600 and up safe witch are still budget midrange safes but not low end budget safes. It would be nice to see a dozen 10-24 gunsafes reviewed at a price range of $500 and under. Would really helppeople with apartments or small homes.

    June 2, 2021 6:51 am
  • Will Wilson

    Great information, I’m in the market for larger safe, as my Vaultek RS500 has quickly become filled. I will add that customer service for Vaultek is absolutely horrendous.

    May 22, 2021 5:43 pm
  • Paul

    Awesome review. Much needed and much appreciated. I would recommend that with EVERY large safe, use a dehumidifier!! I own an excavation company. I tore down a house once that was burned in a fire. The safe was still standing. All the paperwork in the safe was untouched and in perfect condition. The guns, on the other hand, were all trashed even though they were never touched by the fire. The heat of the firearms attracted ALL of the moisture that was in the safe and rusted up ALL the firearms and pretty much destroyed them! Just food for thought....

    May 21, 2021 5:52 pm
  • Kona Golden

    Might want to check out The Lock Picking Lawyer on YouTube. Some of these safes aren't. You can defeat the LifePod with a fork, for example.

    April 14, 2021 11:43 am
    • Eric Hung

      True for the original version of the LifePod. But Vaultek had one of the fastest responses I've ever seen and sent out fixes to everyone. Now the new versions are protected against that attack.

      May 13, 2021 8:20 am
  • Bob

    Wow a great article and research is through..
    Dollars per pound is fun way look at products. Firearms cars bikes etc. Good lunch room conversation.
    Some 25 years ago I bought a Browning safe. $1100, 750 pounds. I am not near my safe at this the size is about 24/24/60. It has been a little crowded from time to time.
    It has a mechanical lock. With a key option for daily use. Great safe.

    February 21, 2021 5:27 am
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    Eric, thanks for the review. I think you might have missed StillWater. Any thoughts?

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    Hi Eric,

    Great safe reviews but you should include Champion safes in the group. I have a “24 long gun” safe that is awfully sweet. It’s worthy of a review.

    February 19, 2021 8:26 am
  • Tim Van Orden

    I've had my eye on Sports Afield safes- waiting for a good deal. They have the best fire ratings I've seen, they're available in several capacities, and the weight seems to be heavy enough to discourage thieves. Anyone have any experience / thoughts about Sports Afield gun safes?

    February 16, 2021 9:40 pm
  • Dave Miller

    I like the Winchester safes with electronic locks. Very good warranty (never have to try to use it though). Testimonials from actual victims of fire, theft attempts, etc seem legit. I am in my safes too often to put up with a mechanical lock; got rid of a mechanical lock safe because you had be absolutely, precisely on the number, period. Person I sold it called and complained that they could not open it. I reiterated that I had told them about the absolute precision required, which allowed them to open it. I trust electronic over mechanical. The high end locks on my Winchesters have been great with batteries lasting at least two years before I decide to change them; this is with much higher than normal access (safes are used for more than just firearms). Good fire ratings and theft deterrence with free replacement clause.

    February 15, 2021 10:23 am
  • Curt Winebrenner


    You should have reviewed a Champion safe as part of the “large safe” group. I have a 24 long gun that still will hold 20 with optics and at least a dozen handguns plus supplies. Cost me $1500 for a one year old safe but with 7 one inch bolts and a locking dial, I love it. Keeps the grandkids and mosey neighbors out of my collection.

    January 21, 2021 5:13 pm
  • Bing

    Good info but you missed snap safe.

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  • SEEK

    Thank you for all the information...much appreciated.
    Just one comment...from the moment you pick up a safe (of almost any kind), but ESPECIALLY a safe that has to be DELIVERED and INSTALLED, you are quite possibly LESS safe then ever before ? Why ? Because delivery drivers and especially installers have been known to keep records, and either sell them to others, or on occasion, act on that information themselves.

    August 9, 2020 2:17 pm
    • Jeremiah Tate

      Seek...How right you are. Me having been recently robbed by an "inside" job. Perps specifically targeted me. I had a large #700 Redhead brand safe. The robbers opened the safe in 10 minutes! using a large prybar. Worked around the door, easily bent the frame around the door (like bending the 2x4 & wood molding frame around an entrance door).
      The entire door fell out in just a few minutes. Ridiculously easy. This safe company should be sued for not disclosing how vulnerable their product is.
      As to your issue, a safe in the home has to be further secured by the owner against an attack.
      1. Install a hard wired (avoid wi-fi - it is easily jammed - another rip off, like my "secure" safe) motion detector, siren and pay the bill for a monitored system. The key is to stop the robbers BEFORE they escape with your property. According to the police detectives working my case, the majority of robbers are meth heads, will only strike when the house is unoccupied. They do not want to confront an owner and risk being charged with a 1st degree felony/20 year sentence. Simple theft of property usually ends in a light sentence. The perp is back out in months and returns to the same crime. If they escape with your possessions, chances are they are gone forever. I lost $20,000 of possessions, including irreplaceable family heirlooms.
      DON"T BE COMPLACENT! A SAFE ALONE WILL NOT STOP THEM. You must install the monitored system to detect and stop them IN THE ACT. Period.
      2. Anchor the safe to the floor. This discourages removal of the safe. My perps walked out with an entire #700 pound safe. Used my own hand truck! Took it to a house and opened it at their leisure. Disgusting.
      3. Photograph and list details of everything in the safe. Do not store this file in the safe!
      4. Make sure you have insurance riders to cover you in a worst case.
      These are lessons I learned the hard way. I'll never completely recover from the emotional trauma and the sickening loss. Hope sharing this helps you avoid the worst of the worst.

      December 7, 2020 11:57 am
    • Joey

      You set your own combination up though. Unless you are alluding to people breaking in your residence because they know you are the proud owner of a safe.

      March 16, 2021 5:11 pm
  • JAG

    I'm looking for under bed safes...any you can suggest? Long guns & pistols

    July 29, 2020 2:55 pm
    • Ken

      I too would like info on under bed safes for long guns.

      January 7, 2021 4:48 pm
  • CyberSec with No Name

    If you run bluetooth, you may as well just leave the device unlocked. Seriously. Just say no to BlueTooth.

    July 28, 2020 12:33 pm
    • John

      Buddy of mine is IT and I was pretty shocked to see his safe had WiFi, but he told all it does is let him know if somebody is tampering with it, the Bluetooth has no connection to the lock

      September 7, 2020 6:27 pm
  • James Lanning Jr

    Gunvault nv300. Is an absolute horrible safe. I was in a hotel when the combination decided to no longer work. Locking my gun inside. I was able to break it open with a leatherman and key chain pry bar. While it may appear safe, it only took me 30 minutes with tools not designed to do what i did

    July 22, 2020 10:42 am
  • Terry l Meek

    I had a safe with an electronic lock. When it failed for no reason, the locksmith told me,( after he cut a giant hole in my door ) that most electronic locks at some point just die. With my safe not being one of the "top brands" he couldn't just drill a small hole, so he cut one about four inches square, opened it up, and told me to have a nice day. I hang targets on that damn safe now.

    July 22, 2020 6:38 am
  • Jason

    Opps, forgot about your mentioning AMSEC (American Security) as some of their safes are pretty good but like Sturdy safe, they are not cheap as you get what you pay for in a safe !

    July 21, 2020 7:21 pm
  • Jason

    Sturdy safe should be mentioned (long guns), I went with them as the most affordable safe that is closest to a real safe, most of the ones mentioned here and in stores are junk if you do your research. Go with the stuff in this article if you cannot afford better or just have kids to keep out of your safe.

    July 21, 2020 7:19 pm
  • John

    I'd like to see a review of the Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard. I've been eyeing this thing for months but I can't find a review of it anywhere, nor have I been able to find out if it works as a functioning alarm clock.

    July 18, 2020 8:16 pm
  • A-A

    Too many ads stuck between the choices of safes, and it was difficult to distinguish which was what YOU were suggesting and which was an ad!!!!

    July 11, 2020 10:20 pm
    • David, PPT Editor

      Hello! Those are actually affiliate boxes for the items we're recommending. None of them are ads and they are all items we are suggesting.

      July 12, 2020 2:34 am
  • Terry Meek

    I will never have another electronic lock on a gun safe. I had my safe for almost a year when just for kicks, the lock decided to retire. Called the safe guy, he came out took a look, gave last rights, and cut a giant hole in my safe to open it! He said, yeah these electric boogers sometimes just die for no reason.

    July 9, 2020 12:41 am
  • timothy kelley

    Looking for a safe for my 2016 f150 extended cab , any suggestions

    June 18, 2020 9:44 am
  • Stacey

    Not sure what happened with shipping for the SecurIt Agile 52. I'm 46038 and the shipping quote is $108!

    June 10, 2020 7:43 pm
  • Matthew

    How is it the American made Graffundner didn't get mentioned? The starting security level dwarfs ever full-size safe on this list.

    May 4, 2020 10:24 am
  • Ralph Alman

    Please consider reviewing additional modular gun safes. My own situation is that the only good place for a long gun safe is in my basement. In older houses like mine, sometimes the steps to the basement are narrow and not built to take a very heavy, fully assembled safe. Thanks for these very informative reviews.

    April 24, 2020 9:00 am
  • MRK

    For best handgun safe, I recommend looking at the FAS1 series of safes. Similar to the Fort Knox Pistol Box, but 7 gauge steel and an optional supplemental lock. It also has a gas strut that opens the door, allowing it to present the holster to you quickly. Very high quality, made in the USA, but a little more expensive than the Fort Knox. Available in several sizes. I have two of them.

    April 21, 2020 7:40 pm
  • Mike Talton

    You need to include the line of cylindrical, automated, internally illuminated, humidity controlled firearm safes from Pendleton. We are have used their safes for decades in our gun shop. Wonderful!

    L & M Enterprises USA LLC

    April 19, 2020 4:12 pm
  • Collins Customs

    The lack of research here is glaring - you call 10 gauge thick when really thats garbage that can be cut through with a skilsaw. The best deal in safes today is hands down Sturdy Safe. Their Most Popular package features a 4 gauge body, 3/8" door and a stainless plate welded over the lock box. They're not cheap 6ftx4ftx2ft model costing a little over $3000 without fire lining and roughly $4000 (everything with Sturdy is pick and choose - want a bare metal interior? They can do that. Want all shelves made of 1/4" plate and welded in? They can do that. Whatever you want, they can do) and it weighs over 1300lbs. Weight matters. It makes stealing the whole safe much more difficult. Their locking system is superior in its simplicity and strength. Think of what you're securing now and what you'll have in the future. I make high end guns. I have a few that are over $3000 and my latest was over $4000 for one gun. Then I have a few grand in optics too, plus ammo and all my important documents. Look into what drywall insulation does to your guns and rethink the few hundred dollars you'll save by going with a Liberty model. Watch some safe attack videos on youtube. 10 gauge is barely an obstacle and most safes do not withstand a fire.

    April 6, 2020 1:52 pm
    • John

      Wow! THIS, exactly! I was getting ready to type the same thing, then saw you just wrote what I was thinking. I ordered my Sturdy a few days ago. If you're just interested in security, not shiny paint and fancy LED lighting, Sturdy is the only way to go.

      April 19, 2020 2:35 pm
    • Mughwah

      Sturdy Safe is the best out there by far. No other safe comes close IMHO. Own the best.

      May 2, 2020 4:56 pm
      • Joe

        Really? I guess I should sell my Superior Untouchable with its 1/2" door and 1/4" walls plus a pane of glass that prevents drilling the door so I can get a Sturdy Safe.

        June 10, 2020 1:52 pm
        • Michael

          Yes Joe, that is exactly what he tell YOU to sell your safe. Its all about you.

          December 27, 2020 5:42 pm
  • Nick

    This article is awesome. You can really see the level of time and care you put into the content. I learned something of value, my questions were answered, and I’m ready to make a solid informed purchase that fit my needs and budget. I just got done looking at a similar article on a different firearm-focused website, and I was shocked by how awful it was. After reading a bit of that copy-pasted, generic garbage, I had to come back here and show some love.

    Thanks for what you do!

    March 22, 2020 3:49 pm
  • Jake

    The GunVault NV300 NanoVault is garbage. The combo lock will break quickly and if you contact the company about a replacement you'll be told, "yeah that sometimes happens" and left to wonder what you're going to do with your new 3 pound paperweight. If you want something this size for transporting your handgun in your car purchase a lock and key version. While a little less convenient you'll be happier with a product that works for more than a few months.

    February 23, 2020 9:16 am
  • 22lucky

    Really surprised not to see a Zanotti Armor safe in the list, especially instead of the SecureIt safe.

    January 1, 2020 5:54 pm
  • Rooney

    I own two of the Sentry safes QAP1BE. Great at the beginning, but plan on replacing the gas cylinder every 12 konths at $20 plus s+h each. I am not the only one. Check the reviews on Sentry's site. Not recommended.

    October 16, 2019 9:34 pm
  • Joshua Barker

    Stack-on ammo cabinet, secureit agile model 52 with door organizer and pistol pegs/bins/trays/shelf and a hornady rapidsafe 4800k for the bed that has rfid tags works for me.

    October 10, 2019 2:45 pm
  • brian jones

    I like snap safe, it is made with 9 gauge steel, and can be brought in through narrow doors and hallways and assembled into a large safe. The super titan XXL is Exterior: 59"H x 46"W x 30"D and has double doors Opening: 52"H x 37”W.
    holds up to 56 long guns

    September 15, 2019 9:04 pm
  • Bull o' the Woods

    Sturdy Safe has been the brand I've been planning to buy. I think Amsec has some excellent products but in my research they seemed more expensive and less configurable than Sturdy Safe. Eric, I'd like to see a review of Sturdy Safe. Personally, I'm digging the Model #6028-6 at 60"x28"x72". They're located in Fresno so shipping to you should not be too expensive.

    September 12, 2019 4:43 pm
  • Bill

    You didn't mention Stack-On also makes an in the wall cabinet. It works great behind the bedroom door for quick easy access when you think you here something. Great for a shotgun and an AR. I started with a Stack-On 18 gun convertible cabinet until I got a Fat Boy Jr. They brought it in the house for an extra $300. Money well spent with a 700 lb safe and steps.

    March 29, 2019 10:42 pm
  • Mike K

    I decided RSC was not good enough, even though my firearms have sentimental but not so much dollar value. RSC is 5 minutes protection to assault by a determined thief. If you really want to protect your gear, look for a real safe. What I ended up with is not quite in that category, but close. Graffunder Castle series, with 1/2" steel walls and a fire rating. I agree about electronic locks - convenient, but susceptible to dead batteries and EMP if there IS a nuclear blast. However, I made the mistake of going for a Group 1 lock. This is supposed to be more secure, but requires you to be VERY close to the actual combination when opening the safe. I usually have to try 2-3 times before getting it. Group 1 requires you to be within 1/2 division of each number. Group 2 is within 1 division. I don't think there are that many safecrackers out there, so a Group 2 would have made my life easier.

    Think about lighting. If you are hiding your safe away, it will probably be dark. I put a lighting kit in mine, activated by motion of the door opening, or by me if I leave the door open and go back to the safe. It really helps, and it is such a pleasure to see all of the safe contents lit up when I open the safe.

    Eric is spot on about capacity. I have 14 long guns in a safe that is supposed to fit 24, and it is packed to capacity.

    When you are getting a real safe, you are talking about serious weight. I do not think I would have had any problem with the weight of a RSC, to put it anywhere I wanted. Granted, I do not have a 2 floor home. My Graffunder weighs 2500 lbs. I initially wanted to put it in a guest bedroom closet, but feared the weight would mess up the tile floors, so it is in the garage, bolted down (necessary? given the weight). I was able to do it all by myself, using a pallet jack and some come-alongs to tilt it enough to get it off the pallet.

    After having gone through the agony of getting this safe (DO NOT ask me about Lone Star Gun Safes), I realize that what I really needed was to keep the guns safe from children. The RSC probably would have been adequate. I think the risk of theft, at least in my neighborhood, would be low. Even so, I like my Graffunder, especially feeling the heavy vault-like door opening, and seeing all the contents lit up.

    January 1, 2019 3:07 pm
  • RJ87

    Couple of additional points:

    1) I own two of those sentry handgun safes you have as #2. A bio-metric version you have pictured and a non-biometric in the same exact line with the same parts except the biometric pad. BOTH have failed due to a known and well documented problem with the gas strut. I loves these safes for every other reason. you say the ft knox is easy to open in the dark? It is not at all. The sentry is 100x easier. Even for the base keypad model on the sentry the first button you push doesn't count in your sequence so in a completely dark room you just put your hand on top and just push any button to have the lights that illuminate the buttons turn on. Everything about the sentry is great except a FATAL flaw. Sentry knows about this flaw since they now sell the strut $30 shipped. But you are not paying $30 randomly on the chance you have a bad strut. The strut will ALWAYS wear out in a couple of years and that safe will not open unless you turn it upside down which if it is an emergency or you have it bolted down denies you your firearm when you need it.

    2) the ability to hide a safe is ten times more important than ANY of the strength criteria you have mentioned since all safes under $2,000 can be broken into.Every single small pistol safe you have reviewed here can be broken into with a large screwdriver. A 12 year old girl can open that #1 rated FT knox with a foot long standard screwdriver

    As far the large safes if the safe is rated in gauge instead of fractions of an inch it can be opened with a $50 small angle grinder, it can have titanium bolts and you can still open the side like a can opener with that small power tool.

    That is why totally hiding the safe is the #1 issue. If someone has seen it and or told a burglar they know the safe acts as an ATTTRACTANT to burglary. someone hearing a safe is in a home elevates your risk of being burgled and that the burglar/s will head right for the safe and have brought an angle grinder. Instead of looking around for your tablet, going to your wife's dresser to look for jewelry -- they are going to go right for the safe.

    Experienced successful burlars befriend HVAC guys, general contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc to get info on places that are good for burglary. If you have a large safe in your basement scores of your kids friends over the years, hVAC guys, painters, plumbers, caterers, cleaning people, electricians, dog walkers/cat sitters and lots of others may have seen your safe. sure some people will have had no one see their safe, but most people have several people in those classes in their home at some point. I would spend more time thinking up and construction a way to hide a safe (false freezer front, false card board storage boxed front, if in a basement etc) than I would worrying about how it is rated.

    December 6, 2018 3:56 am
  • Adam C.

    I love my Sturdy Safe. It has a 4g body and 3/8” door, which is way thicker than the safes I’m seeing listed here, and it’s the same price range. Let me know what you think of them!

    August 23, 2018 7:17 pm
    • Eric Hung

      I've heard of them but haven't had the chance to see or use one yet!

      September 14, 2018 12:04 am
  • Kona Golden

    Seems to me, everyone always misses the obvious.. No matter what safe you have, HIDE IT as the first lie of defense, bolt it down, & don't use easy combinations. The easiest way to get into a safe, is not through the door, it's through the side, back, or top with a drill and a Sawzall or torch. Make these difficult to get to.
    If they don't see the safe, they may never even know it's there. Don't show ANYONE loose lips sinks ships.

    June 24, 2018 2:02 pm
    • Eric Hung

      Yea...what safe?

      September 14, 2018 12:04 am
      • Kona Golden


        November 24, 2018 5:27 am
  • Roy

    The speed vault listed as the best hidden gun safe actually holds a pistol, extra mag, and spare key to my main gun safe. Fits full size pistols just not revolvers.

    June 17, 2018 8:57 am
    • Eric Hung

      Thanks, Roy, that should be really helpful for our readers!

      September 14, 2018 12:03 am
  • Connor H

    I strongly recommend the Stack-On 18 gun convertible cabinet. You can set up one side with shelving, and the other with room for (theoretically) 9 longguns. I say theoretically because manufacturers still build gun safes with traditional hunting rifles in mind, and ARs and the like tend to take up a bit more space.

    But it’s a great beginner cabinet to hold up to 6 rifles and a dozen pistols, as well as several thousand rounds of ammo, or set up to hold up to a dozen ARs. Best part is, you can find one for $150 without much shopping around. I’d suggest changing your suggested beginner safe, as it’s only $20 more than your quoted price on the 8-gun cabinet, and has about double the interior space.

    June 15, 2018 11:50 pm
    • Roy


      June 17, 2018 8:55 am
  • Chris

    I've got a safe large enough to hold my complete rifles, but I've got nearly a dozen AR upper receivers that won't fit in the safe. Since these are not complete firearms, I don't need them to be super secure, but would like advice on storage around 25" long.

    June 15, 2018 4:21 pm
    • Connor H

      A dozen spare uppers is a good problem to have ;P I’m also interested in the answer to this question, since the length is so much less than what a safe/cabinet typically is built for.

      June 15, 2018 11:58 pm
  • David Underwood

    What do you think about the Secureit safes/stack-ons they have available?

    June 15, 2018 7:43 am
    • David

      Depends on what you need, but keep in mind that they really aren't safes - they are high school lockers with better locks. If you just need something to keep firearms out of reach of children, they are decent options. But any thief with even a modicum of will can break into them without a lot of trouble.

      I use a Stack-On to store ammo, but I rarely keep firearms in one.

      June 15, 2018 8:43 am
  • Noob

    I live in a 2 story house, where would the best place to bolt the safe down? Garage, master bedroom, or downstairs extra bedroom? Thanks for the advice!

    June 14, 2018 6:45 pm
    • Eric Hung

      You'll have to weigh two things...the type of floor (concrete is best) and where it can be hidden the most.

      June 14, 2018 9:11 pm
  • Mark C

    Whichever safe you buy, it's critical that you securely bolt it down to the floor & walls! It's much easier for a thief to open a safe by brute force (large pry-bar, sledge, etc) if they can tip it over & get it lying on the floor. Many of the less expensive models with thinner steel can be opened fairly easily with the right tools and room to get leverage. Also, if it's not bolted down and it's one of the lighter ones, a thief can just wheel it away with a hand truck and worry about how to open it later.

    June 14, 2018 5:14 pm
    • Eric Hung

      Great advice, Mark. I only touched on the topic here...will add in an article specifically about bolting down.

      June 14, 2018 9:10 pm
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