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Top 10 Gun Myths

One shotgun blast can clear an entire room. All guns are assault rifles. See our top 10 gun myths that keep getting perpetuated by movies and media. (Read)


11 People You'll Meet at the Shooting Range

If you've ever been to the shooting range, you'll recognize at least a couple of these classic characters. How many have you experienced? (Read)


Top 10 Firearms Blogs of 2016

My list of the Top 10 Firearm Blogs of 2016 that I actually read everyday. Each one has a different feel and topic scope that together keeps me on top of everything from news, to training, gear, and the latest memes. (Read)


Shooting in BLM Land

So you've heard about free target shooting on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land? We'll go over how to find a place to shoot, rules & regulations, and optimum targets. (Read)


Does a Pillow Silencer Work?

You've seen it in movies and tv does the pillow silencer work? Our favorite competitive shooter Jerry Miculek puts the gun myth to the test: (Read)


Stopping Bullets with Water Balloons

Another cool video that showed up recently. How many water balloons does it take to stop a .44 magnum bullet? We'll also cover older videos that test shooting a 50 caliber into water & even shooting guns underwater. (Read)
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