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Best Firearm Resources for Women: Online & Local

Want to know a cool fact? Women are the fastest-growing demographic in gun ownership.

As of 2017, roughly one in five women own at least one gun, accounting for almost 40% of gun owners. In 2020, 25% of (or one in four) American women own a firearm. That doesn’t sound like a big jump, but when you look at the details, that is thousands of women getting into firearms!

Gun ownership rates among American women (via The Trace)

But despite this, women gun owners are less likely than men to go hunting or shooting and are less likely than men to engage with gun-related media like firearms websites, podcasts, and shows (though participation in both is up from a decade ago). They’re also significantly less likely to be represented in gun media.

I can’t say for sure why that is, but I have a couple of guesses based on my experiences and what I’ve heard from other women (though if someone knows of some actual hard data, please share it in the comments!).

First, for women who don’t get into shooting or gun ownership until later in life (a situation that’s more common for women than men), the range can be intimidating.

annie oakley
Women have been shooting as long as there have been firearms, but only a few, like Annie Oakley, make history.

Second, the range can be annoying even for women who are experienced gun owners. It’s not uncommon for male shooters to assume you don’t know what you’re doing and try to “help” when you’re just trying to train and relax.

Ladies, we’ve all been there.

And by help I mean get in the way, tell you things that you already know, or–cringiest of all–give you advice that’s just plain wrong.

Finally, a lot of gun resources just aren’t for women. Sure, it’s not like they’re advertised as being for men specifically, but you can only read so many dick jokes and glowing product reviews that clearly don’t at all account for the average female body before you realize that you’re not the target audience.

Bunch of Pink Guns
But doesn’t every woman want a pink gun?!

Gun media is, in general, not made for us and that can feel super alienating when you’re already feeling a little uncertain about where you stand. Not to mention, interacting with other firearms enthusiasts online can enhance that “boys’ club” feeling that the gun community gets at times!

And, to be totally honest, a lot of resources for women, including both written resources and firearms trainers, are bananas condescending or even plain insulting.

But the good news is that all of that is changing—and fast.

Women teaching girl to shoot pistol
Never too early to start learning gun safety!

There are more good gun resources for women than ever, as long as you know where to look. 

To help you with that, I’ve put together a list of all my favorite resources for lady shooters, and I wanted to talk a little bit about finding local resources on your own, too! 

Ready? Let’s go!

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Best Women’s Firearms Resources

1. Pew Pew Tactical Resources

I’m going to kick things off with some shameless self-promotion.

But you already knew we were fun.

We have a growing library of resources written by women for women, and I think even our non-women-specific posts tend to do a good job of not being-for-men-but-disguised-as-unisex. 

A few of my favorites as of writing this post are: 

For more, check out our women category for our complete list of resources for women, and don’t forget to check in with us every Wednesday for another woman-focused article!

OWB Holster Bravo concealment Blazer
This is Jacki, our badass editor! She writes a lot about what us gals need to know!

Not to mention, we’re always happy to answer your questions, so always feel free to leave them in the comments, drop us an email, or get in touch with us on Facebook.

2. The Well-Armed Woman

The Well-Armed Woman (TWAW) is one of the OG resources for women shooters and is the single largest firearms resource for women.

TWAW logo
TWAW logo

TWAW was founded by Carrie Lightfoot, one of the women who I featured on my list of Badass Lady Shooters, because, after turning to firearms for self-defense, she found very few firearms resources for women and even fewer that were actually helpful and respectful of women…so she made her own!

Carrie Lightfoot
Carrie Lightfoot

The Well-Armed Woman website covers a variety of topics including introductory gun information, concealed carry, firearm training, gun and gear reviews, and other firearms-related topics, as well as other personal protection-related topics like cybersecurity, situational awareness, and non-lethal self-defense.

At the TWAW store, you’ll find a huge selection of, well, pretty much all things gun-related except the guns and ammo themselves. That includes training gear and materials, cleaning supplies, holsters, apparel, range gear, self-defense items, gun storage, jewelry, and more. You can even shop TWAW exclusive products, like their line of women’s holsters.  

TWAW isn’t just a website though. They also have The Well-Armed Woman Shooting Chapters program. These chapters, found in 47 states as of the time of writing, connect local groups of women shooters of all experience levels to allow them to learn from, teach, and socialize with one another. 

3. Shoot Like a Girl

Shoot Like a Girl is a unique educational program primarily focused on allowing women to try shooting through their Test Shots and Test Flights programs taught by NRA certified instructors.

shoot like a girl logo
Shoot Like A Girl logo

Test Shots is Shoot Like a Girl’s original program, introduced in 2008 and focusing on archery, but in 2013 they introduced Firearms Test Shots, which allows shooters to try their hand at 9mm pistols and .223 rifles using a law enforcement grade simulator (but very real guns), and changed the archery program’s name to Test Flights.

Sessions also teach about the benefits of firearms and shooting sports as well as safe and responsible gun ownership. They also emphasize shooting as an accessible form of recreation for people with disabilities and any fitness level.

Shoot Like A Girl Event
Shoot Like A Girl Event

At the same time, you can visit the Shoot Like a Girl Gun Counter, where you can compare and learn more about different types of firearms from Shoot Like A Girl’s firearms partners, which include companies like Beretta, Ruger, Springfield Armory, Colt, and Savage Arms.

Though these programs are primarily focused on education, both new and experienced shooters are welcome and will have a great time.

So how does one participate in a Shoot Like a Girl program?

Test Shots sessions take place in Shoot Like a Girl’s mobile range, which is housed inside of a semi-tractor-trailer. The Shoot Like a Girl team takes the range around the country to attend various events and host their own. Just check their schedule when they’ll be near you.

The Shoot Like A Girl Mobile Range

While you wait, you can read through the articles on their website, which provides hunting, shooting, and archery tips, share women’s stories, and give updates on the program.

4. A Girl & A Gun

A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League is a women-only gun club and shooting league.

A Girl and A Gun Logo
A Girl and A Gun Logo

The group is focused on helping women grow as shooters, whether they’re totally new to shooting or are more experienced and want to take their skills to the next level and whether they want to be able to shoot for self-defense or competition.

A Girl and A Gun also helps women learn how to select the firearms and gear that they need for whatever type of shooting they want to be able to do. 

AGAG National Conference
AG & AG National Conference

They conduct clinics on the national level at their National Conference in the spring and their Fall Festival in — you guessed it — the fall, as well as through their three-month virtual courses. They also offer regional 3 Gun University classes and various clinics at the chapter level.

AGAG members and organizers are also are major advocates of action shooting and other shooting sports, especially at the competitive level. These activities aren’t just fun, they teach valuable skills like drawing, shooting on the move, quick reloading while under pressure, and other mental strengths necessary for gun owners.

AGAG Fall Festival
AG & AG Fall Festival

But A Girl and A Gun isn’t all serious training and education. Recreational shooting is also an important part of their mission so women feel comfortable shooting and have the opportunity to meet other women shooters.

In fact, the organization has a lot of events, both at the chapter level and above, like their Girl’s Getaways, that are just based on socializing and relaxing while firing off a few shots with friends. 

AG & AG Vegas Quarterly Outing

And even if you don’t go to a single organized event, the A Girl and A Gun website is full of helpful information and resources, such as their list of women shooting instructors and their downloadable shooting journal, which is free for A Girl and A Gun members.

5. Women’s Outdoor News

The Women’s Outdoor News (WON) covers topics related to not just hunting, shooting, and self-defense, but also fishing, archery, camping, climbing, boating, survival, and just about any other adventure sport and outdoor activity that you can think of.

WON Logo
WON Logo

They offer not only news (as the name would suggest), but also gear recommendations, recipes for hunters and fishers (or those that reap the benefits of loved ones who hunt or fish), tips for all of the above activities, and stories about women involved in all of these sports. 

The WON is a great resource for any woman involved in shooting, but it’s especially good for women that engage in other adventure and outdoor activities. A one-stop-shop for all of those interests, if you will.

Michelle Cerino NOW
Michelle Cerino, the managing editor of WON, demonstrates everything an outdoorsy girl needs to know–including how to pee in the woods!

It’s no wonder that the WON is so wonderful when you look at who’s responsible for it. The WON is put together by an impressive and accomplished team of women writers and editors including hunters, competition shooters, disability advocates, business owners, and more. 

Subscribe to their weekly newsletter to keep up with their latest posts (and why not subscribe to our newsletter too while you’re at it?).

Then check out their list of featured bloggers to discover even more great women’s resources.

6. The Sisterhood of the Outdoors

The Sisterhood of the Outdoors, which formerly operated under the name Babes, Bullets, and Broadheads, is an organization dedicated to growing the community of women hunters and increasing retention of new hunters.

Sisterhood logo

The group was founded in 2010 by three friends, including Amy Ray who also contributes over at the Women’s Outdoor News, who just wanted to help women get the opportunity to hunt with other women by organizing guided hunting trips for women.

They work with a large network of field staff and outfitters to provide more than a hundred hunting and shooting opportunities for women each year, with more and more events happening and more and more women getting involved each year. On top of those trips, they also organize fishing trips and couple’s events.

But the Sisterhood of the Outdoors doesn’t just want women to get involved with hunting and shooting. They also want women to stay involved with hunting and shooting and they see providing fun opportunities that require very little planning or effort ahead of time on the part of the participants, as an easy way to do that. 

Sisterhood of the Outdoors
Sisterhood of the Outdoors wants women to enjoy hunting.

It’s all of the fun of a hunt with friends without all of the stress of setting it up — especially for women who, like most of the Sisterhood of the Outdoors’ participants, have never been on a guided hunt before. Plus, they’re great opportunities to find already vetted outfitters and guides working in the area where you want to hunt.

Take one trip and you’ll find out why 88% of those ladies use one of the Sisterhood of the Outdoors’ outfitters again.

Sisters hunting Wyoming antelope
Sisters hunting Wyoming antelope

For the best experience, consider a Sisterhood of the Outdoors membership. Members get access to the organization’s private Facebook group that provides exclusive content and the opportunity to socialize with staff and other members. They also get discounts from the Sisterhood of the Outdoors’ partner organizations and the opportunity to book their slot on trips early, all for just $45.

And even if you’re not sure about going on a trip with the Sisterhood of the Outdoors, it’s still worth checking out their blog, which is full of helpful guides and interesting personal accounts.

7. Not Your Average Gun Girls (Plus Alexo Athletica & Style Me Tactical)

This entry is great because it lets me sneak in three recommendations in one! 

Not Your Average Gun Girls is an entertaining, insightful, and informative weekly lifestyle podcast for ladies who love firearms. 


The podcast’s hosts, Amy Robbins and Emily Valentine, want women to feel empowered, confident, self-reliant, and prepared, but they don’t want them to feel like they have to give up their femininity or personal style to do it. 

NYAAG Hosts Amy Robbins and Emily Valentine

Along with their guests, the hosts discuss not just concealed carry and self-defense, but also style, beauty trends, and lifestyle issues. They also go into social issues, both firearms-related and not. 

You can listen to episodes on most podcast apps, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Podcast Republic, or you can watch them on the Not Your Average Gun Girls YouTube channel

On top of the podcast, each of the hosts is also doing great things for women in firearms outside of the podcast.

Amy Robbins is the founder of Alexo Athletica, a company that makes gorgeous, stylish, and comfortable athleisure wear that you can actually concealed carry in. You ever want to carry both a gun and a smartphone in the same pair of leggings at the same time? Well, you can.

That’s why it’s one of our Favorite Female-Friendly Firearms Brands!

Alexo Athletica Hi Lo Sweater
Alexo Athletica makes stylish and comfortable clothing, designed for women who carry.

As for Emily Valentine, she’s the mind behind Style Me Tactical, which is basically the blog version of the Not Your Average Gun Girls podcast. She has plenty of posts about preparedness, firearms, and concealed carry outfits that are stylish and functional, but also a ton about beauty, wellness, and outfits that are just plain stylish. 

You can even shop for the items she features on her Instagram through

8. DIVA Women Outdoors Worldwide

For more than 20 years, DIVA WOW has been training women and girls in shooting, hunting, and fishing skills to get them outside and enjoying the great outdoors! They focus on creating an environment in their clinics that is diverse and respectful — perfect for really nailing those new skills with confidence!


DIVA WOW is run by a staff of female volunteers who coordinate national chapters, events, product reviews, and so much more!

They also offer shooting sports leagues, socials, member road trips…and even a scholarship! It’s easy to see how much the DIVA team cares about their members. With all the resources they have to offer, I do recommend checking them out!


Sadly, hasn’t been updated in a few years, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still check it out! There is still a considerable amount of good content on the site to guide you.

WomanShooter Logo

WomanShooter was founded by Lucretia Free, who tackled her own discomfort with guns to learn how to shoot and then turn around and share her experiences and knowledge with women in similar situations.

Lucretia Free, WomanShooter
Lucretia Free, WomanShooter

Likes some of our other recommendations, WomanShooter tackles everything you need to know to get started shooting as a woman, but also fashion, concealed carry, nutrition, and other topics you might find useful!

10. Huntress View

Women have been hunting for thousands of years, but that still doesn’t mean that your average deer camp is the most friendly spot for gals. Huntress View is just the site for our fabulous female hunters!

Huntress View

Over here, everything is about hunting from her point of view. You’ll find gear reviews, how-tos, a ton of recipes for your game, and some really interesting articles about the hunting industry and being a woman in it. 

While I’m not much of a hunter, I respect the ladies that are into that and I love that there’s a resource dedicated just to that aspect of shooting sports!

Sitka and bow season
Alice, our resident hunter and cool lady, testing out Sitka gear with her bow.

11. Gun Goddess

Part gun-blog-for-her, part shopping mall, Gun Goddess lavishes us with everything both feminine and firearms. 

gun goddess logo

They carry more than 40 different brands and over 400 products, all carefully selected for the female shooter (and they even have a few things for your boyfriend/hubby/brother/dad when he shows an interest in guns!). If you’re ever going, “I wonder if ______ exists for women…”, check Gun Goddess.

Besides making gift shopping easy for the men in your life, there’s also a really fun Learning Center with lots of articles, target printables, quotes, stats, and even some insta-worthy pro-gun pics to share!

Gun Goddess Printable Target
Gun Goddess Printable Target

12. National Firearms Organizations (NRA & USCCA)

Organizations for women aren’t the only ones who provide resources for women.

With more and more women getting involved in shooting, more mainstream firearms organizations have chosen to provide those women with the resources they need. 


Though they’re not the only ones, both the US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) and the National Rifle Association (NRA) offer training courses for women as well as comprehensive resources on their websites.

NRA Logo
NRA Logo

The NRA even has a special endowment for conducting women’s programs, which allows them to offer programs like the NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape, which offers several trips a year, ranging from a few days to over a week, to various places around the country where women shooters can relax, learn new skills, sharpen the skills they already have, and meet other women shooters.

This also funds their Women on Target (WOT) program, which is aimed at providing educational clinics for women of all skill levels!

13. Local & State Level Resources

Local chapters of some of these national organizations can be a great resource for finding local resources, but if you don’t have a local chapter, don’t worry. 

Many local ranges and gun groups offer women’s events and classes, so check the event calendar on their sites, but you can also check local and state-level forums or sites like MeetUp to look for local groups. 

And if you can’t find one, don’t be afraid to use those very same resources to start your own! 

Excitement Gif
You go, girl!


This list covers a bunch of different resources, but it’s definitely not an exhaustive guide. 

We’re pretty lucky these days: there are more gun resources for women than ever and as more appear, they embolden and inspire other organizations and individual women to create and share their own resources. 

Pheasant Hunting Women
Pheasant Hunting Women

And the best part is that most of them are primarily or exclusively run by women, so you can support other women while helping yourself.

If you know of other great resources, or just have other comments or questions that you would like to share, please share them in the comments section so that others can benefit. If you’re interested in keeping up with us, don’t forget to like Pew Pew Tactical on Facebook!

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