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Category History


A Picture from History: Otto Frank

We take a look at Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank, and a man desperate to protect his family against the Nazis. (Read)


A Picture from History: Sergeant Alvin C. York

We take a look into the life of Sergeant York who, alongside 7 of his men, heroically captured over 100 German soldiers during World War I. (Read)


Machine Guns: The History and Evolution of Rapid Fire

We dive into the history of machine guns to find out how they came to be and how they've changed over the years. (Read)


A Picture from History: Simo Häyhä, Lethal Sniper

We look at one of the most deadly snipers in history…a small Finnish farmer who took on Soviet forces during The Winter War in 1939. (Read)


A Picture from History: Francis Marion

This Independence Day weekend we take a look at Francis Marion, an instrumental player in the fight for American freedom and independence. (Read)


History of Beretta: The Oldest Firearms Maker…Ever

We catch you up on the 400+ years behind the world's oldest gun maker -- Beretta. From the hills of Italy, come see how Beretta started. (Read)


A Picture from History: Kristallnacht

In this dive into history, we look at the Night of Broken Glass that left Jewish businesses vandalized and destroyed in November 1938. (Read)


Guns of Heroes: What the Good Guys Carried

We walk through some impressive acts of American heroism, looking at the who, what, when, where and...most importantly, the guns. (Read)


A Picture From History: Dogs For Defense

In this Picture From History, we look at how dogs entered service in WWII and their contributions to the war effort then and now. (Read)


[History] The Sten Gun: From WWII to Now

We take a look at the Sten and why this submachine gun built in a home workshop took Europe by storm during WWII. (Read)


A Picture From History: Walter Mess

We look at the fascinating life of Walter Mess, an unsung OSS hero of World War II, in our latest dive into history. (Read)


Famous Western Movie Guns: Best From the Wild West

We love Westerns! So, we've gathered up our favorite films and the guns that made them iconic. Come see what made the list... (Read)


A Picture From History: Battle for Hong Kong

We take a look at the impressive might and will of young, undertrained Canadian troops who bravely fought the Japanese Imperial army in Dec. 1941. (Read)


The History of the Galil: Israel’s First Battle Rifle

We peek into the past to see how Israel's Galil became a battle-tested rifle serving soldiers in the Israel Defense Force. (Read)
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