Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gun Deals [2018]

It’s that time again!

Black Friday has some of the biggest sales of the year, some of them are starting NOW but more will be coming in the days ahead.

We’ll be updating this article daily from now until the end of Cyber Monday, so check back often to find all of the best deals on firearms, ammo, clothing, optics, and a whole lot more!

Palmetto State Armory

PSA’s huge Black Friday sale starts THIS FRIDAY the 22nd, 2019! Massive sales are coming on rifles, pistols, shotguns, and a ton more!

The following Monday (the 25th) will start a huge Federal ammo sale! Don’t forget to check back then for the best deals.

Find all of the PSA Black Friday deals Here!

Aero Precision

Aero Precision has some of the best AR-15 Uppers and Lowers, and AR-10 stuff around.

The big sale hasn’t started just yet, but Aero does have some of their Veteran’s Day builder sets still in stock!

Aero Vet Day 2019
These are awesome. Period. Aero Precision Thunderbolt I and Thunderbolt II


Still waiting on the Brownells sale to start but it should be here VERY soon!

Brownells Logo

Brownells does have some great coupon codes happening right now to hold you over until the big sale starts!

Get $20 off $200+ orders PLUS free shipping with code “PMB“.

Looking for a really awesome Christmas gift, take a look at Brownells Retro line of AR-15 and AR-10s

BRN-10 (3)
Very cool BRN-10, take a look at the hands-on review!

Primary Arms

No huge Black Friday sales yet, but they are running some good sales in the run-up to the big day, I recommend taking a look!

Plus, you get a free Primary Arms Beanie right now with every order. So that’s nice.

We’ve reviewed some of their scopes before and really like them, keep an eye out for some great deals coming this Black Friday!


Last year there was a few good deals on hearing protection and ammo cans, this year we haven’t seen anything awesome yet but we’ll keep updating!

Amazon Logo

Stag Arms

No big sale yet, but last year had some AWESOME deals.

We might see even better deals this year since Stag recently announced they plan on moving their company from their home state of Connecticut to the more gun-friendly state of Wyoming.

Stag 9mm AR-15 Rifle
Stag 9mm AR-15 Rifle

If we’re lucky, maybe Stag Arms will have some blow-out sales this Black Friday to reduce what they have to ship during the move!

Rainier Arms

The BIG Black Friday sale is back on at Rainier Arms!! If you’re looking for top-tier gear then now is the time!

Rainier Arms
Rainier Arms

Two awesome deals are the Devil Dogs Hard Charger Side Charging Conversion Kit and the Killer Innovations Glock Compensators BOTH are only $105 each!

We’ll have a full review of the Devil Dogs Hard Charger soon, but for now we can already say that we really like it. If you’re looking to turn your AR-15 into a side charging upper, this is an awesome system for making that happen.

Devil Dog Hard Charger

Killer Innovations has a lot of awesome products, their Glock compensators are some of our favorite on the market due to their mounting system that locks securely, but still allows for easy removal for cleaning and super easy timing!

Killer Innovation Glock Compensator

If you’re looking to build a new 9mm AR-15 upper, Rainier Arms has an exclusive Black Friday deal on a 10.5″ Faxon 9mm Barrel and Faxon 9mm BCG for only $220!

Faxon 10.5″ 9mm Barrel and 9mm BCG – $220!

Get all of the Rainier Arms Black Friday Sales Here!

Faxon Firearms

No Black Friday sales yet, but we’re keeping an eye on them because they should be starting soon!

Something to keep in mind, Faxon is now making 350 Legend barrels in 12″, 16″, and 20″! We’ll have a review coming soon, but we’ve always liked our Faxon barrels!

Find all of the Faxon Black Friday deals here!

Shoot Steel

Massive sales on happening at Shoot Steel! No coupon needed, no codes required, just lots of awesome deals.

They even hooked us up with an EXCLUSIVE Pew Pew Tactical AR500 Steel Target Starter Bundle!

PPT Exclusive Deal
at Shoot Steel

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

That’s not all though, Shoot Steel has a bunch of other awesome deals going on this Black Friday!

MDT (Modular Driven Technologies)

For all of your chassis needs, MDT is one of our top picks. While their sale doesn’t start until Thanksgiving afternoon, we KNOW their sale is awesome this year!

MDT Logo

If you’re looking for a Chassis, wait for this sale because it is AWESOME. Their ACC chassis is our favorite, but the ESS and LSS-XL are awesome also depending on what you’re looking for.

Howa 1500 in MDT
Howa 1500 in MDT ESS and LSS-XL Chassis

Keep an eye out for their scope rings, bipods, muzzle devices, magazines and more!


Cabela’s hasn’t started the Black Friday season yet, but they do have a Holiday Kick off sale until at least the 26th! These are some solid deals too so take a look.

Cabelas 2019

Gifts for the whole family from Sig Sauer pistols to comfy winter clothes and toys for the kids!

Get the Sig Sauer P320 RX Full-size or Compact for $650! This INCLUDES the Romeo1 Mini Reflex Sight

Sig p320 rx compact
Sig Sauer P320 RX Compact with Sig Romeo1 Mini Reflex Sight

Bedding and clothes up to 45% off! Grab some White River Bear Plaid Flannel Sheets for $30 (normally $45+)

cabelas flannel sheet
White River Bear Plaid Flannel Sheets

Optics Planet

Awesome deals were found last year at Optics Planet, but nothing huge has started yet.

HOWEVER! They are doing a promotion for a FREE Sig Sauer KILO Rangefinder with select Sig Sauer Scopes!

OpticsPlanet Logo

The offer is good for select Sig Sauer Tango6 and Whiskey5 scopes, both offer outstanding glass, tracking, and clarity.

Sig Sauer Tango6

We’ve used Sig Sauer range finders a bunch also and really like them, this is a great deal!

AR500 Armor

Black November at AR500 with a SITEWIDE SALE of 16.71% off with code “GIVETHANKS


A little confused on levels and different cuts?  We cover all of them in our AR500 Armor Review.

AR500 Body Armor Group
AR500 Body Armor Group

Euro Optic

Last year at Euro Optic was AMAZING so we expect to see some good deals from them soon!


For now though, they are running a great sale on Nikon Tactical Optics!

Nikon M-Tactical 4-16×42 $299 (normally $450)

Crossbreed Holsters

Black Friday hasn’t started yet for Crossbreed, but they are offering 20% off Quick Ship Bundles! These are some of their most popular holster and belt combos being sold for a solid discount and shipping FAST!

Find out why we love them plus others in our Best Concealed Carry Holsters article.

21. Crossbreed Reckoning with Accomplice Mag Carrier
Crossbreed Reckoning with Accomplice Mag Carrier

SecureIt Gun Storage

One of our favorites in our Best Gun Safes article… SecureIt has 10% off SITEWIDE with code “NOVEMBER“!

SecureIt Agile 52, Open
SecureIt Agile 52, Open

Why do we like them?

Unlike other safes which are a hassle to install…the Agile comes flat-packed (so you can get it into your room) and all assembly is internal.

Take a look at the full video review!


Nothing huge going on yet at Natchez, but last year had some solid deals on ammo and reloading gear! We’ll be checking back often to see when these sales kick off.

Sportsman’s Guide

No big sale yet, but they are giving out $50 Gift Cards on orders of $150+ SITEWIDE! Use code “SG3705” at checkout to score your $50 gift card!

Blade HQ

Last Blade HQ had some awesome prices for Kershaw, Gerber, Benchmade, and lot more! They haven’t started just yet but we’ll keep an eye on them!

GunMag Warehouse

With all of these ammo deals happening, you’ll need some mags to hold it all! The deals haven’t started yet, but GunMag Warehouse is our top pick for finding mags of all sizes.

Gunmag Warehouse

Wise Company

Got a little prepper in you?

Wise has some of the best bulk survival food solutions out there.

The last couple of years the Wise sales have been awesome, take a look!

Wise Food Supply
Wise Food Supply

Pew Pew Tactical’s Beginner Handgun Course

Saving the best for last… Though we’re a little biased here!

50% off our Gun Noob to Gun Slinger video course which brings it down from $67 to $33.50.

Gun Noob Course
Gun Noob Course

We’ll teach you all the important stuff about handguns in ~2 hours…with none of the attitude.  So you’ll be comfortable and safe for your first range day!

Several sample videos to watch and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (that no one has asked for yet)!  Check it out here.

Parting Shots

Alright, thanks for sticking with us, and happy hunting.

Like I said, we’ll be updating this as the sales go on, and be sure to let us know in the comments if you find an awesome deal we haven’t mentioned so others can save too.  Thanks, and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Want to see our favorite guns and gear?  Check out our Editor’s Picks.

38 Leave a Reply

  • celltech

    Forget the Geissele...go to LaRue and get the MBT for $87.

    10 months ago
  • Harold Callahan

    I've ordered quite a bit from Optics Planet in the last year, but on more than one occasion, I've had them accept my order, and then as much as a week later, tell me that they won't have the item I ordered in stock for another 2 months. As infuriating as that is, it would be even more so if I had gone with them for a special deal, only to find out that they didn't have it in stock, and I could have purchased it elsewhere, but now I can't because BF deals are over. Bottom line, beware of this if you choose to order with them.

    10 months ago
    • Joooo

      You can still find some BF deals on several websites. Check Primary Arms, Brownells, PSA...

      10 months ago
  • Cole

    Any good deals on 3lb drop in triggers?

    10 months ago
  • Jimmie Clemens

    Km tactical also has some sweet deals! 7.5 or 10.5 Black Friday Complete Upper Special w/ Red Dot For only $200.

    10 months ago
  • Brett

    Hey another place i found for the first time i got 21rd m17 mags there for my 320m17. Like 40$ 2 or 3 $ shipping n quik

    10 months ago
  • Jeff

    Don't forget about "Wing Tactical" and "Right to Bear Arms" for Black Friday deals.

    10 months ago
  • Brett

    I ordered alot from last night for the first time, i found the best deals on there. Even better than primary arms which is my go to. 11% off everything even on sale and free shipping over 49$. Got free gifts with a couple magpul products.

    10 months ago
    • Papa Tango

      Good for you. I trust Primary Arms, I am willing to pay a bit more knowing they have in stock and there won't be any issues.

      10 months ago
  • Ryan Corneliusen

    Don't forget Browning's $100 rebate on handguns purchased before Monday, and $200 off shotguns.

    10 months ago
  • Jay Sevilla

    Aero black friday is UP!!!

    10 months ago
    • Eric Hung

      Thanks Jay...updating!

      10 months ago
  • D Horne

    Looking for a century arms c308 for Black Friday any good leads?

    10 months ago
  • Ty miller

    Any leads on 1911 .45s? In the market for a good handgun

    10 months ago
    • JJFG

      They aren't "cool" enough I guess. Get a Ruger 1911 if that's all you can afford, you won't be disappointed.

      10 months ago
    • Brett

      Dude ,u can get rock island 1911 45acp i seen it as low as 299$ thats awesome! I believe it was ganderoutdoors? Not sure but i did see it and thats cheap its normal price 500^ just dig

      10 months ago
    • Ryan Corneliusen

      Remington R1 GI for like $490 at

      10 months ago
    • Eric Hung

      We haven't seen any awesome deals on 1911s yet.

      10 months ago
  • Peter Allen

    I just bought '18" Pencil, .308 WIN, Rifle-Length, 4150, Nitride' on Faxon Firearms for $169.55 total. Look at the Black Friday deals. If you don't see the discount on that page it will be applied during checkout. Reg price is $269 plus shipping.

    10 months ago
    • Eric Hung

      Thanks Peter, we've updated everything today and Faxon was one of them!

      10 months ago
  • Todd W Kocian

    PSA Has a complete lower for $100 ($116 with shipping) They also have complete lowers for $199...

    10 months ago
    • Eric Hung

      Thanks Todd...they just released their deals so we're adding it right now.

      10 months ago
  • Robert

    Bear Creek barrels are back in stock! Just ordered mine. You have to get a sticker and shipping for $10.25 (twist my arm why don't ya). Thanks for the heads up!

    10 months ago
  • joe

    So far this shopping weekend best deals on All the other sites were a poof.

    1 year ago
  • Jeff

    Sportsman's Guide, of Minnesota, has some really good prices on ammunition plus a free S/H code (SH2615). I've been purchasing multiple boxes of Lapua .223 in the 50 rd. pack for $21.37 a box. Excellent ammunition (my AR-15 builds love this stuff) and the brass is Lapua's "top notch brass". Great for reloads.

    1 year ago
    • Eric Hung

      Thanks Jeff, that will help some people. Personally I'm very meh about Sportsman's Guide after a recent terrible customer service experience with them on a FFL purchase.

      1 year ago
  • R. K. Lemke

    An idea to help those new to firearms.....Consider starting a reference list of gunsmiths with comments from users. We all know where to buy a firearm, but not necessarily how to have work done on it.(sights, added rails, etc.) Group list by state, and allow negative as well as positive feedback. Add whether they work on handguns, or long guns - or both. Many don't advertise in Yellow Pages or on-line, yet might be great "smiths" Cheers and thanks for considerations Dick

    1 year ago
    • Eric Hung

      Great suggestion, I know how hard it is to find competent smiths in the area.

      1 year ago
  • Jeff

    I purchased yet another Geissele MK4 15" rail (black) for $216 thru Brownell's. Orig. $300 on sale down to $239 minus another 10% using the "MEF" code = $216. Includes their free S/H of course. Perfect for my next build (conversion of my first generation SA Saint to a low profile rail design).. Thanks for including the "MEF" code for 10% off any order over $50. I had already used their "NAA" code for 10% off any order over $300. Been very happy with Geissele products.

    1 year ago
    • Eric Hung

      Nice buys, Jeff!

      1 year ago
  • Jeff

    I took advantage of Brownell's 10% off any order over $300 with free S/H. Bought a Faxon .223 Wylde 20" flame fluted barrel. Orig. price of $309 for $216 after current sale price plus the 10% off. Picked up a Yankee Hill low profile gas block, rifle length gas tube and a few other items for less that what the barrel would have cost before the sale. I always purchase one box of 9mm ammo so that my order is only eligible for UPS or FedEx delivery. Otherwise it gets turned over to the "mail innovations" and disappears for another 5-6-7 days.

    1 year ago
  • John

    I picked up some Federal .22LR today at Cabelas. 1625 rds & ammo box for $75.

    1 year ago
  • Alan

    Hi and happy-thanksgiving --What s your current thoughts on the resurgent 10 mm handgun and the venerable 458 socom rifle platform?

    2 years ago
    • ehung

      Hi Alan, if your wrists and wallet can handle them...I'd say go for it!

      2 years ago
  • John

    TYVM Eric!

    2 years ago
  • Oswaldo Ruiz

    Buy yourself a reloading kit. Lee makes an almost complete one for less than $200. I make .45acp ammo for 15 cents a round and .223 Remington for 17 cents a round

    2 years ago
    • ehung

      Hi Oswaldo, yup! I buy handgun ammo for my friends to use when they want to shoot my guns. I keep my reloads for myself (just in case they go boom in the wrong way).

      2 years ago
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