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Author Paul Yen

Paul was a little late in getting into the firearms game, but since that fateful handgun purchase in his 20's, he's had a newfound appreciation for the Second Amendment. A patent attorney by training, he puts his legal background to good use by translating the ever-growing number of firearms laws into actual English for gun enthusiasts and freedom-loving firearms owners everywhere.

Gun Laws

FOPA: Understanding the Firearms Owners Protection Act

We explain what the Firearms Owners Protection Act (FOPA) is and what it means to FFL holders and everyday citizens. (Read)

Gun Laws

Gun Control Act of 1968: How It Affects Gun Owners Today

We take a look at the Gun Control Act of 1968, which continues to govern most of today's gun laws. Learn the roots of the GCA and how it affects you. (Read)

Gun Laws

DC vs. Heller: Exploring a Landmark Case for 2A

We dive into District of Columbia vs. Heller -- a landmark Second Amendment case you should definitely know. Come see what it's all about. (Read)

Gun Laws

Are Sawed-Off Shotguns Legal to Make or Own?

We answer the important question...are sawed-off shotguns legal or will the ATF come knocking? See what our legal guru has to say. (Read)

Gun Laws

Title I vs. Title II Guns: What’s the Difference?

We cover the difference between Title I and Title II firearms, breaking down the terms so you know what you're looking at next time you go to the gun store. (Read)

Gun Laws

NY Governor Declares Emergency Over “Gun Violence”

New York Governor Cuomo declares a Disaster Emergency over gun violence, targeting it with state funds and two new pieces of legislation. (Read)

Gun Laws

Miller vs. Bonta: What It Means for CA Gun Owners

We break down what the recent Miller vs. Bonta means for California gun owners and the future of AR-15s in the Golden State. (Read)

Gun Laws

922r Compliance: How to Comply in 2 Easy Steps

We walk you through what 922r compliance means and how to get there in two simple steps. If you love foreign guns, check this out! (Read)

Gun Laws

ATF’s Proposed Rules on Firearms, Receivers [Guide]

We take a look at the ATF's recent proposals redefining firearms and receivers and help you understand what it all means. (Read)

Concealed Carry

[Review] CCW Safe Concealed Carry Insurance: The Best?

Is CCW Safe the best concealed carry insurance you can get? We dive into its coverage limits and compare it against other big ones like USCCA and NRA. (Read)

Gun Laws

AutoKeyCard Explained: Why Did the ATF Shut It Down?

We explain what an AutoKeyCard is, why the ATF takes issue with it, and what legal defenses its creator might mount against the Feds. (Read)

Gun Laws

The Hughes Amendment & Machine Guns: What’s the Deal?

Ever wondered why you can't just go buy a machine gun? You can thank the Hughes Amendment for that. Come read more about this law and its impact. (Read)

Gun Laws

Firearms in National Parks: Can You Concealed Carry?

As temps grow warmer you might be tempted to head outdoors and enjoy the beauty of national parks, but can your guns go too? Come find out. (Read)


[How-To] Buy Ammo in California: Laws, Online Ordering, & COE

In California and want to buy ammunition for your guns? We cover everything you need to know and how to actually buy ammo in the Golden State. (Read)