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Author Jacki Billings, Editor

Jacki Billings delved into the world of guns while working towards her black belt in Yongmudo. Armed with a degree in journalism, she’s penned thousands of articles for the gun industry. She’s passionate about self-defense and sharing what works (and what doesn’t) with readers.


Weekly Wrap: Baldwin Movie Set Turns Tragic & Maxim Intros MD-1505

A tragic accident leads to the death of one and injury of another on the set of Alec Baldwin movie, Ruger ships the first Marlin, and Maxim unveils MD-1505. (Read)

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8 Best Compact 9mm Handguns

Looking for a concealable 9mm you can tuck just about anywhere, but still shoot almost as easily as a full-size handgun? Check out our favorite compact 9mms (Read)


How to Buy a Suppressor Online [Ultimate Guide]

First time buying a suppressor? We got you covered with a step-by-step guide on how to buy the silencer of your dreams online. (Read)


Ammo Shortage to Continue: What’s the Holdup?

Manufacturers and retailers agree the ammunition shortage will likely continue for a while. What's slowing things down? Come find out. (Read)


Weekly Wrap: States Swap Info on Guns, Capone’s Colt 45 & PPT Is Hiring

In this Weekly Wrap, Capone's Colt 45 auctioned off, SilencerCo's new suppressor, and which states are trading gun data. Oh and PPT is hiring! Come apply! (Read)


Weekly Wrap: Barrett’s Mk22, Blackhawk Holsters & FFL Mandates?

In this edition of Weekly Wrap, we look at Blackhawk's new custom holster options, talk about Barrett's Mk22 and look at a new bill that could impact FFLs. (Read)


Weekly Wrap: S&W Moves to TN, NRAAM 2022, & Nosler’s M21

Get up to speed on Smith & Wesson's move to Tennessee, Nosler and Springfield's newest guns, and the NRA Annual Meeting's new 2022 location. (Read)


Weekly Wrap: Brace Update, SLx Scope, Military Red Flag Laws

In this Weekly Wrap: a new defense bill looks to add red flag laws, Primary Arms launches a new scope, and the ATF gives an update on pistol braces. (Read)


Weekly Wrap: Glock & Army, 3.2M New Gun Owners, & Beretta M9A4

In this Weekly Wrap we cover new gun owners in 2021, talk about Beretta's new M9 variant and...the Army chooses Glock?? (Read)


Weekly Wrap: Chipman Out, Bump Stocks, & a Glock Watch?

We walk you through all the gun news of the week -- from Dave Chipman's exit as ATF Director nominee to U.S. military courts ruling in favor of bumpstocks. (Read)


Inside Look: LAPD Chooses FN 509 MRD LE

The LAPD will use the optics-compatible FN 509 MRD-LE as its new duty pistol...and we got the inside scoop on how the decision was made. (Read)

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Best Places to Buy a Suppressor: Online & Off

In the market for a new can but don't know where to go? We got you covered with a list of the best places to buy a suppressor. (Read)


U.S. State Dept. Bans Russian Ammo Imports

The U.S. State Department banned Russian ammo imports, but why? We deep dive into what caused this and its effect on American consumers. (Read)


Rare Breed Triggers & ATF Battle Over FRT-15 Trigger

The ATF recently classified Rare Breed Triggers' FRT-15 as a "machine gun" but the company fired back. Come get all the details on this trigger and the pending case. (Read)