[Review+Video] Taurus G3C: Ditch Your G2C?

Everyone has some bias when it comes to firearm brands and models.

Due to past disappointments, we’re a little jaded when it comes to the Taurus brand. Truth hurts, but there you have it.

But we do our best to approach every review with an open mind because sometimes we get taken by surprise.

Taurus G3C and some rusty stuff
Taurus G3C

And you know what? The Taurus G3C is one of those times. It’s a compact, affordable, concealed carry weapon (CCW) with some nice improvements over its predecessor.

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Specs And Features

Okay, so most of the specs are basically the same as the G2C (full review here); the differences are more in the details, and that is where the G3C really shines.

Length6.25 in
6.3 in
Height5 in5.1 in
Width1.25 in1.2 in
Weight21.15 oz22 oz
Barrel3.25 in3.2 in

Besides the basic specs, the G3C has some nice pluses going for it. First off, you get THREE magazines in the box. That is unheard of, and we love it.

The updated Taurus also rocks front slide serrations and a slightly redesigned magazine well, providing you a place to grip and rip magazines as needed.

Taurus G3C Three magazines
Three magazines. Hell ya!

But the sights are the most notable change. Gone are the annoying plastic sights of the G2C!

Taurus G2C sights
Taurus G2C Sights

Now you get metal front and rear sights via the 1 dot front post and a black box rear sight.

The best part is that they are Glock sight compatible, so if you don’t like the stock Taurus sights, you can upgrade them with ease.

And to those of you concerned about safety mechanisms? Well, you have a lot of them on the G3C. The trigger safety dongle, striker block, loaded chamber indicator, and manual safety come standard.

at Palmetto State Armory

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing


There are a few small changes that improved the G3C’s overall design.

Maybe not enough to justify ditching your G2C, but there’s no doubt that these little tweaks will make the G3C a much stronger contender in the CCW world.

Taurus G2C and chips
Taurus G2C and Chips

Again, the specs for the G3C are basically the same as the G2C, with some cool additions like the slide serrations, mag well, and the sights. But that’s about where it ends.

Something to note: The magazines are interchangeable. The G3C can even take P226 mags if that’s what you’re into! Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of the slides.

G3C in holster
G3C in a Crossbreed Holster

Some G2C holsters work for the G3C, but not all of them. At this point, finding the perfect fit may be a guessing game until more G3C owners play the trial and error game.

In general, G2C holsters made from leather should work since the material is more forgiving to the minor changes between the two designs. Kydex holsters…are iffy.

at Crossbreed

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

At The Range

Johnny took the G3C out to the range for some major fun and plinking. He also invited Uncle Ricky along for the trip!

The G3C ran perfectly with several types of ammo. This firearm seems to be just as reliable—and possible even more reliable—than the G2C, which is a critical element if you plan on using this gun for self-defense or home defense.

Center mass shots at 7 yards was an easy task, but keep in mind that the G3C is a compact CCW gun, so you won’t have a lot of luck at extended ranges.

For close defense, though, the G3C nails it.

Oh, and the handling is great! The G3C’s grip is extra grippy, and the controls are well placed and easy to work with.

Taurus G3C on the farms
Very gripy grip!

A super long trigger acts as an extra layer of protection and safety, but the reset is short and crisp, making follow-up shots fast and on target.

While the manual safety is easy to flick off and on, we’re not crazy about there being one at all. There is such a thing as making a gun too safe.


The aforementioned manual safety is one.

Besides that, this is a really solid gun. Taurus has a long history of designing and manufacturing some mediocre pistols. But the G2C and G3C have really set the stage for this company to make a comeback as a respectable brand.  

Taurus G3C Extra mags

Taurus has every right to be proud of the G3C. It’s a budget CCW that runs, runs well, and is actually nice to shoot.

By The Numbers

Reliability: 4.5/5

Range day opened with one forgivable hiccup. But after that? Perfection. 

Ergonomics: 4/5

Controls are in the right place. Great grip. Sits low in the hand and feels good. 

Taurus G3C home grown
Taurus G3C and some home-grown tomatoes. We’re classy.

Accuracy: 4/5

Not a nail-driver, but it does what it is supposed to do. This gun could serve you well if you find yourself in need of a dependable CCW.

Taurus G3C 7-yard group
7-yard group

Customization: 2/5

Has a little rail. And maybe you could paint the bull on the grip?

Value: 4/5

Good value, especially with the three mags. 

at Palmetto State Armory

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Overall: 4/5

Taurus is providing reliable personal protection to a lot of folks who may be on a budget. Their G3C is a solid and cost-effective offering in a fairly saturated market.


The G3C delivers as a reliable, ergonomic, and economic CCW for the average person. A dependable CCW is always a great self-defense item to have on hand and getting one within your budget is always a perk. The G3C also gives users an upgraded experience over the older G2C.

We’re very excited to see what Taurus will come out with next, and highly recommend their G3C!

Taurus G3C Uncle Ricky
Uncle Ricky approved!

What is your take on the G3C? Can it live up to the G2C? Can Taurus become a super respected name like Glock? Let us know in the comments!

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15 Leave a Reply

  • Fyrfytr998

    I love that Taurus is stepping their game up for entry level guns with decent quality. For my tastes though, I need aftermarket support. I'm not one to leave a gun stock after a bit. Besides reliability, Glock's biggest advantage is aftermarket support. Sig is finally jumping on that bandwagon with the custom P320/365 lines.

    3 weeks ago
  • KO

    I pocket-carried a TCP-738 .380 for years. I would routinely pull it out at the range, pocket lint, under oiled and all and it worked perfectly...until it didnt...at around 1000 rounds, the trigger pull stacked up super firm and it wouldn't fire, and would sometimes fire on release. Not exactly a clearable malfunction. Sent it back to Taurus, got a message saying there was nothing wrong with it. When it came back 2 months later it worked like new. Perhaps a UPS fairy gunsmithed the trigger mechanism. Shot another few hundreds rounds flawlessly, carried for awhile but never really trusted it, so then switched to a P365 which has been perfect since day one. Would I recommend or sell my now "perfectly reliable" Taurus to a friend, newbie or anyone else? No. So it sits in the safe and only comes out when a newb wants to learn about the different sizes and styles of carry options. Bring on the 10k round torture test and I'll revisit. Chuck, below, nailed it...an hour or two at the range every year is not enough, 2-4 days of all-day shooting is needed to really test a firearm's mettle.

    3 weeks ago
  • Paul Sarrategui

    I liked the Taurus G3C review and the 3 mags DOES sound great in the fact that they hold 12 rounds is even better, i have always been interested in the Taurus Judge but never purchased one, but I just might go out a get the G3C for my wife and get myself a Judge. thank you.

    3 weeks ago
    • Scott Reed

      From what I have heard the Judge breaks a lot, and the Taurus customer service and repair response times are horrible. They have a huge backlog and people have been waiting months for the Judges to be repaired. You might want to check on whether that has changed before you buy a Judge. But I own a G2C and love it. It's a solid gun. I've run about 500 rounds through it before the pandemic, and it was a rental at the range I go to before that.

      3 weeks ago
  • Randy Jones

    Actually, I've never had a bad Taurus. The only slow service I've had with them was during the move to Georgia, then the parts I ordered came right through. I have several and have found the PT1911s to be every bit as accurate as my Kimber that cost over twice as much. The PT92 is every bit as dependable and accurate as the Berretta. Toss some oversized grips on them and you're good to go. (But I put oversized grips on everything.)

    3 weeks ago
  • wmg1299

    Couldn't agree more about 3 magazines being an excellent feature. I'm always put off whenever manufacturers make an entry-level or lower priced version of a flagship gun, but only include one magazine. My biggest issue with the one or two magazine practice is not the price of additional mags, its that mags for new models can be difficult to come by. I remember owning a Glock 43X for quite some time before additional magazines were readily available in stores. I'm not a huge Taurus fan, but I give them credit for this feature.

    3 weeks ago
  • Chuck

    I do not like reviews like this because they focus on features and such but not true quality and durability. I teach concealed carry classes that have two four hours shooting sessions. It is rare for a Taurus to last the whole class. I once asked a group of trainers who primarily teach longer format classes of four and five days if they had ever had a Taurus of any kind last the whole glass. None had. They use poor metalurgy and have poor quality control. Spend the extra hundred dollars or so and get something that will last. I hate it when I see somebody show up with a Taurus or SCCY pistol. I've had some not last 50 rounds before going down.

    3 weeks ago
  • VR

    I have a Taurus PT111 Millenium. Does anyone know where I can find magazines? Yes the old Millenium

    3 weeks ago
    • Joubert

      It seems the G2C magazine is compatible with the PT111. Try to find someone who has a G2C and test it. Regards.

      3 weeks ago
  • Robert W Batchelor

    Just got mine. Can't wait to go to the range to try it out. I was going to get the G2C but after seeing some other reviews that compared the two, I went with the G3C.

    3 weeks ago
  • Thomas Hansen

    My grandson needed a pistol for home defense so I gave him my G2S which has flawlessly shot over 1,000 rounds in weather from 35 to 95 degrees. Used factory but mostly reloaded ammo. Thumbs up across the board. I bought the G3C & out of 250 rounds only one hiccup, all reloaded ammo. Pretty decent grouping, center mass at 7 yards. I fully expect to have the same great success as I did the G2S! Taurus has definitely upped their game. PS Say what you want about having a safety....I like & have no problems with having one on mine.

    3 weeks ago
  • Stan

    Well Johnny I am a first time visitor and the review was ok. Here is what you missed; 1. The G2c has a tactile chamber indicator. A Witness hole is useless in the dark. 2. Not much difference in the triggers, double strike capability is paramount. 3. Sights on the G2c are adjustable and plastic a + and -. Can alway drift in another rear sight. 4. Having two or three magazines is only handy if you are at the range, If you need 3 mags you must be signing up for the USMC and getting ready to Deploy. If not you are living in the wrong neighborhood. 5. For the money the G2c is a better deal and either pistol from Taurus has really jumped into this market area and is all but leading the Pack for my 2 cents.

    3 weeks ago
  • Bill Kaiser

    Just bought one: and out of the box shot a match with it no problems at all just more reloads than the guys with their full size extended magazine guns. I used a leather Glock sized belt slide holster worked fine. A good shooter.

    3 weeks ago
    • Jeremy Henderson

      Need bullet

      3 weeks ago
      • mike

        buy bullet

        3 weeks ago
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