Beginner’s Guide to Guns

Firearms education is crucial for beginners.  So we’ve come up with the lessons below filled with tons of videos, pictures, and corny jokes.

Chapter 1

Introduction to Guns

The most important stuff…if you get anything out of this series…please read the 4 Firearm Safety Rules.

Chapter 2

Shooting Fundamentals

We’ll walk you through the fundamentals of stance, grip, trigger pull, and more so you have some idea of how to shoot a gun at the range.

Chapter 3

How to Shoot a Gun

Chances are you’ll probably head to the shooting range first before deciding on a gun.  We’ll start with what to expect and then how to shoot the most common types of firearms out there.

Chapter 4

Recommended Firearms

Now that you’ve shot some guns…we’ll walk you through some of our favorite beginner firearms.  For more in-depth coverage, check out our Gun & Gear Reviews section.

Chapter 5

Ammo, Tools, & Gear

All the stuff you’ll need to clean, shoot, and have a safe/fun time at the range and at home.  Find out more specific info in our DIY Gunsmithing and Gun & Gear Reviews sections.

Chapter 6

Shooting Better

Once you’ve got the basics down…we’ll help you shoot better groups at a faster pace.

Chapter 7

Concealed Carry

Looking to concealed carry? We have a dedicated Ultimate Guide for it. But here are our top articles.

Chapter 8

Competitive Shooting

Tired of shooting at static targets at the range?  How about some running and gunning with some fast-paced shooting competitions?  We’ve got you covered from an overview of different types of competitions to the essential gear you’ll need to rank highly.

Chapter 9


We cover everything about reloading your own ammunition in our Ammo & Reloading section, but these quick guides will give you a glimpse into what it takes.

Chapter 10


Everything to get started hunting…from where to hunt to the best hunting firearms and how to build up the perfect hunting load.