Best Labor Day Gun Sales [2018]

Labor day is one of the biggest gun-buying days of the year (behind 4th of July, and Christmas).

We’ve hand-picked some of the best deals from our favorite retailers so you can snag some cool toys you’ve been eyeing.  We know we will!

We’ll be updating all the way through Monday for the best deals.

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Aero Precision

aero labor day sale picture 2018

Alright, full disclosure, we love Aero Precision.

From their uppers we reviewed to their awesome .308 rifle, and the new Glock Slides they are producing in partnership with Grey Ghost Precision. Aero Precision makes outstanding products, period.

This Labor Day they are offering 15% off STOREWIDE plus 20-25% off on specific items. No codes needed, discount applied at checkout.

I would highly recommend checking out their Complete Uppers on sale for 25% off and their Scope Mounts for 20% off!


Okay, this is the big one, the king of Labor Day gun sales.

Offering insane deals on Rise Armament TriggersAero PrecisionEOTechGeisselePolymer80, and a lot more!

Some of the best deals include the Geissele Super Charging Handles for $70 or Geissele triggers for under $190!

Brownells AR-15 Gen 2 M-LOK Complete Upper Receiver only $265!

If you’re interested in building a complete Polymer80 Glock, you’ll want to take a look at our Build and Review Guide!

Palmetto State Armory

PSA is another one of those places that have a little bit of everything, from fully built rifles to the most obscure parts. For their Labor Day sale, they have a ton of their own products on sale along with a great selection of optics, ammo, other firearms, and a lot more!

Here is a VERY small sampling:

Don’t forget to check out our reviews of the PSA 6.5 Creedmoor AR-10, PSA .224 Valkyrie Upper, PSA AR-10 in .308  Win, PX-9 9mm PCCand the PSA AR-15 Rifles!

Primary Arms

Doesn’t look like PA optics are on sale right now, but they do have a decent selection of other AR parts, gear, and equipment!


cabelas labor day 2018

Cabela’s may not have the deepest discounts…but they do have every freaking thing under the sun.  Guns, ammo…you name it, you can find it.  Make sure you check here if you can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere.

Rainer Arms

Finally back in stock – Rainer Arms Mountian stripped upper receiver groups with CHF barrels! These won’t last the way they sell so grab it soon! Avalible in 16″ and 18″ for only $299!

Rainier Arms Mountain

Another great deal this Labor Day from Rainier is a Trojan Firearms 9mm Glock AR-15!

Check out Rainier Arms for more awesome deals!

Faxon Firearms

Faxon’s sale this year isn’t mind-blowing, but it does shave off a decent amount on most of their catalog. Free shipping on barrels PLUS 10% off most items is a solid savings!

Faxon Streamline Carbon

Part of their Labor Day sale is their Carbon Fiber handguards, we’re in the process of reviewing them but so far have been awesome. These rarely go on sale so now is a great time to grab one!

We’ve also reviewed their Pencil Profile Barrels and their Glock Barrels. All have been impressive!

AR500 Armor

A major producer of amazing armor and armor carriers, they have a rocking sale going on offering 50% or more off several armory/carrier combos!

They are also taking pre-orders for a whole new line of carriers and gear, including their Space Force: Mars Testudo – Gen 2 Plate Carrier (We’re not joking, they really are!).

Take a look at our complete review of their armor and carriers!

Shoot Steel

25% off ALL products over at Shootsteel! Add to cart and use code “LD2018“.

Perfect time to get anything from a Speed Popper:

To a complete Rack of targets!



Amazon might be getting a bad rap right now for its labor practices…but here’s our picks.

299 Piece First Aid Kit for $14.88

Pac-Kit 299 Piece
Pac-Kit 299 Piece

I’m picking up one for the office to swap out my old kit.

Decent sales on Pelican hard cases for your guns/cameras.  The 1510 is the perfect max size for a carry-on!

Pelican 1510
Pelican 1510

See the rest of the sales here.  Decent sales on Amazon branded electronics but nothing like their Cyber Monday ones.


Know of any other good Labor Day guns and outdoor sales?  Let us know in the comments so others can save too!  Or check out our all-time favorite guns and gear in Editor’s Picks.

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  • Josh O

    Primary Arms has their MD-RBGII Primary Arms Micro Dot With Removable Base back in stock, best red dot for $90, just picked one up!

    8 months ago
  • Mike2

    AR500 took my money with pleasure. Thanks for the deals!

    8 months ago
  • mike

    I Hate auto correct, from Pew pew

    1 year ago
  • mike

    very informative ,as usual from peeped tactical

    1 year ago
    • Red

      Peeping Tom Tactical?

      8 months ago
  • EZ262

    Aero Precision doesn't only make a good lower, their upper is the strongest available. Many people label it the best upper on the market. Revolutionary for sure..

    1 year ago
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