Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gun Deals [2017]

Its that time again!

Black Friday may have passed but some deals are still going on…and Cyber Monday is here!

We found guns, ammo, and tons of gear all at ridiculously low prices.  Good luck, happy hunting, and be sure to let us know about any other deals you find in the comments below.

Oh, we’ll also be continuously updating this list from Friday through Monday.

You help us earn a little beer-money in commission when you click our independently chosen links and purchase something.  The price doesn’t change for you but it helps us immensely in keeping the lights on and producing more awesome reviews for you.

Aero Precision

My favorite best bang-for-the-buck AR company has some decent doorbusters and some complete rifles are still in stock.

For Cyber Monday…a killer deal on an upper/lower/LPK (lower parts kit).  Black or FDE.

Aero Cyber Monday
Aero Cyber Monday

It doesn’t have a fire control group (aka trigger) so complete it with the Best AR-15 Triggers.

And also 15% off everything else!  My fav M4E1 16″ Mid-Length is IN stock…check out my full review.

Aero Precision M4E1 with ATLAS Handguards
Aero Precision M4E1 with ATLAS Handguards

There’s also other uppers/lowers for your own AR-15 build and also plenty of larger caliber uppers still in stock.

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

Amazon is beginning to rival if not outright surpass physical stores when it comes to Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals.  Here’s their regular Cyber Monday section but we’ll also cover some gun/outdoors deals below.

$99 for a Ring Doorbell (wifi video) and $85 Anova Sous Vide (best steaks evarrr).

First up, we have some awesome prices on Gerber knives.  If you’re rough on gear, but also on a budget like I am, a $500 knife might not be the best investment.  If that’s the case, or you just want a decent, cheap knife for general use, you’re in luck.

gerber knives amazon black friday
Amazon Black Friday Gerber Knife Deals

The Bushnell TRS-25 is also on sale for $45.  My favorite affordable red dot optic from Best AR-15 Optics.  Make sure to get the medium riser (UTG .83″) if you want co-witness.

Bushnell TRS-25
Bushnell TRS-25

Amazon also has a good price on this Piscifun Tactical Bag.  I actually own one of these, and its held up through my aforementioned gear roughness and its waterproof, so no worries about carrying it through rough conditions.  They make great general gear bags, cycling packs, or minimalist day bags for short hikes.

Piscifun Tactical Bag

Prices accurate at time of writing

3M products are also on sale, which includes this awesome set of electronic ear muffs that are perfect for a day at the range where you want to actually hear what people are saying, or for hunting where you want to hear all the critters that might be out and about.

You can also get this 3m respirator that I told you about in our Intro to Practical Prepping.

3M Respirator

Prices accurate at time of writing

Finally, be sure to check out this First Alert portable pistol case.  It’s reasonably durable, opens easily, and can either be bolted down, or secured with an included wire lock.  These are perfect for transporting a pistol or other small-ish valuables that you don’t need to get to quickly in a vehicle, or even in your home.

first alert pistol safe

Of course, don’t forget to check out all their other Black Friday deals for other stuff you’re looking for, you’ll often catch flash deals on low-priced rifle optics, bags, and other accessories.

And just in…8W Dual Band Two Way Radios from Baofeng.  $45 right now vs ~$80 normally.  Super good reviews but be aware you’ll need a HAM radio license in order to transmit.

Baofeng BF F8HP
Baofeng BF F8HP

Brownell’s Cyber Monday Deals

Brownell’s is basically the Amazon of guns and gun parts, so its no surprise that their Cyber Monday deals are pretty on point too.

Site is kind of slow as of Monday morning…

Coupon Codes (Updated as much as I can):

  • NBB: 11% off and free shipping no minimum (use this one!)
  • MEC: free shipping no minimum
  • MED: $15 off $150 and free shipping
  • NAA: 10% off $300 and free shipping

Massive savings off EOTech with the 10% coupon and $75 manufacturer.  Get the XPS 2-0 (absolute cowitness) for around $337 and the EXPS 2-0 (lower 1/3 cowitness, buttons on side and QD mount) for around $371.  I’ve already got my EXPS on order!

EOTech EXPS 2-0
EOTech EXPS 2-0

Looking for one of the best AR-15 triggers?  Geissele triggers are all on sale.

Geissele Sale
Geissele Sale

Looking to build your own 80% Glock?  Check out Polymer80 and their full-size PF940V2 that is $119 right now (add in that 10% off too) or their compact PF940V1 with different colors and grip textures.  Original was $149.

And everything to finish it.

Grey Ghost Precision 19 with P80 Kit and RMR Mod 2
Grey Ghost Precision 19 with P80 PF940v1 Kit and RMR Mod 2

Next up, we have a pretty awesome deal on just about everything from Magpul.

rownells magpul black friday sales
Brownells Magpul Black Friday Sales

You can never have too many mags, whether you need AR mags, or Glock mags, and Magpul is basically the leader in the industry, so its hard to go wrong here.

Next, for all you AR shooters out there, we have a Rise Armament single-stage trigger that’s perfect for competition or even hunting.  Its an excellent, and relatively cheap, upgrade for the Mil-spec trigger that came in your parts kit.

You can also get some sweet on a DPMS parts kit to round out and builds you might have going.

Finally, be sure to check out their F.A.K.E News section for the most up-to-date sales and deals going on at any give time.  The entertainment you get is free.

Natchez Shooting Supply: Ammo Time!

Natchez  is one of the best places to get shooting supplies from ammo to scopes, so be sure to check their sales if that kinda thing floats your boat.  You can never have too much ammo, especially in winter.  You never know when the White Walkers are gonna cross the big wall in Canada and come take all our syrup, best to be prepared.

The place I’m using to max out my Federal ammo rebates (25% off handgun and 5 cents a round for rifle).

And combine it with essentially 10% off!

Natchez Cyber Monday
Natchez Cyber Monday

In particular, pay special attention to their Swarovski Z3 deal which is just…silly low at almost $150 off.

Not impressed with the ammo?  Check out our recommendations for self-defense and range ammo for the most common calibers in our Ammo & Reloading Guide.

Cabela’s Cyber Monday Deals

Cabela’s is the big brick-and-mortar spot this year for Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals.

Instead of simply Cyber Monday, they have “Cyber Week” Sales.

If you’re reading this from before Friday, you can also go ahead and get in on their Thanksgiving Sale and other Pre-Black Friday deals.

The big one right now is going to be the $175 off an M&P Shield that you can still get.

s&w M&p 45 shield

Plus $348 for a Trijicon RMR.

Trijicon RMR Adjustable LED Reflex Sight

AR-15 Barrels: Faxon & Ballistic Advantage

Faxon has 10% off everything.  I dig their barrels and their lightweight BCG.

Lightweight Build Brigand Arms and Faxon Pencil 14.5 Pinned
Lightweight Build Brigand Arms and Faxon Pencil 14.5 Pinned
Lightweight BCG's
Lightweight BCG’s

Ballistic Advantage also has some great barrels for your build too…what I use in my current competitive rifle.  I like their bundle system of sales.

Ballistic Advantage Bundles
Ballistic Advantage Bundles

Palmetto State Armory Cyber Monday Deals

Palmetto State Armory is one of the best places on the internet to find good deals on gun stuff.  Waiting on their Cyber Monday deals to come up.

Rainier Arms Black Friday Deals

Rainier Arms is one of the best places on the planet to buy your high-end parts for everything from ARs to Glocks.  I have spent…so much of my own money their over the years, and waaaay too much money since I started working here at Pew Pew Tactical.  If my wallet has to suffer SO MUST YOURS, so here’s some of their best Black Friday deals.

rainier arms black friday
If you’re looking for a high end rifle or part for a gun, its probably here, and deeply discounted

First up, since we just talked about 80% lowers, here’s some of the best out there.  These Polymer80 Phoneix ($64.95) lowers are widely regarded as some of the best 80%ers to build with.

If you’re looking for a finished metal lower, you can’t go wrong with these amazing Seekins Precision Lowers ($50 off).  I want one, but my credit card doesn’t so please.  Help me out and buy all of these so its out of stock before I get paid Friday.

seekins sp223
Seekins SP223 Ambi Lower

Next, we have one of my personal favorite Glock triggers, the CMC Drop In replacement trigger ($60 off).

cmc drop in glock trigger
CMC Drop-In Glock Trigger

Let’s end on a high note.  What counts as a high note?  How about a freakin’ flamethrower?  How does that strike you guys?

xm42 flamethrower
xm42 flamethrower

Is it legal where you are? I don’t know, we didn’t cover that in our Gun Laws section.  It sure looks fun though, and if you want to exercise your God-given, constitutionally-protected right to own a flamethrower, you do you.  Just make sure its legal in your state.

Optics Planet Cyber Monday Deals

Optics Planet has released their deals:

Optics Planet 13% Off Red Dots
Optics Planet 13% Off Red Dots

Crossbreed Holsters Deals

Crossbreed Holsters has some really great holsters, duty belts, and other gear (their branded merch is all top-quality as well, so if you’re looking for a new holster, you’re in the right place.  Be sure to check out their excellent IWB holster and Crossover Belt (which I wear often).  From my Best Concealed Carry Holsters article.

crossbreed holsters
Crossbreed Holsters Sale


15% off at

Target Cyber Monday
Target Cyber Monday

Tandemkross Deals

I talked about the Tandemkross Everything Kit awhile back, and oh boy oh boy, its on sale now.

Tandemkross Extended Base Pad
My personal, #Tandemized Browning Buckmark Standard URX

This kit includes everything you need to take a standard Buckmark (they do have other models as well, so really most .22lr handguns) and turn it into something truly special.

Stag Arms

Stag Arms has some great deals, especially uppers for $219 (not including BCG or charging handle).

And 20% off taken in cart for non-sale items!

Also great options for lefties and 9mm rifles/uppers.

Stag Arms 2L Left-Handed AR
Stag Arms 2L Left-Handed AR

SlideFire Bumpfire Stocks

They have limited quantities available but as of Monday their MOD bumpfire stocks ($329) and OGR stocks ($179) are in stock.  If you can add to cart it is in stock.

Slidefire SSAR15 MOD Stock
Slidefire SSAR15 MOD Stock


Looking for some AR500 steel targets?  25% off everything at with code BF2017.

ShootSteel Cyber Monday
ShootSteel Cyber Monday

AR500 Armor

If you need a bullet-resistant vest or plate carrier (Who doesn’t?) AR500 is the place to go.  They have far and away the best prices on plates, and with six months to pay, can you really afford not to be armored up?  Great bundle deals going on right now.

I cover all the types and cuts of armor in my AR500 Armor Review.

AR500 Armor, Testudo and Micro Carriers
AR500 Armor, Testudo and Micro Carriers

Parting Shots

Alright, thanks for sticking with us, and happy hunting.  Like I said, we’ll be updating this as the sales go on, and be sure to let us know in the comments if you find an awesome deal we haven’t mentioned so others can save too.  Thanks, and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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So far this shopping weekend best deals on All the other sites were a poof.


Sportsman’s Guide, of Minnesota, has some really good prices on ammunition plus a free S/H code (SH2615). I’ve been purchasing multiple boxes of Lapua .223 in the 50 rd. pack for $21.37 a box. Excellent ammunition (my AR-15 builds love this stuff) and the brass is Lapua’s “top notch brass”. Great for reloads.

Eric Hung

Thanks Jeff, that will help some people. Personally I’m very meh about Sportsman’s Guide after a recent terrible customer service experience with them on a FFL purchase.

R. K. Lemke

An idea to help those new to firearms…..Consider starting a reference list of gunsmiths with comments from users. We all know where to buy a firearm, but not necessarily how to have work done on it.(sights, added rails, etc.) Group list by state, and allow negative as well as positive feedback. Add whether they work on handguns, or long guns – or both. Many don’t advertise in Yellow Pages or on-line, yet might be great “smiths”

Cheers and thanks for considerations


Eric Hung

Great suggestion, I know how hard it is to find competent smiths in the area.


I purchased yet another Geissele MK4 15″ rail (black) for $216 thru Brownell’s. Orig. $300 on sale down to $239 minus another 10% using the “MEF” code = $216. Includes their free S/H of course. Perfect for my next build (conversion of my first generation SA Saint to a low profile rail design).. Thanks for including the “MEF” code for 10% off any order over $50. I had already used their “NAA” code for 10% off any order over $300. Been very happy with Geissele products.

Eric Hung

Nice buys, Jeff!

I took advantage of Brownell’s 10% off any order over $300 with free S/H. Bought a Faxon .223 Wylde 20″ flame fluted barrel. Orig. price of $309 for $216 after current sale price plus the 10% off. Picked up a Yankee Hill low profile gas block, rifle length gas tube and a few other items for less that what the barrel would have cost before the sale. I always purchase one box of 9mm ammo so that my order is only eligible for UPS or FedEx delivery. Otherwise it gets turned over to the “mail innovations” and disappears for another… Read more »