Memorial Day Gun Deals [2019]: Updates Through Monday

Here they are…our handpicked Memorial Day deals for 2019!

We got all our favorite retailers’ deals but we’ll keep checking through today to see if there’s more.

hello freedom

Aero Precision

SITEWIDE 15% off! Ends May 28th.

Items are going out of stock FAST so buy now or miss out!

Editor's Pick Upper Receiver
at Aero Precision

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

They also have limited amounts of AWESOME bundle deals – like an M5 AR-10 Upper + .308 BCG + 7.62 Epsilon Muzzle Device for only $340!

Aero deal

Palmetto State Armory

Ammo, Glock and AR Magazines, even complete firearms like the Mossberg 590, to PSA branded AR-15s, AR-10s, and AR-Pistols PSA has a huge Memorial day sale going on!  See all their deals HERE.

Our special picks:

PSA 16″ M4 Carbine Length 5.56 NATO Freedom Rifle Kit – $260

freedom kit

Throw in a stripped lower for $39 and you’ve got a complete rifle for $300!!

We now live in a world where AR-15s are cheaper than Mosin-Nagants…think about that for a second.

And hot on the heels of our PSA Rifle Review…one of my favorites.

PSA 5.56 & .223 Wylde
PSA 5.56 & .223 Wylde

PSA PA-15 16″ Nitride M4 Carbine 5.56 NATO w/ 13.5″ M-LOK Rail – $470

Great rifle that is built and ready for the range!

Ruger PC Carbine 9mm – $450

Ruger Takedown PC Carbine

Awesome 9mm PCC for a great price made even better with this Memorial Day Sale!

Primary Arms

MASSIVE sale going on everything from Aimpoint to complete uppers! Just a couple of the best deals we saw:

Raise Armament Primary Arms Exclusive AR15/AR10 Single Stage Super Sporting Trigger – $99

Walker’s RAzor Slim Electronic Muffs – $36



Huge sale in full swing now at Brownells!

Get Brownells branded BCGs, retro rifles, AR-180 Uppers and more.

Plus they have sales on Rise Armament, Vortex, Aero Precision, Geissele, and a lot more!

Brownells Logo


Huge “Summer Sale” at Cabelas right now, the firearms sales are a bit lite this year – but they have some killer deals in other departments!


Wide selection of non-firearm/shoot sports items on sale:

at Cabelas

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

From fishing, to kayaking, to shooting sports and hunting – Cabelas has it all!


One of my favorite manufacturers…as seen in my review of their 14.5″ pinned pencil barrel and lightweight BCGis now running one of my favorite Memorial Day Deals.  They’ve got 10% off everything and even 25% off for military and first responders.

Lightweight Build Brigand Arms and Faxon Pencil 14.5 Pinned
Lightweight Build Brigand Arms and Faxon Pencil 14.5 Pinned

AR500 Armor

No Memorial Day Sales yet, but last year they offered 25% off SITEWIDE so we’re keeping an eye on them.

Our pick would be the Veritas Level IV (highest)

Check out our full review (where we shoot them with everything from 9mm through 30.06 armor piercing rounds).

Geissele Automatics

20% off many products on their site, other great offers like a free Super Precision mount with the purchase of an Aimpoint Optic.

Some offers are the lowest I’ve seen, some are slightly higher than other offers like Brownells for the SSA-E Trigger. Worth checking out though!

Optics Planet

Grab a cool 10% off sitewide right now with code “MEMTEN“!

You can get a Holosun 510c for just $270 (normally $360) right now with that code! This is just one of a LOT of great deals they have going on so take a look!

holosun fde
Holosun 510c FDE

Shoot Steel

Use code “MEM20” for 20% everything!

Take a look at our complete hands-on review of the Shoot Steel targets! Spoiler alert: they are awesome.

ShootSteel (8)

SecureIt Gun Storage

Get 10% off SITEWIDE right now with code “USA2019

SecureIt Agile 52, Open
SecureIt Agile 52, Open

Unlike other safes which are a hassle to install…the Agile comes flat-packed (so you can get it into your room) and all assembly is internal.

One of our favorites from our Best Gun Safes article…and we have a comprehensive review coming soon.  Spoiler…we love it.

Wise Company

It’s never a bad time to stock up on survival food! Wise Company is running a HUGE Memorial Day sale on everything from their Camping & Backpacking kits to their End of the World 3-Month Supply Buckets.

Wise Food Supply

Great for camping trips, prepping, or just being ready in case there is a fire or earthquake and you need to rely on yourself for a few days. Best of all? These actually taste like real food (unlike most other prepper foods)!

Resurgent Arms

15% off everything on the site! Use code “memorial2019” and grab some awesome grips, safeties, or endplates!

Resurgent Arms Grip
Resurgent Arms Grip

Their V2 Extended Safeties are also now shipping! Read more about them and other awesome CA grip options in the Best AR/AK Featureless Grip review!

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  • JDT

    2019 and we now can build an AR15 for $299.99. God Bless America and thank you to all those who gave their lives fighting for our freedom to make it possible.

    2 months ago
    • Steve

      AMEN! I second!✊

      2 months ago
  • David Schlegel

    Plight is having a Flash Sale today, May 24

    2 months ago
  • Terp

    I am SOOOOO glad you recycled this page this year...clicked-through to Geissele to see precisely what time the sale will start (usually midnight), and was surprised to see it already started!!! Early bird gets the now sold-old mounts and a new trigger! :)

    2 months ago
  • Scott

    Primary Arms has or had the best sale on high end parts I’ve ever seen. Bar none. Even emailed them and wished I’d been more prepared. Prices were truly slashed on the good stuff. Among others things I picked up a ballistic advantage 5.56 barrel for 69 bucks. It is a 1 in 9 twist mid length 16 inch so coyotes beware. I will try it with heavier rounds just to see how it does.

    1 year ago
  • Notalima

    Flash Cans at Primary Arms: $10 for micros $14 for 'standard' $16 for extended

    1 year ago
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