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[Guide] Everything You Need to Know about Tannerite

Tannerite is a fun way to add some excitement to your day at the range...if used properly. Read on to find out how to use it safely and effectively. (Read)


How to Buy a Tank...Yes, Really!

A tank isn't exactly something you can CC, but nothing says personal defense like 50 tons of armor and a literal cannon! Find out where, how, and how much to buy your first tank! Or at least have fun window shopping for one. (Read)


Steyr AUG [Hands-On Review]

There are a lot of bullpup rifles on the market, almost none as iconic as the Steyr AUG though! From Die Hard to the Outback of Australia, this rifle is battle proven and interesting to handle. Learn all about it! (Read)


YouTube Sucks. Here's Where To Go To Watch Gun Videos These Days

Okay, YouTube doesn't suck, but they are banning some of our (and your) favorite firearms content, which got us to thinking about YouTube alternatives for the Second Amendment supporters out there. We found a few options that will work...also some reasons to stick it out on YouTube. (Read)


Monday Mailbag #1

You've got questions, we've got answers. If you have something you want to know, come in and ask here. Our experts are standing by to help YOU learn more about guns, shooting, training, defending yourself, and more. Here are some of our favorite questions from the past week, covering bipods, gas blocks, and more! (Read)

Gun Reviews

Kel-Tec Sub-2000: A 9mm Folding Carbine [Review]

Want a rifle with a small footprint but don't want an SBR or a brace stocked pistol? Kel-Tec's Sub-2000 just might be the answer! We review the rifle and some of the best upgrades and accessories available. (Read)


Franklin Armory BSF III Binary Trigger [Review]

The Franklin Armory Binary Trigger allows a shooter to simulate full-auto fire without the expense and NFA restrictions of a truly fully-automatic lower. Find out more about this cool piece of engineering (and see why it might be going away forever). (Read)


4 Guns that Changed the World

Firearms advancement comes down to power, speed, weight, and accuracy. Every once in a while an invention changes the world. It doesn't happen often and it normally isn't recognized for it until decades later. Well, here are four guns that changed the world of firearms. (Read)


Famously Deadly: The Guns Used in Infamous Assassinations

Firearms have shaped the history of the world, but they haven't always had a positive impact. We took a look at the guns used in some of the most famous assassinations in history to better understand the way guns have been used to change the world. (Read)


International Travel with Firearms

Flying internationally with a gun may seem like a daunting prospect, but it can be surprisingly simple if you know what you're doing. Let's talk about what you need to do if you're traveling outside the country with a firearm. (Read)


A (Not So Brief) History of the M16

The M16 is one of the most iconic and prolific weapon's platforms on the planet. This rifle, despite a rocky start in the jungles of Vietnam, would go on to change the way nearly every Western nation outfitted their troops. Let's take a look at the storied history of the mighty M16. (Read)


Killmonger and the Kardashians: Meet Hollywood's Go-To Gun Trainer

Black Panther made roughly all the money this weekend, so we talked to the guy who got Killmonger moving and shooting like a pro. We also talked about the Kardashians, and converting those who don't necessarily like guns at the range. (Read)

Gear Reviews

Review: Seek Thermal Camera with Inteliscope Mount

Wanna turn your phone into a thermal scope you can use with your rifle? Does that sound insane to you? Well, strap in as we take a look at the Seek Thermal Camera and Intelliscope mount and find out if its just an expensive novelty, or an actually useful tool. (Read)


Crazy Guns that Never Were

Rocket bullets, triangle cartridges, and a nuke firing rifle - just some of the crazy firearms ideas people have come up with that never left the prototype stages of development - find out why and what else as we take a look at some Crazy Guns that Never Were! (Read)
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