Black Friday Deals I’m Buying Myself

What are the best Black Friday firearm/ammo deals this year?

There’s a lot but these are the ones I’m actually getting for myself.


1. Remington 9mm 115 gr Ammo for 14 cents each

Remington UMC 9mm
Remington UMC 9mm

You’ll be paying $11.99 a box but Remington is offering $5 rebates a box up to 40 boxes.

Combine that with Cabela’s no-minimum free shipping code of 6HOLIDAY and you are in business!

The math: $11.99-$5=$6.99 a box for 50 rounds = 13.98 cents a round for up to 2000 rounds.

*Will likely sell out soon…the 147 gr ones are already gone.

2. Remington UMC Rebates for .40 S&W, 10mm, .45 ACP, .38 Special, .380

Don’t need 9mm?  The same deal of $5 rebates a box is also up for other calibers.

3. American Eagle .45 ACP for <30 cents a round + ammo can

American Eagle .45 ACP and Ammo Box
American Eagle .45 ACP and Ammo Box

Regular price of $119.99 for 300 rounds plus an ammo can.  $30 rebate.

That already gives you the 30 cents a round!

PLUS…COUPONS!  They’ll give you some money off a total and also free shipping.

  • L6H – Free Shipping on $25
  • L6J – $10 off $100+Free Shipping
  • L6K – $25 off $200+Free Shipping
  • L6L – $40 off $300+Free Shipping

4. PMC Bronze .223 Remington 55 gr for 32 cents each

PMC .223 Bronze
PMC .223 Bronze

Not a screaming deal, but this is my go-to .223/5.56 ammo and I like to stock up whenever it goes under 35 cents a round.  Plus it’s from my favorite place to buy ammo online.

Gun Cases

Pelican Cases up to 25% Off

Pelican 1200
Pelican 1200

My favorite hard cases I use for my guns and reviewed in Best Gun Cases for All Budgets.

I’m getting another small Pelican 1200 ($30) but there’s also the Pelican 1510 Carry On ($107) case too.


Amazon Fire Tablet 7″ for $33

Amazon Fire 7
Amazon Fire 7

Ok…so not truly gun related.  But I bought one earlier this year that got commandeered by my mom.

This is the best bang for the buck tablet for utilizing the go-to scoring program (Practiscore) at shooting competitions.

That’s why I’m getting another one.  Not going to be draining my phone batteries ever again!

Not competing yet?  It’s still a great thing to run some light apps and surf. Did I mention it’s only $33?!?

That’s It?

If there’s more awesome ones that pop up…I’ll let you guys know!

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Hi and happy-thanksgiving –What s your current thoughts on the resurgent 10 mm handgun and the venerable 458 socom rifle platform?


TYVM Eric!

Oswaldo Ruiz

Buy yourself a reloading kit. Lee makes an almost complete one for less than $200. I make .45acp ammo for 15 cents a round and .223 Remington for 17 cents a round