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[Quiz] What Shooting Range Persona Are You?

What kind of shooting range goer are you? A beginner with one gun or someone that's going to incur the wrath of the RO? Find out now! (Read)


[Quiz] What Gun Meme Are You?

You know you want to! Answer some easy questions in our quiz to see what gun meme are you? (Read)


7 Famous Hollywood Gun Enthusiasts: They Exist

Hollywood leans left, but guns are for everyone. Check out our surprising list of what celebrities embrace their 2nd amendment rights (Read)


[Quiz] How Well Do YOU Know The US Constitution?

Are you a real American? How well do you think you know your constitution? Hold onto your powdered-wig and stockings as you take this quiz! (Read)


Best Father's Day Gun Sales & Deals [2020]

Father's Day is just around the corner. Get Dad (or yourself) something special by taking advantage of these awesome sales. (Read)

Gear Reviews

MantisX Training System [Hands-On Review]

Want the best way to train at home? We review the high-tech MantisX which diagnoses your shots when you're dry-firing and on the range. (Read)


7 Best John Moses Browning Firearms

John Moses Browning (JMB) was one of the best firearm designers of all time. Here's some of our favorite JMB guns from the 1911 to the M2 Machine Gun. (Read)


Best Shooting Ranges in the World: A Bucketlist

Got money and love shooting? If you're looking for a destination vacation combo with guns, check out our picks for the best shooting ranges in the world. (Read)


The Roni Bunker Ep 4: Glock Upgrades, Vara Safety Reach

In this latest episode we cover Glock upgrades we've been doing in isolation plus a quick run through of the Vara Safety Reach biometric pistol safe. (Read)


The Roni Bunker Ep 3: Mantis X Training & A Cool New Carrier!

The newest episode of the Roni Bunker brings us trying out MantisX's newest dry-firing gizmos and also the RAC plate carrier from HRT. (Read)


Roni Bunker Ep 2: Quarantined & Retail Therapy

Episode 2 of the Roni's been 4 weeks since we've been quarantined and here's our update. Plus some retail therapy in belt and light setups. (Read)


Roni Bunker Episode 1: Apartment Fitness!

Keep in shape at home even during a quarantine! Updates on our YouTube channel and then a few of our favorite exercises. (Read)


Valentine's Day Gun Gifts From YOU to YOU [2020]

You'd BERETTA be my Valentine. Sorry. Here's our picks for the best gifts you can get yourself. Or not so subtly hint to your significant other. (Read)


SHOT Show 2020: Best & Cringiest Stuff

The Pew Pew Tactical team chooses their best and cringiest products and marketing from SHOT Show 2020. (Read)
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