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Remembering Operation Red Wings: What Happened?

Operation Red Wings is one of the darkest times in SEAL team history and the inspiration behind the movie Lone Survivor. So what exactly happened? (Read)

Beginner's Guide

Top 5 Firearms Instructors (That You Can Still Learn From)

Want to learn shooting from the best? We gather our favorite firearm instructors from all around the US. Now get your learn on! (Read)


Hague Convention: Does It Only Allow FMJ vs Hollow Point Ammo?

Can the US armed forced only use full metal jacket (FMJ) ammo instead of hollow points? Does this affect what you should use for self-defense? Answers! (Read)


What Guns Did People Panic Buy During COVID & Protests 2020?

Eric Hung from Pew Pew Tactical shares his data with Gun Sports Radio on what people panic bought during COVID and BLM Protests. (Read)

Beginner's Guide

Top 7 Firearm Myths & Misconceptions

Ready for some fairy tales? We go over some of the most enduring firearm myths & misconceptions that still plague the gun world. (Read)


History of Gun Media: What's Changed?

How has gun media changed from its start in the 1900s to the golden age of print magazines and now to internet publications? And what's next? (Read)


California Ammo "Freedom Day"

For a few brief hours Californians could order ammunition online without it going to an FFL plus a background check. Now what? (Read)


Gun Retailers Can Now Offer Curbside Service (Thanks ATF)

The US BATFE released an industry letter announcing that gun retailers can offer curbside services to sell guns and ammunition. (Read)


Confiscation and Crisis: Hurricane Katrina (And Can It Happen Again?)

How did gun confiscation happen during Hurricane Katrina? And can it happen again in America during the next crisis? (Read)


10 Best New Guns Of 2020

The best part of SHOT Show? Seeing all the new guns for the year. Here are our top 10 best ones coming out soon! (Read)


Valentine's Day Gun Gifts From YOU to YOU [2020]

You'd BERETTA be my Valentine. Sorry. Here's our picks for the best gifts you can get yourself. Or not so subtly hint to your significant other. (Read)


NRA Alternatives: Pro-Gun & Special Interest Groups

Looking to help the 2nd amendment cause but not with the NRA? We've rounded up the most popular pro-gun, special interest groups, and state organizations. (Read)

Concealed Carry

Open Carry vs Concealed Carry [Pros & Cons]

Carry curious? We go deep into the pros & cons of open carry vs concealed carry so you know what's the best for your situation. (Read)


SHOT Show 2020: Best & Cringiest Stuff

The Pew Pew Tactical team chooses their best and cringiest products and marketing from SHOT Show 2020. (Read)
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