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Steel Media Tumbling On the Cheap Guide

Super Shiny Brass

There’s nothing like reloading with nice shiny brass. There’s a certain sparkle to it that, once reloaded, just screams “job well done.” Like most, I had started my reloading adventure with a vibrating tumbler and corn media.  It came in a nice, inexpensive kit with a bucket and separator device …

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Riton Mod 5 1-4x Scope Review

Scope Comparison 1x

Looking for the best 3-Gun rifle scope? The Riton Mod 5 1-4x24mm scope isn’t it. But it does have some kick-ass features that are geared towards hunters that need to work in short distances with varying light.  And at a reasonable price. First Impressions I was asked to do a review on …

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Guide to Rifle Actions: Break, Bolt, Pump, Lever, & Semi

Terminator 2 Lever Action Shotgun

When someone asks me, “What kind of action do you want?” I usually reply with, “A redhead!”  Ba-da-dum-TISH! But when it comes to rifles, an action defines the firearm and is a big player when it comes to the rifle’s strengths and weaknesses.  It is the part of the gun …

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Ruger American Ultimate Review

Ruger American with Scope Package

Whether or not to buy the Ruger American Rifle came down to a coin flip for me.  See why I chose it and how it delivers! Introduction A few months ago I was overcome with two distinct itches.  One was to buy a new gun and the other was to …

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The Top 10 Movie Guns

Minigun in Predator

What is it about Hollywood and guns? I don’t think there’s any entity out there that can create a desire for a particular firearm more than putting it in the forefront of an awesome movie.  It doesn’t matter if it’s real or not, if it’s awesome enough in the film, …

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