[Review] Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic): Best Red Dot?

Need a rock solid optic for your go-to rifle?

Aimpoint’s Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) is our favorite pick when you need a bomb-proof red dot that can stay on for 3 years on one battery.

We tested one for hundreds of rounds…plus remounted it a couple of times to see any shift.  And of course you know me…beat it with a hammer about 25 times in all directions.

If you can afford the ~$400 price tag…it’s what we totally recommend for an optic that just won’t quit.  If that’s a little too much for now…check out our Best Red Dots Under $200.

Now…let’s learn about red dots, see some views through the PRO, accuracy testing, torture testing, and comparisons with other red dots.

Why Red Dots Rule

Super quick primer on why red dots are awesome…

  1. Unlimited Eye Relief: There’s no set distance you need to keep your eyeball to see the dot.
  2. Parallax Free: Move your head around…and the dot moves with you so it’s always on the target.
  3. Keep Both Eyes Open: Now you get a full field of view while superimposing the red dot on target.
  4. Cowitness: Got irons?  You can set an absolute cowitness (dot matches with your irons) or lower 1/3 cowitness to see the the dot easier.
Co-Witness, Absolute vs Lower Third
Co-Witness, Absolute vs Lower Third, progunfighter.com

Views Through the Aimpoint PRO

Ok, so red dots are nifty…but how does it look like through the PRO?

It was pretty hard to get a picture to represent what my actual eye was seeing…but in real life I’d say the dot is crisper and the green hue is less noticeable.

How about with a 3x magnifier in front using the Vortex winner from Best 3x Magnifiers?

Aimpoint PRO, 3x Precision Dot
Aimpoint PRO, 3x Precision Dot

I kept the dot small (less bright option) for when I was testing for accuracy.  But here it is amped up a little.

Aimpoint PRO, 3x Brighter Dot
Aimpoint PRO, 3x Brighter Dot

It was a bright day but not SUPER bright…so this was one or two brightness levels from the max setting.  If you were to crank it up to the max without being in direct extreme sunlight you will see a red halo on the sides.

Accuracy Testing

It depends on your end goal, but for most red dots are meant for closeup encounters.

I put a target out to 50 yards and zeroed in with my best-bang-for-the-buck pencil Aero Precision Upper (full review) that does about 2-3 MOA (2-3 inches at 100 yards).

Aimpoint 50 Yard Target
Aimpoint 50 Yard Target

Same rig as how I test my uppers and barrels.  Heavy benchrest and nice Hiperfire trigger.

Aimpoint PRO Testing
Aimpoint PRO Testing

How did it do with some of my favorite ammo (Best AR-15 Ammo for Self-Defense & Range Plinking) at 1x and 3x magnification?

Aimpoint: Wolf and PMC, 1x vs 3x at 50 Yards
Aimpoint: Wolf and PMC, 1x vs 3x at 50 Yards

I shot these at reasonable speed (one every 3-5 seconds) and here are my takeaways:

  • PMC is more accurate than Wolf…like my previous review of the upper showed
  • 1x is less accurate than 3x (duh)
  • But still plenty accurate for minute of bad-guy or even clay targets at a competition

Now how about taking the optic on and off a couple times?

The Aimpoint PRO comes with a big although incredibly useful knob that auto-torques…so you only need your hands to take it on and off.

Aimpoint PRO Knob
Aimpoint PRO Knob

I took the optic off and on a couple of times, and made sure to always press the optic forward when I remounted.  That way it’s more the same each time and to prevent recoil movement.

Aimpoint PRO Remounted
Aimpoint PRO Remounted

I shot with the 3x magnifier so it was a little more accurate and we could see the shift.

The optic is rated to 4 MOA shift and I believe the results are well within spec.  And in this case actually made it more on target, lol.

Torture Testing

Aimpoint sent me the PRO to test…but with the caveat that I gotta give it away to a lucky reader in the future.

So I didn’t go full-blown torture testing.

I used a relatively heavy plastic hammer and hit it 5 times from each side (front, back, left, right, top).  I realized I missed some direct hits in the front so I added a few more for good measure.

Wish I panned around to see the faces of the people that watched me bash a $400 optic.

Here are the results of the shift:

Aimpoint PRO, Remounting and Smash
Aimpoint PRO, Remounting and Smash

The hammer testing was after re-mounting so the best comparison is F vs G.  There’s definitely some shift but again this falls within the 4 MOA spec.

And I feel it was a good amount of jostling around…if you drop your gun or bang it into an obstacle…it should be way under what I put the optic through.

Passes in my book.  And is unscathed for a future lucky reader except for some plastic knicks on the lens covers.

Aimpoint PRO vs Others

With a street price of ~$430…what makes the Aimpoint better or worse than other red dots out there?

I compared it to my old faithful Comp ML3…the PRO’s beefier, more expensive (~$600), but discontinued cousin.

Aimpoint Comp ML3
Aimpoint Comp ML3

The green hue is a little less in this picture.  At 3x here is the view:

Aimpoint Comp ML3 3x
Aimpoint Comp ML3 3x

Dot is lower since the mount I have is a little higher than the PRO.  In reality…the green hue isn’t as big a difference as it seems in these pics.

So…what’s the main difference?

From what I could gather…the Aimpoint PRO is more affordable since it has a slightly less battery life (30K hours) compared to the current Aimpoint Comp M4 (80K hours) and its housing is a little less strong (forged vs extruded aluminum).  Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Here are the specs so you can see if it meets your temperature and water submersion requirements.  See the rest at Aimpoint:

  • Battery: 3v lithium (an odder 2L76 or DL1/3N)
  • Weight: 11.6 oz (with lens covers, mount, spacer)
  • 30K hours of continuous use on position 7 of 10)
  • 2 MOA red dot
  • Night vision compatible
  • -49 to 160 degrees F operating range
  • 150 feet water submersion

But what about vs Under $200 Red Dots?

Best Budget Red Dots
Best Budget Red Dots

You get the name, 10 year warranty, and much better impact/submersion/battery-life.  Plus clearer glass and less distortion.

I’m willing to look past the relatively heavy weight (11.6 oz) and oddball battery.

If you’re looking for a red dot on a plinking rifle or an occasional competition?  You can’t go wrong with budget versions.

But if you’re looking at something where you can’t have it fail (home defense or patrol)…I’d take a serious look at the PRO.


Like I just said above…if you need an optic on a life-saving firearm…I would suggest the Aimpoint PRO.  Unless you are willing to spring for the Comp M4 at $900…it’s one of the best deals for something tested and nearly bomb-proof.

Did you end up going with the PRO…or did you get something else?  Let me know in comments below.

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Rick Lunsford
Rick Lunsford

What 3X magnifier are you using? (Like the one shown in the first picture)

David, PPT Editor

Just put the AimPoint PRO on my new Daniel Defense M4V11 LW. Love it! Nice tight groups at 50 yards. Will check it at 100 yards today. Can’t go wrong


If you are willing to be patient and put in some time, ebay has used compM4 usually from between $350 and $500 depending on condition. Since most were bought by armchair Rambo’s that get buyers remorse, most are in excellent condition. I got one, looks new for $400. Just be sure to know what you are looking at to avoid knock-offs

Christopher R Tune
Christopher R Tune

I’d echo what so many in comments are saying: The Aimpoint PRO is a very good choice for a Red Dot type sight (fantastic battery life, easy to use, rugged beyond belief, keeps a zero well). One thing to note: You may not see the dot as a smooth small circular dot, but as a fuzzy quasi-dot like object. It turns out that the laser generated dot is very fine (1 MOA or less) and typical adult eyes often have flaws that cause an object like that to have a persistent fuzziness around the exterior. The way to test this… Read more »


I also got the Aimpoint PRO after speaking with several people who all know a lot more than I do about this stuff. Good review. Thanks!

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