[Review+Video] Glock 44: First Legendary .22LR?

The Glock 44 is Glock’s first .22LR since its founding in 1963.

Is it worth the wait?

Glock 44 .22LR
Glock 44 .22LR

We’ll cover it’s fun factor, reliability, accuracy, ergonomics, stats, target audience, and more.

We’ve got a full video review from Johnny too!


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Table of Contents


Unveiling & Initial Response

Glock has been busy touting the G44 as “Legendary” and I was super excited to be one of the few media outlets to be invited to its unveiling.

Thoughts of a Glock carbine and maybe something crazy like a polymer lever action were going through my head.

G44 .22LR Magazines
G44 .22LR Magazines

When I found out it was a .22LR pistol…I thought “cool.”

Makes sense.

Glock never had a .22LR and they will sell a metric buttload for training and plinking once it’s on sale January 20.

People on the internet were less than enthusiastic…I think due to some overhyping.

Pitchforks, Get Your Pitchforks
Pitchforks, Get Your Pitchforks

And maybe some stats on the gun…we’ll get to that soon.

In a Nutshell

If I had to choose one word for the Glock 44…it would be fun.

Softest recoil ever. Affordable ammo. Easy to plink a few hundred rounds at the range.

Plus it’s almost identical in dimensions to the Glock 19.

Who Is It For?

Who were the happiest folks at the event?


They knew Glock hit a homerun with a G19-sized .22LR handgun.

Now you can start young, new, old shooters on a lighter recoiling gun that’s almost the same as the most popular Glock model.

Gen 5 Glock 19

Full review of the Gen 5 Glock 19 from us.

And how about another huge audience? Plinkers who like saving money.

At release the MSRP is $430 but street price at the January 20, 2020 release date will likely be around $360.

Plus did I mention it takes affordable .22LR?

.22LR (CCI vs Winchester vs Super Colibri)
.22LR (CCI vs Winchester vs Super Colibri)

And because of its weight…some backpackers might like it as well.

Now let’s dive a little deeper…

Fit & Feel

First thing…this thing is light.

About 3/4 pound empty and 1 pound fully loaded. A G19 is almost 2 lb loaded.

Johnny and the Glock 44
Johnny and the Glock 44

The weight reduction is due to a 5-section hybrid polymer steel slide which is needed so that the blowback action of the .22LR has enough oomph to cycle.

Glock 44 with Ammo
Glock 44 Hybrid Slide

But have no fear…the important bits are all metal on metal.

Weight aside…if you handed the G44 to me blindfolded I wouldn’t be able to tell it wasn’t a G19.

And because of that…it fits in all G19 holsters. There’s some ever-so-slight differences so you might need to adjust retention.

Glock 44 in Hidden Hybrid G19 Holster
Glock 44 in Hidden Hybrid G19 Holster

Check out some of our favorite G19 holsters here.

How about other stuff?

Trigger is the same.

You get backstraps to choose the right fit for your handsize.

Plus the same sights (for better or for worse) but with adjustable rear ones.

G44 Front Sight
G44 Front Sight
G44 Rear Sight
G44 Rear Sight

Breakdown is also the same.

If you can break down a normal Glock…you can breakdown the G44.

G44 Breakdown
G44 Breakdown

Magazines…this is where people flipped out.

Glock 44 Ten Round .22LR Magazine
Glock 44 Ten Round .22LR Magazine

Yup…that’s a 10 round magazine.

Glock chose the 10 round capacity for reliability since it’s nearly impossible to double-stack rimfire rounds.

No one seems to complain about other .22LR pistols being only 10 rounds…but I can understand the frustration of it living in a double-stack body.

It does come with a super-helpful load assist mechanism that will help out new shooters’ thumbs.

Loading Glock 44 Mags
Loading Glock 44 Mags

Hopefully a Glock 15-rounder comes out…or some other manufacturer steps up to the plate.

Now let’s back to the pew pew!

How Does It Shoot?

Glock 44 at the Range
Glock 44 at the Range


Recoil? What recoil?

My first shot brought amazement.

First because of the lack of recoil. And second because it really highlighted how much I was pushing the front muzzle down to compensate for rise.


Johnny had no problems with 50 yard targets.

And I was able to consistently bring it out to 100+ yards at the Glock event.

Glock 44 to 100 Yards
Glock 44 to 100 Yards

A Glock rep came up and congratulated me on hearing some different *ting* sounds from the far target.

Feels Good Man
Feels Good Man


I’m moving reliability into its own category.

At the Glock event…the test pistols have been through almost 10,000 rounds.

However, we started to see some misfeeds and stovepipes at the end.

Dirty G44
Dirty G44

The frame and slide actually don’t seem that dirty for the number of rounds.

But the barrel feed ramp?

Dirty G44 Feed Ramp
Dirty G44 Feed Ramp

That bad boy had some stuck on carbon crud that started to break off. I think the created divots were the ones creating most of the stoppages for us.

As for ammo… we used exclusively Blazer .22LR.

But once Johnny got his hands on a test gun…

G44 Tested Ammo
G44 Tested Ammo

We had him running through some ancient Remington and Browning. And some Walmart Remington Thunderbolt and Winchester X.

Stovepipe on G44
Stovepipe on G44

The cheaper stuff from Walmart and the older ammo gave our test gun multiple stovepipes, misfeeds, and didn’t lock back the slide.

Glock 44 Jam
Glock 44 Jam

However, with hotter loaded new CCI Minimag (the good stuff)…the G44 ran flawlessly.

Based on our experiences…we’d recommend going with hotter ammo to make sure your G44 runs.

Check out some of our favorites in Best .22LR Ammo.

Glock said they tested over 120 brands of .22LR but maybe some of our batches were even more finicky than standard rimfire.

Here’s the official blurb

The Glock 44 is designed to work with a variety of quality 22 l.r. ammunition that is manufactured to SAMMI and/or CIP specifications.  GLOCK recognizes that some 22 l.r. ammunition offerings may not produce sufficient energy to fully cycle the slide.  GLOCK also recognizes that the quality of 22 l.r. ammunition varies greatly between different types and brands.  Therefore, it is recommended that you test fire several fully loaded magazines using your preferred ammunition to ensure optimum performance.

G44 Owner’s Manual


Here’s some of the important bits…

Glock 44 Features
Glock 44 Features

And the specs compared to a G19.

Glock 44 Flyer
Glock 44 Flyer
  • Width: 1.26 in (.1 inch skinnier)
  • Length: 7.28 in
  • Height: 5.04 in
  • Weight Loaded: 15.94 oz
  • Capacity: 10 rounds

By the Numbers

Reliability: 3.75/5

With the cheap or under-powered stuff it’s a 3/5. With Mini-Mag or Blazer it’s a 4.5/5. Let’s split it in the middle.

Ergonomics: 4/5

Glocks have grown on me over the years. Controls are easy to index and the grip angle is solid.

Accuracy: 4.5/5

It’s not a match-grade pistol but it will put rounds where you want them. We’re pretty impressed with it hitting 100+ yards consistently with a non-fixed barrel like other .22LR pistols.

Customization: 4/5

There’s lots of stuff you can change on a Glock…especially when it’s nearly identical to a G19. Get ready for some Gucci G44s to hit Instagram.

Plus there’s also the option of a threaded barrel for around $150. It’s metric so you’ll need an adapter for your normal 1/2×28 threads.

But, it has a different locking block so you can’t alternate stuff with a G19…sorry!

Value: 4.5/5

There’s a lot of value if it’s near the rumored street price of $360. Although I would have liked to see 3 magazines and a threaded barrel standard.

Overall: 4/5


The .22LR Glock 44 does what it is supposed to do. Shots on target, reliable with specific ammo, and comes in at a great value. Plus it’s nearly identical to the Glock 19 which makes it the perfect training and plinking gun.

Glock 44 at the Range
Glock 44 at the Range

What do you think of the G44? Is it Legendary? Check out our master list of Best Glocks and also Best .22LR Pistols.

27 Leave a Reply

  • Jerry R. Cadick (Col USMC-Ret)

    No need for a .22LR. Get a Ruger if you want that ammo. I use nothing SMALLER than a 9MM (Glock 43X). Most of my wheel guns are pistols are from 40 cal to 50 cal. JHP 9mm works generally if you live 10 feet from a neighbor. And it has barely enough stopping power on the street. I carry my SW 686P with seven rounds, my Glock 21 Gen 5, and a Wilson Combat 1911. If you are in a jam, and I hope you never have to face such an event and can evade any trouble, a 9mm is the minimum caliber. If you just want to shoot 22's, get a Ruger Mark IV. .22LR is a round for boys and girls learning to shoot. But if funds are tight, this isn't a bad idea if $$ PREVENTS you from shooting.

    1 second ago
  • Marko Golumbovski

    The Taurus TX22 is cheaper, has handled a variety of different quality ammo for me and has a 16 round mag. I get the train for cheaper selling point being a G19 replica and .22lr, but that loses some appeal if you can’t use cheap ammo. More of a novelty item than a great firearm?

    6 days ago

    I was really looking forward to the G44 performing flawlessly with all types of ammo but apparently that is not the case. This is just another finicky 22lr pistol i will not be purchasing. Midway USA is taking orders for the threaded barrel at $190. No thanks, Glock!

    1 week ago
  • Bill

    Additionally, at least 3 companies make fully functional 22 cal conversion kits for Glock mid size and full size frames, for half the price of this gun. Just get one of those?

    2 weeks ago
    • Mark

      But the conversion kits are not "half' the price. AA is 299$ and the tactical version is 330$. Street price of this G44 is going to around 360$.

      2 weeks ago
    • Jared Hunt

      Precisely my question...G44 or 22lr conversion?

      2 weeks ago
  • Bill

    What, no threaded barrel? Half the fun of shooting a 22 pistol is plinking with a supressor. Huge oversight in my opinion. The Sig Mosquito (and the GSG variants) all come with threaded barrels, and are cheaper. I do not see a bright future for this one...

    2 weeks ago
  • Grant Epperson

    Make one the same size as a model 42 and I'll be interested. Double stack magazine please, if Taurus and Kel Tec can do it Glock can do it too. As the article says, this one was made for trainers. Maybe the next Glock .22 will be useful to the ordinary handgun owner.

    2 weeks ago
  • Tony P

    Ok, so its a 22lr, cool! I can see that it would fit the other Glocks as for use/training. I personally would have like to see a 22mag version.

    2 weeks ago
  • JRSanders

    Seems to me that if you're a G19 kinda person, the G44 would be a MUST HAVE!! Even though I have a Ruger SR22, and absolutely love it, I could easily consider adding a G44 to my safe.

    2 weeks ago
  • D.C. Kelly

    Threaded barrel available?

    2 weeks ago
  • Brady

    I don't what to think about it yet, something to ponder on but more companies need 22lr because we need to get more newbies out there to convert to the gun way or we will not have guns to shoot. Any one of us that don't think we need to recruit more people to our side is just lying to their self, because right now we are losing to the bad guys or darkside or what ever you want to call them. We need to convert more people as fast as they are or you will not have guns to shoot. I personally have had guns since i was young i could not stand to not have any but we are losing to those sob's on capitol hill that are " doing for our own good" ( BS ) so we need to use this to bring more people to our side.

    2 weeks ago
  • Joe

    It's my understanding the "port" in front of the rear sight is the mounting point between the polymer slide and the steel rail lowers. Is there any chance the slide can be milled to accept an RMR? Would the RMR screw into polymer or steel? Assuming it's viable to mill the slide to accept an RMR, would you please consider testing the G44 with CCI Mini-Mag and a Trijicon RM44 (without an RMR). An RM44 weighs 33 grams. An RMR weighs 34 grams. The RM44 would simply replace the G44 rear sight. This should give a good approximation of the impact of an RMR on G44 reliability. Of course, you'd be testing without any rear sight, however, the goal is to evaluate cycling. If you're willing to mill your G44 slide to accept an RMR for the sake of testing, better yet ... go for it!

    2 weeks ago
  • Connie

    Compared to Ruger SR22?

    2 weeks ago
  • Oakridgeacres

    I did a polymer 80% Gen 3 G19 frame, went to the Glock Store, and purchased an Advantage Arms Inc. 22 cal. Upper and it slid on top perfect! I ran all types of Ammo through it, just about 500 rounds later, one failure to feed! I like Glocks, have numerous Glocks, would I buy a G44, nope! What’s with the metric suppressor threads? Sounds like they are going to come out with there very own suppressor, imagine that!! The fore mentioned set up will give you cheap shooting with Glock grip feeling! The down side is I had to wait about 4 weeks for the upper, they are selling as fast as they can manufacture! It is great to have choices!

    2 weeks ago
  • Eric

    “Reliable with specific ammo”... That made me laugh! Not including a properly threaded barrel (1/2x28) is a total fail. So $360 for the gun, plus $150 for a threaded barrel, then have to buy a metric thread adapter! $510+ so i can attach my suppressors. Meh! Not for me. Almost every other .22 on the market comes with a threaded barrel, or offers a model with one. Not to mention the rugers and s&w/m&p that i have shot are reliable with most ammo. I love my glocks (17,23,43) and the g44 will fill a niche for people that have a g19/g23 and want a .22 trainer in the same form.

    2 weeks ago
  • Don Smith

    I got no use for this, not sure what the people at Glock were thinking. I'm with a lot of other people in wishing it was a carbine.

    2 weeks ago
  • Clark

    "The worlds first legendary 22lr pistol?" is the name of the youtube video, but I think you know the answer. It is not new, it is not legendary, it is incredibly boring. If the gun has normal rimfire reliability issues, there is no reason for a ten round mag. Kel-Tec just released a 33 round QUAD STACK 22lr pistol. Saying that "it's nearly impossible to double stack 22lr" is just plain FALSE. Ruger and Kel-Tec and Taurus have been making nice rimfire guns, Glock gave us no reason to give a crap about this latest release. There is no optics mount or threaded barrel or extended magazine or any feature that makes rimfire fun. This gun is only for ultra poor people who can not feed their G19. Please please please no one buy this gun. Get the new Ruger LCP2 in 22lr, it's a sexy beast.

    2 weeks ago
    • mike

      Agree! Rather have a 617 than this

      2 weeks ago
  • guy

    I bet the old lady would like this and I think it would be very fun and also a great way to get her or the boys to transition into a glock 19.

    2 weeks ago
  • Patrick

    Sooooo, the TX 22 has been out for a year now, and has no problem with getting .22LR to stack reliably in its 16 round magazine and kel-tec had no problem shoehorning 33 rounds in.... I mean that's kinda Bush League of Glock. Also, in this day and age not providing a threaded barrel as standard is seriously underestimating your audience. I get it, not everyone can afford owns a suppressor, but it would be nice to fantasize at least. Glock always seems to miss the boat.... (I'm looking at you Glock 43, Sig 365 is laughing at you.)

    2 weeks ago

    3 years of r&d was a waste of money for a 22. Glock really hasn't done anything revolutionary or improved in 30 years. It's great on the stripping and cleaning aspect, but not much else.

    2 weeks ago
  • Terp

    PCC or bust.

    2 weeks ago
  • Stan

    Maybe as a critter or snake gun on a hike or backpacking. Can't think of another practical use for me. I won't buy one just cuz it's a fun gun to plink tin cans.

    2 weeks ago
  • TFT

    Meh... but I know I’ll buy one anyway.

    2 weeks ago
  • Peter

    It seems expensive for what it is compared to the M&P or TX22. But it is a Glock so......

    2 weeks ago
  • Scott C.

    Just one word... Meh

    2 weeks ago
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