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Best Mall Ninja Weapons: When You Want to Tacticool

Ready to embrace your inner mall ninja? We've got the must-have weapons to complete your mall ninja arsenal. (Read)


A Zombie Retrospective: How the Undead Became Cool

We look at the zombies of the early and mid-2000s and the impact this pop culture fad had on the gun, gear, and ammo industries. (Read)


9 Weird, Bizarre Guns You’ve Never Heard Of

We love weird, oddball guns around here! So, come take a look at our round-up of some of the strangest gun designs we could find. (Read)


Guns of Hollywood: Which Firearms Made Their Mark?

Ever watched an action movie and thought...that gun stole the show? Well, we rounded up some iconic guns who took starring roles in film. (Read)


8 Worst AR-15 Parts & Accessories

We walk you through some of the most ridiculous and worst accessories for the AR-15. If you want a good laugh, come see what made our list. (Read)


Can a Flare Gun Be Used for Self-Defense?

Have you ever looked at a flare gun and thought...what if? Well, we have! So we dug into the research to see if you can use a flare gun for self-defense. (Read)


[Video+Review] Glock 18: Full Auto Machine Pistol

What happens when you combine full-auto with a pistol...you get the Glock 18! We take this fun little gun to the range to sling some lead. Come see! (Read)


Best Guns of SOCOM: Rifles, SMGs, Pistols & More

We take a look at an assortment of weapons found among U.S. SOCOM teams -- from rifles to handguns to machine guns and even grenade launchers. (Read)


9 Most Realistic Gun Scenes in Movies (And Some Ridiculous Ones)

Do movies ever get guns right? Find out our picks of the most realistic gun scenes in movies...plus some truly ridiculous ones. (Read)


TGC Panel 2021: Garand Thumb, Pew Pew Tactical & More

The Gun Collective will host the TGC Panel 2021 in Houston, Texas Sept. 4 with Garand Thumb, Pew Pew Tactical, and making an appearance. Come get the deets! (Read)


Best 3D Printed Gun Gear for Pistols, Rifles & Shotguns

We 3D print 10 different gun accessories to see if this technology is worth the investment. Come see what we 3D printed! (Read)


M240B Machine Gun: Machine Gunner Review

Our resident machine gunner runs down the pros and cons of the military's M240B. Ever wanted to know what it's like to run a machine gun? Come find out. (Read)


ARs & High-Speed Kits: A Chat with Tacticool Girlfriend

We sit down for a chat with Tacticool Girlfriend -- a content creator with a lot of cool gear and advice for a variety of gun owners. (Read)


6 Worst Shotgun Tactics You Should Avoid

Let's do some myth busting and look at six pieces of advice that you should just avoid when it comes to shotguns. (Read)