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Best Kydex Holster Makers

Assorted Concealment Express Holsters
Finding a Kydex holster you like can be a long, annoying, and often expensive process. Here are our favorites after dozens of holsters and countless hours of carrying.
We review products independently. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission to help support our testing. Learn more.

    It’s wild that there used to be an era when leather was the only option for a good holster.

    Leather was and is still great, but many modern holsters are now made from a polymer material commonly called Kydex.

    Kydex has become the Kleenex of polymer holster-making materials. It is a specific mix of thermoplastic materials, but we often use Kydex when we mean bolatron or proprietary nylon blends like Safariseven.

    I am expanding the term Kydex for our reader’s benefit. If we only stuck to Kydex holsters, we would be leaving a ton of great holsters off our list.

    Table of Contents


    Why You Should Trust Us

    Input into this article came from the PPT editorial team and our writers. Together we have a combined shooting experience of 30+ years, including instruction, competition, and of course, concealed carry.

    Alien Gear Holsters Rapid Force Duty profile

    We’ve spent countless hours researching and analyzing guns and gear to determine which is the best when it comes to features, reliability, ergonomics, and bang for your buck.

    Best Kydex Holster Makers

    To be clear, we aren’t covering the best Kydex holsters but the best Kydex holster manufacturers. Let’s dig in and look at the companies making waves.


    Phlster is an authentic manufacturer of Kydex holsters that has been kicking around for quite some time. Outside of being around for a bit, they are a fairly innovative company.

    PHLster Floodlight IWB CZ P09
    PHLster Floodlight IWB CZ P-09

    They produce excellent holsters that mainly focus on concealed carry, with their bread and butter being holsters that disappear inside your waistband.

    Holsters like the City Special bring Kydex to revolvers, rigs like the Floodlight that introduced a quasi-universal design for light-bearing guns, and innovative carry systems like the Phlster Enigma.

    PHLster Floodlight AIWB
    PHLster Floodlight AIWB

    Their holsters are premium-grade rigs, offering modularity that’s tough to beat and compatibility with popular holster carry options like loops, the Monoblock, clips, wedges, wings, and more.

    They even have an active social media community that educates concealed carriers and brings them together to learn from one another.

    at Brownells

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons

    Vedder Holsters

    How do you set yourself apart from other companies? By offering both a variety of holster styles and an extensive catalog of firearms you make holsters for.

    Vedder LightDraw OWB Holster

    Finding a holster isn’t too tough if you have a Glock, M&P, or a P365. But this can be an issue for people with CZ, Walther, Canik, Mossberg, and other less mainstream pistol manufacturers.

    With Vedder, if you have a compact gun with a 4-inch barrel, you don’t have to suffer with buying a full-size holster that also “fits” your compact model. They make holsters for very specific models, and they don’t cut corners.

    Vedder LightTuck IWB Holster

    Even small details like thumb safety or no thumb safety, rounded versus squared trigger guards, and Picatinny rail versus Sig proprietary curved rail are addressed.

    The end result is not only high-quality holsters but ones that are precision molded to your gun without compromise.

    Aside from the impressive list of guns, you get five different IWB options, three OWB options, and even a pocket holster option. No matter what you are looking for, Vedder has you covered.

    at Vedder Holsters

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons


    The Tulster Oath Series for my P365 was the first holster I wore long enough, and after more than a year of retention training, the wing broke in half.

    Tulster Oath IWB Holster (Photo: The Armory Life)

    That’s not a downside — It’s a testament that I loved the holster enough to wear it often and train with it that hard. Replacing the wing took no time at all.

    Tulster makes a diverse series of holsters that focus on concealment. This includes both IWB, AIWB, and even OWB options.

    The simple design of the Oath translates into a thin profile. (Photo: Tulster)

    OWB can be quite concealable when produced correctly, and the Tulster Contour fits tight to the body and high on the belt. Their Profile series steers away from AIWB and focuses more on traditional IWB.

    All of their holsters are very well made and easy to conceal, with most being quite thin and very comfortable for long periods.

    Tulster accommodates modern features like optics, too. With a little something for everyone, they have become undeniable.

    Bravo Concealment

    While Kydex is fairly easy to mold and produce, some polymer holsters can get exceedingly expensive. Not everyone wants to pay $85-100 for something that isn’t leather.

    P365 with holster and mags-1
    One of our editors frequently carries a Sig P365 is a Bravo Concealement OWB Holster.

    This is where Bravo Concealment saves the day.

    Everyone wants an affordable holster, but no one wants a cheap holster. It still needs to work well and properly secure your gun.

    Bravo Concealment offers both IWB and OWB that are molded relatively well and have solid retention and comfort levels, all while keeping things priced modestly.

    OWB Holster Bravo concealment
    They aren’t the absolute slimmest design, but they are comfortable and affordable.

    Most of their holsters come in between the $30-40 mark, even their light-bearing holster.

    Additionally, they frequently run sales on their products to help keep prices even lower.

    While their gun library is limited, if they have a holster for your model, you will end up with a well-fitted, retention adjustable, durable holster that won’t break the bank. Most models ship super fast, too — no 8-12 week lead time here!

    Raven Concealment

    Raven Concealment is an OG in the world of polymer concealed carry holsters. Enough so that they have effectively expanded their offerings outside of handguns. Heck, they make one of my favorite setups to carry spare shotgun ammo.

    Raven Concealment Perun
    The Perun holster is also available in light-bearing configurations. (Photo: Soldiersystems.net)

    We are talking holsters, so rigs like the Eidolon and Perun have to be mentioned.

    The Perun redefined what an OWB concealment holster could be. It disappears against the body, and nothing more than a T-shirt acts as an invisibility cloak.

    Raven Concealment Eidolon Holster (Photo: Sofrep)

    The Eidolon is a legendary holster that is exceptionally comfortable, well made, cut for an easy draw, and designed to maximize its compatibility with modern accessories.

    If concealment isn’t your jam, Raven Concealment still has you covered. Holsters like the Phantom deliver an OWB duty-style rig with light compatibility and a rugged, close-to-the-body design.

    Raven Concealment has something for everyone and has held a top spot for decades. Their quality is top-notch, and their rigs are capable of a lifetime of service.

    at OpticsPlanet

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons

    Dara Holsters

    Dara Holster produces a wide variety of holsters. We aren’t just talking about Kydex OWB, IWB, and AIWB — although they make those. We have to break down the categories even deeper than that.

    Dara Drop Offset Action Sport Holster (Photo: Dara Holsters)

    Do you want OWB? Okay, cool. Do you want a level 2 retention alongside it? Do you want it for concealment or competition? How about AIWB light bearing? Regular IWB? Does it need to be tuckable? There are options for all of those.

    Dara Holsters isn’t the Walmart of holsters and simply pumping out a ton of crappy holsters. They are well-made, modern, long-lasting, and worth your hard-earned dollarydoos.

    The variety of holsters is downright astonishing, but they have something for everyone and every purpose.

    at Dara Holsters

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons


    Safariland needs no introduction. They are one of the most used holster companies, at least in the United States.

    Walther PDPs in Safariland Holsters

    They can be found in the hands of countless police forces, and their holsters were selected for the Army’s M17 and M18 handguns.

    Their quality is backed up by the fact they are almost universally beloved by their users. Strength, durability, and various options are all hallmarks of Safariland.

    Safariland doesn’t use Kydex. Instead, they focus on their own proprietary Safariseven blend of polymer material. It is a rugged, long-lasting material typically used in their duty rigs.

    Assorted Safariland Holsters
    Assorted Safariland Holsters

    Duty holsters are the bread and butter of Safariland, but they also offer concealed carry holsters like the Schema, as well as several OWB and even shoulder carry options aimed at concealment.

    Their duty rigs are often armed with active retention devices, and Safariland is considered the gold standard for reliable duty rigs. If you need active retention, they are tough to beat.

    Safariland may not be true Kydex holsters, but they shouldn’t be left off the list.

    Why Kydex (And Other Polymers)

    There are tons of benefits to using modern polymer designs. Soft materials are fine, but they are limited in their designs.

    Kydex is ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight but quite rugged. Unlike soft materials, it can’t lose stitching, eventually stretch out, and doesn’t collapse when the gun leaves the holster, making it perfect for IWB use.

    IWB Holsters
    IWB Holsters

    It is water-resistant and generally resistant against the elements. When it gets cold, your holster doesn’t necessarily stiffen up.

    Another bonus is that while it is a hard material, it is easily malleable and molded to individual guns. This allows the holsters to fit most guns with nothing more than some heat and molding.

    Kydex and other polymers can be incredibly thin and very lightweight. It’s easy to work with and can be fitted with various screws, bolts, and attachments to make it easy to carry in many ways.

    FN 509 Tier 1 Holster Johnny Bragg CCW
    Tier-1 Concealed IWB holster with additional magazine attachment.

    You can also act more mechanical functions to Kydex, like active retention buttons, hoods, and various belt mounting methods.

    Final Thoughts

    Kydex isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Polymer materials have increased the overall quality of the holster market and effectively lowered their price point.

    It’s wild how nice holsters have gotten, and they have continued to advance.

    Holsters for Handguns

    These are just a few of our favorite Kydex holster manufacturers. Do you have experience with any of them? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

    What is the number one most important feature you look for in a holster?  Let us know below in the comments. If you’re looking specifically for concealed carry holsters…take a look at our Ultimate Holster Guide for Any Way You Carry.

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    11 Leave a Reply

    • Commenter Avatar
      Bull o' the Woods

      I bought a couple of holsters from Dara in 2017. They were fine holsters. I returned in 2020 to buy more holsters. The holsters I bought in 2017, and the Kydex texture and colors options, were no longer available. Dara changed the design and belt mounting method. The textures and colors I wanted were no longer available. The last time I visited their website, they had changed the design again. I do not know whether they think they are improving their product or simply trying to reduce production costs. I was happy with the holsters I bought in 2017. I do not like later models. I have since switched to JM Custom Kydex.

      September 13, 2023 8:59 pm
    • Commenter Avatar
      Kurtis Hughes

      You forgot Alien Gear......They make a dang fine holster. Plus all the ways to customize the holster to how YOU want it.

      I will admit though I still love a Good Leather Holster.

      September 13, 2023 11:09 am
    • Commenter Avatar

      I found a guy that does custom index. With so many endless possibilities to what model of gun and accessories, it makes sense to get something made for exactly what you have.

      All of these companies listed are mostly doing a “generic fit” for whatever model gun you have. What if you have a Holosun 507C and a Streamlight TLR7 mounted up on your Hellcat Pro? You aren’t going to be able to find a holster fit for that combo.

      A GOOD custom kydex maker will ask the right questions to get the correct rig built for you. You’re looking at $110-$150 for a full rig, but that gets me a double mag holster too.

      Buy once, cry once. Hell, extra mags are at least $50 a piece, a custom holster isn’t bad when you consider the time and effort it takes to get what you want and what fits your setup. It makes sense to spend the money that will take care of your goods. Nothing in this field is cheap.

      September 11, 2023 10:45 pm
      • Commenter Avatar
        Aus colli

        ok but who is the guy?

        October 15, 2023 11:16 pm
    • Commenter Avatar
      Aaron Pak

      Odin holsters are great when you have to have customization. I have a vp40 John wick comp and they came through!

      September 11, 2023 4:27 pm
    • Commenter Avatar
      douglas salley

      I'm like most gun carriers, I have a drawer full! I look for retention screes. I can usually use one comfortable holster for more then one gun. Recently I found out that belt loops are better then the plastic clamps. One actually brok on me during a locale comp, and a couple would off when I drew. My instructor asked me to try one of his holsters that I ran my belt through the loop instead of opening the clamp and slide my belt through it. Now Instead of clipping my holster IWB I put the holster inside my waistband and run my belt through the clam/loop. I just chalked it up to newbie dumbness...lol

      April 27, 2020 10:12 am
    • Commenter Avatar
      Gerry Crowell

      Hi Trevor, I’m an old OWB guy and I was the original rep for Krounds out of Seattle. I always loved Krounds holsters and still use them. I like the FBI forward cant holster. Do the companies you mentioned above sell the FBI cant? Do a lot of folks like them like they used to when I was selling them? My wife and I traveled the country doing gun shows while I was with Krounds and we saw a lot of different holsters and none of them compared to Krounds. I’m retired now so I don’t have a pony in the show. Thank you for your artical.

      October 11, 2019 9:57 pm
    • Commenter Avatar
      Larry Corley

      Concealed carry has been important to me for years, used to just stick my weapon in my belt as a young puppy but now older and much wiser, with well over 2 k hours of military and professional training and real life experience, I still carry like a thug but now in holsters. My favorites are Dark Star Gear and Keepers Concealment, both Spencer Keeper and Tom from Dark Star carry appendix and have valuable knowledge from practical experience in this method of carry. Both are easy and responsive to contact. Holsters I've purchased are comfortable and stay put during rough house training as well as generally very concealable for all day carry.

      My G19 lives in the Spencer's Keeper Concealment holster and the Shield is in the Dark Star Ambi. Both holsters are high quality with a generally matching price, but you get what you pay for. At least in this case but certainly we all have opinions on this or that. :-) and that's mine. Be strong and aware friends.

      November 30, 2018 12:51 pm
    • Commenter Avatar

      I use Huckleberry Tactical for all my holsters. For top notch kydex that will more than meet your needs I highly suggest checking them out. Great quality products, at a great price, sold and manufactured by a real genuine owner who cares about his customers, something that is just lost int he world today.

      December 26, 2017 3:06 pm
    • Commenter Avatar
      Bryant Williams

      I look for comfort, retention and if I can get a good purchase. Please check out Vedder. I don't work for them or even know the people. I have 6 of there holsters because they are very comfortable, you can adjust cant and the belt clip is metal. I jus recently purchased their Cobra belt and that is just as comfortable.

      June 10, 2017 7:18 pm
    • Commenter Avatar

      The number one thing I looked for in the holsters I purchased seemed to be the one thing Mr. Dobriboski complained about. The need or in my case the ability to adjust the retention on the holster. I purchased my holster from Alien Gear. One for my M&P Shield 9mm and one for my Ruger p89 9mm. After putting them together to the fit and feel I preferred I've found them to be excellent holsters.. Alien Gear products are well made and their customer service is as good as there is.
      P.S. No I don't work for them or sell their products. I'm just a customer who finds their products above reproach.

      June 4, 2017 12:02 pm
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