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Quick Review: Glock E-Trainer Cheap Dry-Fire Practice Tool

Dry-fire practice is one of the most important parts of becoming a better shooter. The Glock E-Trainer makes dry-fire practice even more beneficial by allowing you to continue to squeeze the trigger without racking the slide to reset it. (Read)

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Micro Roni Review



Glock's Military MHS Pistol Now Commercially Available as Glock 19x

SIG may have won the US Military's new handgun contract, but Glock also released a strong contender in their 19MHS. Even though it wasn't chosen by the military, you can now pick up a civilian version of that firearm in the Glock 19x. (Read)


Gen 5 Glocks: What's New With Our Favorite Gun?

After much waiting, Glock's Gen5 lineup has finally arrived. Check out the brand new Glock 17 and Glock 19 here and see what's new. (Read)


Grey Ghost Precision Glock Slide/Barrel Combo [Review]

Looking for a match grade Glock slide combo that looks and shoots great? Grey Ghost Precision is the answer after acing our fit, feel, and accuracy tests. (Read)


Four Glock .45 ACP Models to Make You Forget the 1911

If you want .45 ACP power and Glock Perfect, we'll help you choose the perfect model in terms of size, feel, capacity, price, and more. (Read)

Gear Reviews

Micro Roni Stab Review: Best Glock Conversion on the Market?

There's a million Glock carbine conversions out does the Micro Roni Stab stack up? Let's take a look and find out. (Read)


Best Glock Mag Holders and Holsters

Want to hold more ammo for your Glock? We cover how to choose the best mag holster, our favorite companies, and our favorite models for whatever your use. (Read)


Glock 80% Spectre Parts List

Find out all the parts you need to finish Polymer80's "Spectre" 80% Glock pistol. Plus, pre-assembled parts kits for both the frame and slide, and upgrades! (Read)
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