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Gun Reviews

Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7 Review [Hands-On Tested]

We take the Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7 to the range to see if this pistol can stack up against the FN Five-SeveN, Ruger-57 and PSA 5.7 Rock. (Read)

Optics & Scopes

New Product Highlight: Vortex Crossfire HD Spotting Scopes

Now is the time to raise your hunting game with the new value-forward Crossfire spotting scope lineup from Vortex. (Read)


Low Light Pistol Tips for Shooting in the Dark

After taking a low-light course at Range Ready, we have some tips, tricks, and words of wisdom on low-light training (Read)


Home Range Essentials: Everything You Need For A Home Range

In this article we cover all the basic things you need to make a quality shooting range in your backyard, plus a few extra goodies. (Read)

Buyer's Guide

Best Double-Barrel Shotguns of 2024: Sport & Range

We got the lowdown on the coolest double barrel shotguns on the market. From O/Us to SxS, see what you should add to your gun safe. (Read)

Buyer's Guide

5 Best Laser Bore Sights of 2024 [Hands-On Tested]

Boresights make zeroing a lot easier, but not all boresights are created equal! Take a look at our top picks and save yourself time and money! (Read)


7 Best Range Bags for 2024 [Hands-On]

Not sure how to haul your guns & gear to the range? We hands-on review 6 of the most popular range bags so you know the best size and price for your needs. (Read)


Magpul Experience: Wyoming or Bust!

We got a glimpse at what Magpul has been up to at the High Bar Homeland, a ranch in Wyoming, where Magpul magic happens. (Read)


How To Build A Backyard Range

Public ranges annoy you? We cover the tips, tricks, and things to know when it comes to building your own backyard range at home. (Read)


Training Red Flags: What to Look Out for When Choosing Instructors

Choosing a gun class or instructor can be tough. So, we've got tips on the red flags to look out for when picking an instructor. (Read)

Buyer's Guide

Best 3D Targets for Shooting

Want to shake up range time and make it a little more interesting? Invest in a 3D target! We have the rundown on some of the best in the biz! Come see! (Read)


Best Plinking Guns, Targets & Games

Plinking is a favorite past time for many shooters, but how do you spice up range days? Come see what plinking guns, targets, and even games we recommend! (Read)

Buyer's Guide

Caldwell Shooting Supplies Review: Best Targets, Stands & Range Supplies

We take a look at a handful of products from Caldwell that make range days easier and fun -- from targets to chronographs and more! (Read)

Gear Reviews

AXIL GS Extreme 2.0 Review: Best In-Ear Protection?

We took the AXIL GS Extreme 2.0 ear buds for a spin out on the range. Are they a decent hearing pro option for range days? Come find out. (Read)
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