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[Guide] Best Showers Guns to Protect Your Bathroom

Hear a crash while lathering up? What's a person to do? Grab a shower gun, of course! Come see our list of the top 10 best shower guns. (Read)


[History] Atchisson AA-12 Shotgun: A Full-Auto Icon

We dive into one of the most iconic shotguns in pop culture -- the AA-12 Shotgun. Come see how it all began and what the future holds. (Read)


I Lost All My Guns in a Boating Accident: The Truth

Where did the "I lost all my guns in a boating accident" meme originate? Plus our favorite shirts remembering your tragic loss. (Read)


The Guns of Christmas…Movies [Ultimate Guide]

Take a tour through the wonderful world of Christmas movie guns and find out which films are a must-see for the holidays. (Read)

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Best Gun T-Shirt Brands for Men and Women [2020]

Want to make your range buddies jealous with some sweet t-shirts? Check out our roundup of the best gun-themed t-shirt brands on the market. (Read)


Top 10 Video Games for Hardcore Gun Nerds [2020]

Video games are often the starting point for many future gun nerds. So, which are the best of the best? We rounded up some of our favorites. (Read)


Alternative Meats for Your Thanksgiving Meal

Wanna kick it back to the first Thanksgiving with somethings other than turkey? Add these alternatives to your shopping list. (Read)

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Cyberpunk: Best Guns and Gear For Sci-Fi Fans

Are you excited for Cyberpunk 2077? We're rounding up the best real-world gear to satisfy your sci-fi cravings while you wait. (Read)


The World's 10 Worst Gun Ideas & Accessories

There's a lot of good gun ideas and accessories out there, but also a lot of really, really bad ones. (Read)


Top 5 Famous Shooters of the Old West

Love the Old West? We cover a few of our favorite lawmen, outlaws, and sharpshooters that graced the iconic period of American history. (Read)


Top 10 Most Famous Movie Guns [2020 Update]

Ready for some iconic & famous guns on the silver screen? We cover some of our favorites through the ages. (Read)


[Quiz] What Type of Gun Fanboy Are You?

Glock, HK, Hi-Point? Find out what type of gun fanboy you are with our quick little quiz. (Read)


[Quiz] What Shooting Range Persona Are You?

What kind of shooting range goer are you? A beginner with one gun or someone that's going to incur the wrath of the RO? Find out now! (Read)


[Quiz] What Gun Meme Are You?

You know you want to! Answer some easy questions in our quiz to see what gun meme are you? (Read)
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