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How to Build an AR-15 Upper Receiver: Ultimate Visual Guide

AR-15 Upper Receiver Parts

So you want to build your own AR-15 upper receiver? We’ll make it quick and painless for you with photos detailing every single step and tips/tricks we’ve learned through many builds.  Plus, learn why we chose each individual part and which tools are really necessary for a successful build. We’ll go through two …

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How to Build an AR-15 Lower Receiver: Ultimate Visual Guide

All AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts

There’s nothing like assembling your own AR-15 lower receiver for personal satisfaction and customization.  I’ll guide you through everything with minimal tools and tons of tips I’ve learned the hard way! So get ready for A LOT of pictures that will make building your lower a breeze.  Plus a bonus of …

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How to Pin a Collapsible Stock

Drill Through Stock and Buffer Tube

Learn how to easily pin a collapsible stock to satisfy the Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) criteria with a drill, roll pin, and epoxy. Note the disclaimer that this is for educational purposes only and that you should double-check all laws surrounding this. Tools Needed Drill & Bits: Hopefully you have …

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How to Install the Magpul BAD Lever

Assembled BAD Lever

Learn how to quickly install the Magpul Bad Lever which helps you manipulate the bolt catch with just your right hand.  Reload faster and lock your bolt more easily with this AR-15 upgrade. Tools Needed Magpul BAD Lever ($30): Installed on every single one of my lowers.  It drastically lowers …

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