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Author David, PPT Editor

David is an Editor for PewPewTactical! Learning how to shoot at a young age in the Boy Scouts, he now spends most of his time working on or with firearms. Be it shooting, upgrading, building, tinkering, or writing about them - sharing his passion and knowledge of firearms with others is an everyday occurrence.


AAPI GO, Asian American Gun Group, Fights for 2A

We sit down and chat with Asian American and Pacific Islander Gun Owners co-founder Scott Kane to talk about the advocacy group's mission. (Read)


[How-To] Zero a Rifle Scope Quickly & Easily

Feeling nervous about getting your new rifle scope on target? No worries, we’re here to help with a complete guide on how to zero a scope. (Read)

Optics & Scopes

Best 3x Magnifiers Under $200 [Real Views]

Have a red dot or holo and want to reach out? We bought the most popular 3x magnifiers and tested clarity, eye relief, mounts, and bang-for-the-buck. (Read)


Best Alternative AR-15 Cartridges and Calibers

Looking for a harder hitting AR-15? We cover 5 of the best alternative cartridges and calibers with their pros, cons, and recommended uppers & ammo. (Read)


Best Father’s Day Gun Sales & Deals [2021]

Father's Day is just around the corner. Get Dad (or yourself) something special by taking advantage of these awesome sales. (Read)


A Picture From History: Dogs For Defense

In this Picture From History, we look at how dogs entered service in WWII and their contributions to the war effort then and now. (Read)


A Picture From History: Walter Mess

We look at the fascinating life of Walter Mess, an unsung OSS hero of World War II, in our latest dive into history. (Read)


A Picture From History: Battle for Hong Kong

We take a look at the impressive might and will of young, undertrained Canadian troops who bravely fought the Japanese Imperial army in Dec. 1941. (Read)


NRL22 Updates Match Rules for 2021-2022 [Guide]

We take a look at some match updates for NRL22 for the 2021-2022 season. Come see what's changed and what we think this means for the sport. (Read)


Memorial Day Gun Deals [2021]: Updates Through Monday

Our handpicked Memorial Day deals for 2021 that we're (probably) going to buy ourselves. We'll keep updating every few hours through Monday with more! (Read)


A Picture From History: Mujahideen

Continuing our history series, we look at the Mujahideen and their fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan during the 1980s. (Read)


A Picture From History: MASH

We take a dive into the history of MASH units and look at their contributions during the Korean War. Come get your learn on! (Read)

Gear Reviews

Crate Club Subscription Box: Tier Breakdown & Review

We take a look at Crate Club -- a subscription box service for the tactical and survival minded. Come read up on the products crammed in these boxes! (Read)


A Picture From History: Arab Revolt

This venture into history leads us to the Arab Revolt of World War I and the Bedouins -- who fought alongside Lawrence of Arabia. (Read)