[Review] Taurus G2C: $200 for a Reliable CCW?

Money talks.

Economics is a real thing and not everyone has the budget to pick up a reliable, safe, accurate, and CCW pistol.

The Taurus G2C looks to solve that issue and put it to rest for good!

Taurus G2C and chips
Taurus G2C and chips, yummy!

We’ve had a lot of you readers ask us to review the G2C and here it is in all it’s very budget-friendly glory!

Johnny put it through the wringer for us and has a great video review of it on the Pew Pew Tactical YouTube, take a look and if you like the content don’t forget to subscribe for more!

What Is The Taurus G2C?

Taurus has been around for a while and their reputation is…spotty. But the G2C is designed from the ground up to be a highly affordable compact CCW pistol – and it nails it.

at Brownells

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Polymer frame, steel magazines holding 12-rounds of 9mm, easy to use sights, and slightly larger than the Sig P365 the G2C is on paper a great pistol.

On the range is where things matter though…

Basic Stats

  • Caliber: 9mm or .40 S&W
  • Capacity: 12+1
  • Hight: 5″
  • Width: 1.25″
  • Length: 6.25″
  • Weight: 21.15 oz
  • Material: Polymer frame
  • Safety: Manual External and internal trigger

Range Report

There are a lot of fancy ammo brands and loadings on the market and if you’re looking to concealed carry you should always use good defensive ammo – but when we’re doing a test on a new gun, it’s Wolf Steel Cased all day long!

Best 9mm Self-Defense (124 gr)
at Lucky Gunner

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

We do this for a number of reasons: 1) It’s cheap. 2) This is bottom tier ammo. Period. If a gun can run Wolf Steel, it can run anything.

Shockingly, the G2C ate every single round it was fed and never failed once.

Mild Shock

Steel cased, brass cased, it didn’t matter since the G2C was able to run both flawlessly.

Since it’s designed to be a CCW the gun itself is a little small, so the fact that both magazines had pinky rests is a real boon to us that have larger hands.

The sights are simple and work, nothing to write home about but good enough to be minute of man at 7-yards.

3-dot sights are common and easy to use by basically everyone, but something you wouldn’t expect to see on a budget pistol is an adjustable rear sight! A nice plus that we don’t see too often.

Taurus G2C sights
Taurus G2C rear sights

A very tacky grip means it won’t slip in your hand and is one of the best aspects of the gun because of just how good they are!

In all…we really have nothing bad to say about the G2C. There is only two things that can be seen as possible negatives but they are both subjective.

Possible Issues

Two things stand out about the G2C that we don’t love – the trigger and external safety.

External safeties in this day are becoming more and rarer but one can be found on the G2C. It also comes with internal safeties and a dongle on the trigger to prevent accidental discharges, so the external safety feels redundant and unnecessary.

Taurus G2C in hay

The second (possible) issue is the trigger. It’s long, gritty, and mushy. But it isn’t the worst trigger in the world and it works. Plus, being so long and gritty makes it very difficult to accidentally set off – a major plus if you’re a newer CCW holder.

Neither of these holds us back though and in the grand scheme of things, we rate the Tarus G2C very highly!

Five Things To Love About The Taurus G2C

The main points of what to really like about this pistol and why you might want to make it your next firearm pick!

1. Price: Coming in at around the $200 mark, this is a barebones price for a really good pistol. You really can’t find anything in the same price point that compares to the G2C – period.

at Brownells

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

2. Grip: Aggressively tacty, outstanding in the hand, really leads itself well to accuracy and control of the firearm.

Taurus G2C and stump
Taurus G2C with its very gripy grip!

3. It Works: Fed all kinds of ammo the G2C just ran and ran and ran. The number one most important thing in a CCW is that it is reliable and Taurus really nailed that part with this.

4. Aesthetics: It looks good, the style is nice, the branding is well done, there isn’t anything weird about it. It’s clean and simple.

Taurus G2C side view

5. Magazines: First of all, you get two of them in the box – awesome. And they are made from steel so they won’t be too prone to breaking. But really the best part is that both have pinky extensions right out of the box!

at GunMag Warehouse

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

By The Numbers

Reliability: 5/5

I’ve seen other reviewers have some minimal trouble from the G2C, but my sample size of one is a friggen’ TANK. It’s unstoppable.

Ergonomics: 4/5

I wish I could grip a little higher on the frame, but the texture is great and the angle is fine. The safety lever is as well-placed as any gun on the market.

Accuracy: 4/5

That crunchy trigger will do you no favors at the range, but overall the accuracy is fine. You can put shots on a torso target no sweat.

Customization: 2/5

Add whatever light you want to the rail, but the options get thin after that.

Taurus G2C on a log
Rail for a light is simple and functional

Value: 5/5

A reliable concealed carry pistol under $250? Name me a better value.

at Brownells

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Overall: 4/5

Parting Shots

Plenty of guys will say you should just save more money and buy a better brand firearm.

Yeah, maybe.

Taurus G2C side log
Sexy profile pic of the Taurus G2C

But for folks on a budget, the option to get a reliable gun with 12+1 capacity at this price is simply too good to ignore. The G2C has earned its place in the market.  

Do you choose a budget-friendly CCW for your first one or did you save until you could get something else? For more awesome CCW options take a look at the Best Concealed Carry Guns and Best CCW Holsters.

And if you read all the way through and haven’t checked out the video review…

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  • Stosh

    Had mine for almost a year now and it’s a work horse. No jams or malfunctions, eats everything I can find in 9mm to shoot in it. Only slightly larger and heavier than the Sig 365, BUT ya get 12 rounds, not 10 and it’s a single/double, so restrike capability! So, add that and the fact you can buy almost 3 G2C for only 1 Sig 365 and you’ve got a winner!

    1 second ago
  • Denmon

    I bought my G2c a few months ago. It's accurate af. The only thing that jams is Winchester white box. I absolutely LOVE this gun.

    5 days ago
  • EndDangerEd

    My EDC is the G2C. I like everything about it.... could it be improved? Sure! But America has become a "Land of Perfection" where it used to be "Good Enough!". The G2C is MORE than "Good Enough!" and I would really HATE to use a $1,000 Kimber in a self-defense action and have some moron tell me to "Drop IT!", then KEEP IT until doomsday in impound for "Forensics" until some other clown makes it disappear from the Evidence Locker. Nuff Said?

    1 week ago
    • Pogo

      America has become a land of perfection???? Honestly the truth is the opposite. Most people are used to Walmart crappy quality but will complain about anything. Quality costs and unfortunately people don’t respect craftsmanship anymore.

      3 days ago
  • Fred T

    I own a G2C and simply love it, not only to carry but to shoot. It easy to carry and conceal. It is also easy to clean. The price is right and I would own this before I would by a glock.

    1 week ago
  • JJ McKinney

    I bought one for my wife for her first cc, and after shooting hers, I just had to pick one up myself. I've put close to 3000 rounds through it of all kinds, brass, steel, aluminum, and have never had a jam. This is light weight, easy to conceal (thanks we the people for the perfect formed holster) and reliable. The trigger for me took a little getting used to, but once I did, there was no coming back, I'm hooked on my everyday beauty!

    1 week ago
  • Norval Thompson

    Why does everyone complain about the manual safety? If you don’t like it don’t use it other than that it’s a good gun. The manual safety on this gun is easy to use and doesn’t move unwanted like some other higher brands. The trigger is also something people complain about which in my use wasn’t an issue. Your not going to notice the trigger when an attacker tries to get you because in a self defense shooting your not trying to feel a crisp precise pull. This is a blue collar carry gun not a silver spoon range toy. Nuff said folks

    1 week ago
    • Josh

      You still gotta train to flip the safety even if you don't like using it. While highly unlikely it's still possible to accidently flip it either way which is why I don't like them. If you can't change the fact that you still gotta follow the basics of firearm safety then why have something that can lul you into a sense of safety. Same reason I won't buy a self driving car till you're legally allowed to go to sleep behind the wheel. Lol But to each their own. I'm surprised about the steel ammo working. I had one, had 3 rnds of tula require manual cycling and the 4th fatally jammed in the chamber. I sliced my hand open trying to umlodge the case and finally at home had to slam a cleaning rod down the barrel multiple times. Armslisted it and got a M&P.

      1 week ago
  • Cary Barron

    I bought a G2C about a year ago. I have run about 1200 rounds through it with NO malfunctions of any kind! The trigger is great after you learn how to use it. I find that the only "long " pull is the 1st one to defeat the trigger safety. After that, the reset is very short and audible so there is no need to release it all the way until you are finished shooting the magazine. It's my daily carry, and I like having a safety when I carry with one in the chamber! Great gun!

    1 week ago
  • Jim K

    I love the G2C and I also bought its little brother the G2S single stack. I have put steel ammo through them both and as you heard from the review not one failure. I found that they both make you have good trigger control by using the pad of your finger and not the joint. If you use the first joint and not the pad of your finger they both give you a gritty feel. These guns just run and are comfortable to shoot all day. Fit and finish are great as well. When you pull the trigger they go bang and hit where you are aiming. Mine are in 9mm. I recommend them.

    1 week ago
  • TechGuy

    I CCL and, I've had my G2C for a year and a half, have run ...who knows... hundreds of rounds through it. I have 9 or 10 other carry guns to choose from but, for light weight, accuracy, reliability, disappears in my IWB holster, etc. every time I get enamored by a beautiful gun I stick it in my belt and then, ...put the G2C back where it belongs. Every now and then, I take it out to the farm, beat the s&&t out of it. I'm a lefty (the left hand is connected to the right side of the brain and the right hand is connected, obviously, to the ...wrong side of the brain) and, the mag release retainer, sear and hammer pins are rusted from the summer sweat. I smear them with grease from time to time, lube the slide and "patch" the lint out of the barrel. I'm really skinny and, it fits under my rib cage (where the beer belly should be). I'm wearing shorts, a t-shirt (offensive) and the G2C right now.

    1 week ago
    • TechGuy

      Me again, took my girlfriend (we're OLD) out to the farm. She discovered that an AR does NOT spew thousands of "child killing bullets" per second (declared it "fun"), sliced her thumb open with a TCP and, rang steel with her new G2C at 20yds. The G2C is a good gun!

      1 week ago
  • Seth Goldstein

    Currently have a gun in for the Taurus recall / class action. Had compact gun they want to replace with sub compact sub par gun. Terrible company dont recommend anyone do business with them!

    1 week ago
    • TechGuy

      What did they want to do? I've never had a problem with Taurus.... how many guns do you own? Gun people tend to be very kind, patient and understanding but, can be eccentric and are very, very touchy about safety. What is a "sub compact sub par gun"? I have a couple of guns with recalls but they don't involve anything I would ever do (the Ruger 22/45 safety issue - I don't use the safety-my safety is in my head). Maybe they don't like you???? I'm really touchy about who I hand a gun to....

      1 week ago
      • TechGuy

        If you expect guns to be like a MrCoffee or Waring Blender, buy a Glock. Don't ever mess with a 1911.

        1 week ago
  • Brian C

    I have one and carry it often. Cost was not an issue, and I like it better than my Walther for the feel in my hand. I have fired enough different kinds of pistols that I can deal with the trigger. So far only about 2,000 rounds through it and not 1 single failure no matter what I feed it. Even my Springfield XD has failed twice. It was very dirty.

    1 week ago
  • Thomas

    I bought both the 9mm and the 40s&w. Both are comfortable and light for cc. The 40s&w still holds 10+1. I bought both for under $500 with shipping!

    1 week ago
  • Roland Venne

    Have had it for almost 2 years now... over 2500 rounds and never skips a beat.

    1 week ago
  • Jarod Kerfoot

    I own two of these. I bought the first from a family member out of desperation because we had a break in. I ended up liking the pistol enough to buy another when my local shop ran a sale. The new one is my EDC and the other lives in the bedroom. I've put maybe 5 or 600 rounds through my first pistol and it has only failed on maybe 3 rounds. All cheap ammo. The second has around 200 rounds through it and has operated flawlessly. Hell, I may get a third. It's a good gun regardless of price.

    1 week ago
  • maxwell carter

    the crunchy feel in the trigger is the plastic striker guide..(a leftover from the original millennium when they had the frame lock key) .. if you install a stainless guide from lakeline llc, that goes away completely..

    1 week ago
  • Sloop

    I like mine. That is all.

    1 week ago
  • Archie

    I Love It. But, then again, I'm a Taurus guy & have been for the last 12 years. Recently had my 3rd daughter so i added tup my collection. Bought a Sig P320 357 with night sights for $580. Which i like but honestly, i turned around and upgraded my wife's Taurus .380 to the G2C 9mm for $159; Then I bought the G2C 40cal to replace my Taurus Millennium which I'd used as my CCW for the last 5 years. I've never had a problem with Taurus and over the past 21 years have bought a little of everything just to see what suits me. I like my Sig but i think I paid for the name. Already eyeing a Ruger 45 next. Why be loyal to a brand, get what works for you... and Taurus works for me.

    1 week ago
  • Victor

    I own this pistol. I love it! Never had any issues and got it for under 200 from PSA!

    1 week ago
  • Trevor Burk

    Check out lakelinellc for a good bit of parts for the g2c. They have new sights recoil springs guide rods striker guides made of steel and some other things. I have some of them on mine and they work well

    1 week ago
  • Duh Dicketts

    The parent company of Smith and Wesson bought Tarus a few years back they fired management and brought in machinists and new management from Smith and Wesson the new G2's are of the same quality as M and P's, not the junk that Tarus used to produce. New company lousy old name.

    1 week ago
    • Nope

      In 1971, the Bangor Punta Corporation, then the parent company of Smith & Wesson, purchased 54 percent of Forjas Taurus, allowing the two firearms manufacturers to easily share information regarding design and manufacturing. In 1977, Taurus was purchased from Bangor Punta by its current owners, and its ties to Smith & Wesson were severed.

      1 week ago
  • Christopher Smith

    I personally have sold over 600 to 800 of these guns and only had 1 returned with problems. Taurus replaced it for the customer with no questions ask. I have also purchased one it it runs with any ammo I feed it. Thanks, Chris S.

    1 week ago
  • Tom S

    Got one on sale for $185 with a $25 rebate from Taurus. Took it to the range and loved it. Thrown every thing at it with no problems. I’ve always figured if I had to pull my concealed carry weapon consider it gone so I’d rather carry a $165 weapon than a $500 Sig.

    1 week ago
  • Kyle B

    I absolutely love mine, best CCW ive ever owned

    1 week ago
  • John D Simmons

    No It's a piece of shit. Another hundred or so bucks will get a used glock or a new M&P if you hunt prices a bit. The point is if you can afford this, you can afford something better.

    1 week ago
  • Mike Owens

    I love mine, it’s my EDC. I also have a shield, and it’s good as well, but I find myself using the G2C far more. I just bought the G2S, and am yet to fire it, but am really looking forward to it.

    1 week ago
  • KCY

    Picked one up at Cabelas two weeks ago on sale for $199 before tax couldn't be happier with the purchase! Just recieved my stainless recoil assembly from LakeLine. For the moment my G2C is replacing my M&P 9 2.0 compact for my CCW. I am sure it's just a matter of time before my wife will either take my G2C or make me get another for her.

    1 week ago
  • Clark

    Should have mentioned the double strike trigger

    1 week ago
  • Robert Craig Hudson

    I have the G2. The trigger needed worked a bit. I hand polished it up greased it. Gritty went way down. Not my best shooter or favorite but I have several hundred rounds through it of LAX low end ammo and had one issue on my first magazine and zero after that. The pop was a little light so I assumed it was a light load.

    1 week ago
    • Robert Craig Hudson

      Also, I completely agree that it is a great option and I do kinda have a natural affinity towards it. I am not trading away my Glocks but for a CCW that I store somewhere, this is the gun.

      1 week ago
  • Scott

    I love my G2C. It’s my truck gun. Got it for $185 after rebate. Fed all kinds of ammo and it ran perfectly. Steel case, brass case, cheap or expensive ammo didn’t make a difference. Still carry my Shield .45 as a ccw though. But I won’t hesitate to buy another one for the wife when she wants one. Plus it comes in MANY color configurations.

    1 week ago
  • Joseph D Gullitch

    I don't have one, but I am definitely going to take a look at one. For a concealable pistol or a as a backup, all I need it to do is function. As far as the packaging, I wouldn't care if it came in a plastic bag. It'll be kept in a pistol case when not in a holster anyway. So, who cares about packaging?

    1 week ago
  • Brian Voyles

    I own this little dream. I did have problems with Armscor 9mm Luger 115gr. Like, ALOT of problems. 3 or more failures per mag level. The slide would sit back about 1/8". It also didn't want to rack properly. Switch out the ammo to Winchester 9mm NATO 124gr and Remington 9mm Luger 115gr and it ran perfectly after that. Would very much recommend to those on a budget. Just don't go cheap on the ammo.

    1 week ago
  • Jp64

    I recently got an email blast that had them under $170. I almost went for one just to see if it works as my Tarus experience has not been the best. Kinda wish I had

    1 week ago
  • Brad

    I really like my G2C. I have no complaints about it. Do I like it better than my S&W 9 Shield? Absolutely not! I like my Shield better, but I bought the G2C because of the higher capacity in a gun that's about the same size. I'm satisfied with the G2C.

    1 week ago
  • Ian VanVranken

    Pretty sure my next purchase will be for my wife, this one looks tempting... so Johnny said his giant hands make the mag release a bit awkward, so this should be good for smaller hands?

    1 week ago
    • Joseph D Gullitch

      I bought the Sig Saur P238 for my wife. I can put up with a trigger that isn't "perfect", but I wouldn't want that for my wife. So yeah, I spoil her.

      1 week ago
      • Mike Owens

        Sig Sauer

        1 week ago
  • armed citizen

    Johnny: It takes time to get used to the trigger. I like the external safety. Lakeline LLC has upgrades for around $50 that make the G2C function like a fine sewing machine. It also can handle +P loads but DO NOT use +P+ in this firearm. Now all law abiding citizens can afford to conceal carry for personal protection. I like your proper grip of this pistol utilizing your left index finger in FRONT of the trigger guard for better control. I would recommend Speer Gold Dot 124 grain+P ammo for this gun!

    1 week ago
  • Charles

    The fact that it has an external safety is actually a good thing. Too many people have shot them selves in the leg or the foot because they didn’t have an external safety and we’re relying on that goofy trigger. Granted, the fact that the trigger pool is a bit long might actually save a few of those issues from happening. Really though it’s just a matter of brain and muscle memory. You reach for your gun and start to pull it from the holster, the safety comes off as the gun clears the holster. It’s just a matter of training. That said, you could say the same thing about that goofy trigger and no external safety. Are we catching the theme that I don’t like that goofy trigger?

    1 week ago
  • Keaon

    Had one for like 4 years and love it!!

    1 week ago
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