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Best Glock Magazine Extensions and Basepads: From +1 to +20

If you’ve paid any attention, you’ll know that one of the biggest draws of Glock handguns is the fact that you have about a million-and-one options for aftermarket upgrades and replacement parts.

Including enough to build this abomination….

Of these upgrades, one of the more common ones that you’ll see is a magazine extension, especially in the competition scene.

Magazine extensions give you more real estate to grip, which is a great option for smaller-framed carry guns, but in the competition world, you’re going to be looking for the extra capacity that many of these extensions offer.

100 Round Glock Mags

In a world where most pistol-caliber carbines run on Glock mags, and you have a huge variety of competition-ready Glock pistols as well, getting those extra rounds in a mag can eliminate reloads and greatly cut down on your stage times. 

Anyways, let’s talk about some of the benefits of these magazine extensions, why you want them, and which options are the best bang for your buck.

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Why Bother with Magazine Extensions?

Factory Glock mags are great.

They give you a good capacity for their size, and they are about as reliable as anything made by human hands can be.

But sometimes, more bullets = more better. And don’t tell me that’s bad English, I’m a professional. 😎

unlimited power
You’ll know the feeling, too!

Seriously, the extra rounds (or grippable area in some cases) gives you tactical flexibility when you’re carrying, and cuts down on stage times during competition stages. This can take even the high-capacity 33 round mags up to 40 rounds (or even more) depending on the rules of the competition and your needs.

It also gives you a little more weight to the magazine which can aid in it dropping free… if you find that’s a problem?

9mm AR-15 PCC
9mm AR-15 PCC

You shouldn’t see this issue in a factory Glock pistol, certainly not with factory Glock mags, but it may be an issue in some PCCs, especially if you have a standard AR lower with a magazine well insert.

Finally, some of these just look freaking sweet. This doesn’t give you any advantage in a firefight, but in a competition scenario, as car guys will confirm, if your rig looks better than your opponents, you go faster. It’s just a science fact. 

Scientific Fact

Seriously though, there’s nothing wrong with adding some bits and bobs here and there to pimp out your Glock a little bit, as long as you’re not hindering performance.

A magazine extension like the ones here will not only give your gun a bit of bling, but it will actually improve performance and give you more rounds on tap.

In the gun industry, we call this a “win win”. 

Best Glock Magazine Extensions

So, what are the best Glock mag extensions?

I’m so glad you asked. 

Magazine Extensions
Lots of Magazine Extensions

These are the mag extensions the Pew Pew Crew have tested and beat the snot out of, both on the field of competition, and in our daily carry rotations. Let’s start with…

1. Glock Factory Magazine Extensions

Glock actually makes magazine extensions, as you probably guessed, and they are absolutely, 100%, tee-totally okay. Fine even. Maybe even alright. 

These are polymer, and they offer +1 or +2 capacity, and have the advantage of being designed by Glock, for Glock so you can be confident in their reliability. 

Glock OEM Magazine Extension
Glock OEM Magazine Extension

Beyond that, they don’t have a huge advantage over any of the other options, but for a budget-minded improvement over factory-standard mags, these aren’t a bad choice. Especially if you’re trying to save money.

They are also less obtrusive and closer to stock than any of the other choices, so if you want your Glock to look stock, these are the way to go for sure.

at Botach Tactical

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

2. Pearce Grips Magazine Extensions

Pearce Grips Extensions are our #1 recommendation for aftermarket baseplates that give you a little more real estate on shorter-gripped firearms like the 43, 26, and other subcompacts.

Pearce Grip Glock Magazine Extension
Pearce Grip Glock Magazine Extension

You don’t get any extra capacity, but you do get a little more room for your pinky, which can greatly improve the shootability of smaller-framed guns. If you are looking to get a better grip on a subcompact, this is the place to look.

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

They also offer an extension for every Glock mag imaginable, so you won’t have to worry about finding one for your particular gun.

3. GlockStore/Double Diamond

Double Diamond partnered with GlockStore (one of the best Glock aftermarket part sources) to create these mag extensions, and they’re some of the most affordable options for an aluminum magazine extension.

Double Diamond Glock Mag Extension
Double Diamond Glock Mag Extension

They have a variety of options from just improved baseplates that add +1 or +2, to some competition models that give you +5 or +6.

These are an excellent upgrade option for some USPSA and other competitions where you can get some silly magazine sizes in your handguns, provided you’re shooting Open or Outlaw Open. They’re rock solid, and if you’re just looking for a small capacity boost, this is a great, budget-friendly option.

at GlockStore

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

They are also some of the more reliable options here, and in my experience, they tend to run better with the longer OAL reloads that some people run in competition, so if you know you’ve got some long rounds loaded up, this may be the move.

4. Taylor Freelance Magazine Extensions

Are you looking to absolutely whip all kinds of ass in PCC competition? Do you have a 9mm Glock carbine that you just never want to reload?

9mm AR-15 PCC
9mm AR-15 PCC

Taylor Freelance has the extensions for you. Like TTI and Double Diamond, they make metal mag extensions, but it’s their Goliath extension that’s really the draw here.

TTI vs TF Goliath vs MBX
Left to Right: TTI, TF Goliath, MBX

If you want a 50+1 capacity magazine for a PCC, this is the option you want. It’s an aluminum extension, and it’s one of the toughest on this list. I’ve dropped mine roughly ten million times, on every surface imaginable, and while the finish is scuffed, it has never once let me down.

Replacing the spring and adding the extension is easy and can be done in about five minutes. Just be careful with the new spring because it can absolutely go springing (heh) across the room at roughly four times the speed of sound and it will hit your spouse squarely in the forehead and they will be upset with you.

Or so I’ve heard. 

at Taylor Freelance

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Beyond that, these extensions are easy to add, and they give you an extra twenty rounds in your big stick mags. What’s not to love?

5. Taran Tactical Innovations Magazine Extensions

The grand king of Glock upgrades, Taran Tactical offers some of the best aftermarket parts in the industry, and some of the finest Glock race gun upgrades money can buy. 

Taran Butler, the owner, is one of the best shooters to ever walk the earth among us mere mortals, and he has poured his years of experience competing at the highest levels into bringing some genuinely excellent (if a little spendy) products to market. 

taran tactical glock magazine extension
Taran Tactical Glock magazine extension

If you have the cash, and you want to give yourself every advantage on the field of competition, especially in race gun divisions, this is where you want to start looking first if you’re a Glock shooter.

They do such a good job, that they’re actually the ones that did the guns from John Wick. That’s right, if you want John Wick’s Glock, you’re going to be buying from TTI. 

John Wick Sommelier
Yes, lovely, thank you.

These extensions aren’t film fakery though… they absolutely work, and they work well. TTI base plates are used by more pro Glock shooters than any other brand, and they are making inroads with police and civilian shooters too.

They offer a carry-focused Firepower Basepad that gives you a +5 to 9mm mags, and +4 to .40 S&W, which I strongly recommend for duty guns for anyone that’s not going to be sitting a lot with their firearm on. 

taran tactical glock magazine extension
Taran Tactical Glock Firepower Base Pad Kit

Beyond that, you have +2, +3, +4, and +10 options that are designed for various competition standards, so no matter what division you’re in, if you can run aftermarket basepads/extensions, they have an option available for you.

They’re also a really gorgeously-machined aluminum that’s then finished in a variety of colors, so this really is a good upgrade to your Glock’s looks as well.

at Primary Arms

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

If you want something that’s not super flashy, but still adds a bit of pizazz, TTI is an excellent, if pricey choice.

What’s your take on the Taran mag basepads?

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4.98/5 (263)

Your Rating?

6. Tyrant CNC

Another awesome offering is from Tyrant CNC and my personal favorite for best looking.

They also work and run like a champ, and that’s what matters… almost as much as looking awesome.

Besides working great and looking great, Tyrant CNC also offers a whole host of other Glock upgrades from triggers to rear plates — all of them are outstanding.

1.5 Tyrant CNC G19 Mag Extension
Tyrant CNC G19 Mag Extension

These are more loud designs and colors but really look at home on range and competition guns to help stand out from the drab crowd.

Parting Shots

If you’re looking for a magazine extension for a Glock mag, you should now have everything you need to make your decision. 

These mag extensions are all high-quality, and a good value for your money whether you’re looking for some extra rounds on tap in your carry gun, or you want to get a leg up on the competition the next time you gear up for a match.

What do you think of these magazine extensions? Which ones are you thinking about picking up for your own Glock? Let me hear from you in the comments! Don’t forget to check out all our Best Glock Upgrade Reviews!

Tyrant CNC Extended Glock Mag Release
Tyrant CNC Extended Glock Mag Release

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  • Commenter Avatar

    I have a G19. I am curious why I should spend 40$ on an extension instead of spending 30 on a full mag with extra capacity. If I wanted a plus 2 from my standard 15 round mag why not buy a G17 mag etc.? Genuinely curious as to what the benefit would be to make my 15 a 17 instead of having a 15 and a 17 for less money?

    June 25, 2020 9:12 am
  • Commenter Avatar

    How about mag extensions for the large calibers? I open carry a g40, a 5shot extension would be just the ticket!

    June 25, 2020 6:23 am