Best Concealed Carry Insurance [Top 5 Comparison]

When it comes to picking CCW insurance, the options can be a little overwhelming. 

Too Many Options

 Just like any other type of insurance though, whether it’s car insurance, life insurance, or even the all-important pet insurance (yes, it’s a thing), it’s always a good idea to check out the offerings of a few companies before deciding on which policy to go with.

If you’re lucky enough to have time to go around and check out all the CCW insurance policies out there, great!  Me too! We should hang out sometime.

For everyone else, you’ve come to the right place, because your favorite writer on your favorite site has done all the legwork for you!  

Never skip leg day
Friends don’t let friends skip leg day.

All you need to do is read on and check out the differences between some of the more popular CCW insurance policies from the comfort of your toilet. Or couch or whatever.

Playing the Insurance Game

I’m sure there are a few of you out there that don’t think CCW insurance is even necessary.  For some of you, this may actually be true, but only if you’re somehow stuck in a state that doesn’t recognize the Second Amendment and you are limited to shooting your firearms at the range.  

On top of that, you also need to have decided that you will never use a firearm in self-defense, even at home.  If you meet those conditions, then CCW insurance might not be for you.

For literally everyone else, you should probably at least check out the most basic options available, even if you don’t carry, concealed or otherwise, because if you ever need to discharge your firearm, whether it’s at home, in your car, or in the sketchy parking lot outside of that equally sketchy Denny’s, you’ll wish you were covered.  

Creepy Denny's
You know the Denny’s we’re talking about…

Even residents of California may want to consider CCW insurance, at least for now, while you are still allowed to defend yourself with deadly force under the Castle Doctrine (check out our CA gun laws article for a refresher).

Those that do carry, either open or concealed, it should be a no-brainer.  CCW insurance is basically just insurance to cover MOST costs associated with using your firearm in a self-defense situation.  

CCW Meme

What Does It Cost Anyway?

The last thing on your mind if you are ever unfortunate enough to be in a situation where you have to discharge your firearm in self-defense, is what is going to happen afterward.  Even if you’re a good shot, or the bad guy doesn’t want to take any chances and decides to flee, you’ll still be left holding the bag when the police arrive.

Regardless of whether the police think it’s a clean shooting, it’s something that needs to be decided in court by a jury, which means court fees, attorneys’ fees, and all the other fun stuff that comes with it.  Unless you’ve got a rainy day fund for this exact purpose, CCW insurance is usually the way to go. And FYI, that rainy day fund could go towards extra guns and ammo instead. Just saying.

Do you accept ammo as payment?
Do you accept ammo as payment?

Covering All Bases

For our comparison, we’ve picked some of the main players in the CCW insurance field to cover.  Even with the stats we go over in this article, there are some pieces of information that we didn’t include.  

We didn’t bother to list out the services that every company provides, like 24/7 phone support, and having higher tiers of insurance that come with additional coverage (and fees), since it’s essentially the same across the board.

Hello, yes this is dog
24/7 Phone Support is standard!

Of course, once you’ve settled on the two or three policies you might want to go with, it’s always a good idea to check out the information from those specific providers and take a look at all of the things that come with the policies to see which one best suits your needs.

What To Look For

While everyone’s got their own views on what is most important to them in an insurance policy, at the very least, information like how much you would be covered for in a civil trial or a criminal trial and how much of the bail amount is covered should be right at the top of all of our lists.  

Also, keep in mind that our comparison looks at the lowest tiers for each company, so there is always an option to upgrade for more money to get that extra coverage you want. With that, let’s get on with the show!

Best Concealed Carry Insurance Providers


One of the leading CCW insurance providers in the field, USCCA has been providing CCW insurance for a very long time, and with that time, comes experience.  


Of course, no policy is perfect, and there are some slight downsides to the offerings by USCCA.


Being a big name and established company comes with benefits, like providing coverage in the entire US as part of all of their policies, even at the lowest tier.  Another big draw for USCCA is the fact their coverage is for ALL legal weapons you might use in self-defense.  That means even if you couldn’t get to your gun in time for some reason, and you had to resort to using a kitchen knife instead, you would still be covered by USCCA.


It’s not all sunshine and butterflies though, even with USCCA.  The main downside to their policies is that while they do offer upfront payments rather than reimbursements, the upfront payments only apply to criminal defense costs and payment of your bail bond.  

It’s a double whammy when it comes to bail bonds since the bail bond payment is actually deducted from your criminal defense fund.

What this means is that under the USCCA plan, you will need to wait for reimbursement when it comes to your civil defense.  For your criminal defense, the coverage limit essentially factors in the bail bond amount, and right off the bat, your bail will eat into that fund.

Of course, it’s less of an issue if you go with a higher tier that offers a larger coverage amount, but then you’re also paying more for your insurance at that point.

The Numbers

It always comes down to the numbers.  Here’s where USCCA stands:

  • Monthly cost – $22/mo
  • Civil defense coverage limit – $500,000
  • Criminal defense coverage limit – $100,000
  • Bail amount – up to $100,000 (amount is deducted from criminal defense limit)
  • Lost wages compensation- $3000 total

We have a full review of USCCA from our editor who’s been a paying subscriber for a while.

USCCA Membership
USCCA Membership

What’s your take on USCCA?

Readers' Ratings

4.22/5 (49)

Your Rating?

2. NRA Carry Guard

**UPDATE** 8/15/2019

RIP NRA Carry Guard. After two years of lawsuits and state investigations, the NRA has announced that they are shuttering the NRA Carry Guard and closing it down.

However, according to The Trace the NRA does plan on launching other insurence products and options in the future.

Relatively new to the scene, NRA Carry Guard has the obvious name recognition of the NRA, and many of the benefits of being associated with the organization.  Not surprisingly, though, the plans they offer are a little more run-of-the-mill, and really is just the very basic option for those who want to get CCW insurance but don’t really know much about it at all.

NRA Carry Guard
She carries.  Do you?


With its name recognition and the backing of the NRA, the biggest draw for the NRA Carry Guard plans is that it covers not only the entire US, but also the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Canada.  

No other plans we’ve come across provide such wide geographical coverage, making this one the most appealing for travelers, or just anyone looking for a basic CCW insurance plan to buy and forget about.


Of course, being a big name brand also means customers are more willing to let you get away with offering a little less in some areas as a tradeoff.  Our biggest gripe with NRA Carry Guard is that payments for costs are made only as reimbursements.

This means you’ll need to pony up all the costs upfront and wait for the policy to pay you back later on down the line.  If you don’t have the money to make the bail bond payment or even pay your attorneys initially, you might be SOL.

Another less concerning, but still disappointing issue is that at the standard tier, the civil defense coverage under NRA Carry Guard is lower than their competitors.  

Again, having the association of the NRA definitely helps them cut a few corners here and there, though of course, it’s still better than no coverage at all and definitely not a second-rate policy by any stretch.

The Numbers

As usual, the numbers are what usually makes or breaks the deal.  Taking a look at NRA Carry Guard:

  • Monthly cost – $16.17/mo
  • Civil defense coverage limit – $250,000
  • Criminal defense coverage limit – $100,000
  • Bail amount – $20,000
  • Lost wages compensation – $250/day

3. CCW Safe

While not as big as USCCA or NRA Carry Guard, CCW Safe is a well-established and time-tested CCW coverage plan.  

CCW Safe

It also has a pretty good selection of attorneys to represent you if you ever end up in court, including the attorney who defended this one guy named George Zimmerman.  You might’ve heard of him.


One of the biggest draws for CCW Safe is that there is no limit on the amount of criminal or civil defense you are covered for.  

Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry when discharging your firearm since you should only ever use it at the range or in self-defense.  It’s just the policy of CCW Safe to provide as much coverage as you need, not as much as they’re willing to budget.

Of course, an unlimited defense budget only makes sense if they pay for everything upfront.  Fortunately, they’re not psychos and don’t require a reimbursement method of payment, so you won’t have to worry about paying for any of your civil or criminal defense costs at all.  

Lastly, CCW Safe is the only company we came across which offered a plan specifically for those who only want to be covered for self-defense in their homes.  If you don’t or can’t carry outside the home, you can sign up for their Home Defense plan, which provides the same coverage, just limited to your home.


While close to being the perfect plan, there is one major downside to CCW Safe policies.

 You must have a CCW permit in order to sign up with CCW Safe or live in a state where a permit is not required.  Otherwise, you’ll only be able to sign up for their Home Defense plan.

The Numbers

So what does this awesome plan cost you?

  • Monthly cost – $22/mo
  • Civil defense coverage limit – no limit
  • Criminal defense coverage limit – no limit
  • Bail amount – $500,000
  • Lost wages compensation – $250/day

Yup…we have a full review of CCW Safe too!

4. US & TX Law Shield

Does size really matter?  Your mom seems to think so.  That’s right, a mom joke.

U.S. LawShield

Seriously though, even though they are one of the smaller companies in the CCW insurance game, US & TX Law Shield offers a relatively competitive plan, at very competitive prices.  

With that lower price, however, are some tradeoffs.


You’d think a smaller company with lower prices wouldn’t be able to compete with the big boys at all.  And you’d be wrong. Despite their size, US & TX Law Shield actually has no limit on their civil or criminal defense coverage, exceeding the offerings from companies like USCCA and NRA Carry Guard.  

What’s more, the payments are made upfront, so you don’t need to worry about waiting for reimbursements on attorneys’ fees while you’re busy planning your legal defense.


The lower cost has to be made up somewhere, right?  With the cheaper offering from US & TX Law Shield, their basic plan offers NO lost wages compensation, and there are additional charges tacked on to the plan if you want to have bail coverage or have your policy effective throughout the entire US.  

It’s essentially a way to tailor your plan to suit your needs, though after adding back in all the coverage offered as part of a standard policy by the other companies, you might end up paying about the same anyway.

The Numbers

Getting down to brass tacks, here’s where US & TX Law Shield stands:

  • Monthly cost – $10.95/mo
  • Civil defense coverage limit – no limit
  • Criminal defense coverage limit – no limit
  • Bail amount – no coverage at the basic level
  • Lost wages compensation – no coverage at the basic level

5. Second Call Defense

Not the last call, but the second call (get it???), Second Call Defense sits right in the middle of the big name companies and the smaller ones, offering decent coverage limits, which aren’t the best, but also not the worst.

Second Call Defense


Like some of the better plans, Second Call Defense offers upfront payments of all your covered fees, such as attorneys’ fees, so you don’t have to shell out the money yourself for bail or during the trial.  The coverage also ranks right up there with the big boys and covers the entire US in their standard plan.


As a middle-tier offering, the criminal defense coverage is on the lower end, as is the bail amount.  Of course, this is pretty much expected going in, with the pricing being lower than the bigger name companies but higher than the rock-bottom priced competitors.

The Numbers

With nothing surprising here as a middle-of-the-road offering, Second Call Defense numbers look like this:

  • Monthly cost – $14.95/mo
  • Civil defense coverage limit – $500,000
  • Criminal defense coverage limit – $50,000
  • Bail amount – $5000
  • Lost wages compensation – $250/day

So Which Is The Best?

This is where you get the favorite answer of lawyers everywhere: it depends.  While it seems like a cop out, it really does depend on what you want, and what you think you’ll need.  

Even the staff here at Pew Pew Tactical have gone with different providers to suit our individual needs, ranging from USCCA to CCW Safe, and even US & TX Law Shield.  The main thing is that you get some type of insurance, rather than none at all.

USCCA, of course, is arguably the most well-known CCW insurance provider, so you can’t really go wrong with a policy from them.  

It’s also nice that their plans cover all forms of legal weapons, while most other plans only focus on firearms. You never know when your pistol might jam and you need to grab a 9-iron to knock a guy out.   

Personally, CCW Safe is the one for me, as it’s got a proven track record with their stellar attorneys in some big name trials, and no limit on the civil or criminal defense coverage amounts.  

As an added bonus, they offer a Home Defense option for our brothers stuck behind enemy lines who aren’t allowed to use their firearms outside the home.

ccw meme

Ultimately, just like choosing any other insurance policy, try to see which of these plans seem like they would fit you the best, and check them out in detail.

We even have a couple of reviews on some of the providers, to help you make a more informed decision – if you haven’t read those, take a look at our USCCA and CCW Safe reviews.  

Even at around $20/mo for a typical CCW insurance policy, the money adds up, and could easily be spent on ammo instead, so it’s a good idea to be sure you know what you are getting for your money.  

Everyone’s situation is different, and someone in a free state like Texas may want to consider a policy which provides more coverage than someone living in the heart of New York City.

It’s also important to note that not all the policies we compared are available in all states.  There are varying insurance and firearms regulations across the 50 states, so it never hurts to pick 2 or 3 options just in case your top choice isn’t available in your home state.  

Moving is always an option too.

Still Here?

If you’ve made it this far, pat yourself on the back and grab a cookie.  You should have enough information to at least know which plans to look into further and be able to decide on (or switch to) a CCW insurance plan that best suits the needs of you and your family.  

After that, all that’s left is to get out and get in some pew pew time at the range. Practice makes perfect!

Was there a CCW Insurance that we didn’t cover? What CCW insurance did you choose? Let us know in the comments! If you’re looking for a new CCW gun, take a look at the Best New CCW Guns!

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  • Steven

    Not sure why one would discount disqualify Law Shield because of the class action suit against them for over aggressively pushing their service at TX LTC (CHL) classes, when USCCA overaggressively pushes their services in your email inbox every single day.

    4 months ago
  • Fred Jimenez

    Hi, went with Armed Citizen Legal Defense Fund....hope I don't need it but am glad to have it.

    5 months ago
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    Also, do any of them cover you if you act to save someone else's life?

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  • Jim Vaughn

    What about Firearms Legal Protection?

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    Uscca will not take clients from WA state, because of insurance regs. Bummer! Also, same problem as Ryan...can’t see last few columns in chart.

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    Cannot read the read the last two columns on the right side of the chart. Ads cut them off. Definitely an interesting topic for me. I would like to see the whole chart.

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