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Top 5 Best .380 Pistols for Concealed Carry: 2016

Ruger LCP II

Can a .380 ACP pistol save your life? These “pocket rockets” have the ability to conceal well but also are plagued by limited ammo and doubts of stopping power. We’ll go over what’s fact and what’s fiction. And help you choose the best .380 ACP pistol for self defense and …

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Private Sales of Firearms for Beginners

Background Check Laws by State,

“Selling a firearm privately should be illegal!”  “Only criminals buy their firearms from private sales.” Is any of this true?  No, not even close. As a firearms shooter, and collector my tastes and needs have changed over time.  I’ve seen this happen with almost all gun owners. Sometimes a gun …

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Best AR-15 Lower Receiver for Any Budget: 2016

Skeletonized AR-15 Lower

Why are some AR-15 lower receivers $45 and some $200? How do I know what’s the best for me? It’s not as intimidating as it seems, so don’t worry! We’re going to cover the differences in manufacturing, materials, and weight to help you pick the best lower for your budget …

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Black Friday Deals I’m Buying Myself

American Eagle .45 ACP and Ammo Box

What are the best Black Friday firearm/ammo deals this year? There’s a lot but these are the ones I’m actually getting for myself. Ammo 1. Remington 9mm 115 gr Ammo for 14 cents each You’ll be paying $11.99 a box but Remington is offering $5 rebates a box up to 40 …

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4 Most Effective Military and Police Qualifying Shoots


Do you want to be a better shooter? Of course you do.  We all do. Shooting skills are something we all attempt to improve continually.  There is no perfect shooter or someone with no room for improvement.  Even the famed Jerry Miculek is also attempting to improve his skills and …

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