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Weekly Wrap: Supreme Court Unanimously Backs NRA & NSSF Launches Gun Storage Check Week

The Supreme Court unanimously sided with the NRA and the NSSF launches its inaugural Gun Storage Check Week promoting safe gun storage.
We review products independently. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission to help support our testing. Learn more.

    Welcome to a weekly series here on Pew Pew Tactical dedicated to the gun news you need to know.

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    So, keep reading for this week’s notable news headlines…

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    Supreme Court Unanimously Backs NRA in Free Speech Case

    In a unanimous decision, the nation’s High Court backed the National Rifle Association in a federal lawsuit against Maria T. Vullo, previous Superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services.

    NRA Logo

    The NRA brought a federal lawsuit against Vullo in 2018 after she allegedly conspired to have the pro-gun group blacklisted from financial institutions. Operating under former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Vullo urged banks and insurers to sever relationships with the NRA. The pro-gun group argued Vullo conspired to suppress its pro-2A speech.  

    The case has spent several years working its way through the court system, eventually landing at the Supreme Court.

    Supreme Court 2023
    Front row, left to right — Associate Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., Associate Justices Samuel A. Alito, Jr. and Elena Kagan. Back row — Associate Justices Amy Coney Barrett, Neil M. Gorsuch, Brett M. Kavanaugh and Ketanji Brown Jackson. (Photo: Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States)

    The question asked of the court was, “Does the First Amendment allow a government regulator to threaten regulated entities with adverse regulatory actions if they do business with a controversial speaker, as a consequence of (a) the government’s own hostility to the speaker’s viewpoint or (b) a perceived “general backlash” against the speaker’s advocacy?”

    After reviewing the case, all nine justices agreed the government cannot threaten regulatory actions because they don’t agree with an organization’s message. In a 31-page opinion written by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the court concluded that though Vullo could criticize the NRA, she could not “wield her power, however, to threaten enforcement actions against DFS-regulated entities in order to punish or suppress the NRA’s gun-promotion advocacy.”

    The ACLU, a notorious left-leaning organization, backed the NRA – even arguing the case for the pro-gun group.

    Budget Handguns

    “While the ACLU disagrees with the NRA’s advocacy, we are proud to defend its right to speak,” said ACLU Legal Director David Cole in a press release.

    “Public officials cannot be allowed to abuse their regulatory powers to blacklist an organization just because they oppose its political views. If New York is allowed to do this to the NRA, it will provide a playbook for other state officials to abuse their authority to target groups they don’t like.”

    After the opinion was handed down, the NRA said it was pleased with the ruling.

    “This is a landmark victory for the NRA and all who care about our First Amendment freedom,” said William A. Brewer III, counsel to the NRA. “The opinion confirms what the NRA has known all along: New York government officials abused the power of their office to silence a political enemy. This is a victory for the NRA’s millions of members and the freedoms that define America.”

    The decision vacates the lower court’s ruling and remands it for further review.

    VT Governor Lets Ghost Gun Bill Slide Through Without Signature

    Vermont’s Gov. Phil Scott allowed a ban on so-called “ghost guns” to take effect without his signature.

    The bill, S.209, would prevent residents from possessing unserialized firearms commonly assembled from 80% kits or 3D printers. Though the bill does not entirely prohibit home-built guns, it does require owners with an unserialized firearm to undergo a background check and get the firearm serialized.

    80% Arms GST-9 Parts
    GST-9 Parts

    Anyone who does not follow the new regulation and commits a crime with an unserialized firearm would see stiffer penalties.

    The bill doesn’t stop there. In the weeks leading up to the legislative vote, lawmakers added a provision preventing the possession of firearms at polling locations.

    80% Arms GST-9 Sanding Frame

    Scott, a Republican, questioned the practicality of the bill when it was introduced but quietly let the measure go into law without his signature. Writing to legislators, Scott said, “As a public safety measure, I agree firearms should be serialized.”

    “Again, while my concerns on the practical impacts and enforceability keep me from signing this bill, I’m allowing it to go into law because I understand the fears behind access to untraceable firearms and respect the effort to tailor the scope and exceptions to limit impact for law abiding citizens.”

    Vermont is now the 14th state to place regulations on “ghost guns.”

    NSSF Launches Gun Storage Check Week, Encourages Gun Owners to Safely Stow Guns

    The National Shooting Sports Foundation encourages gun owners to check their gun storage practices during its inaugural Gun Storage Check Week from June 1 to June 7.

    The event serves as a reminder to gun owners to ensure they are practicing safe gun storage when their firearms are not in use.

    Gun Safety

    Joe Bartozzi, President and CEO of NSSF, said the goal is to help prevent firearm accidents, suicides, and thefts.

    “Securely storing guns when they’re not in use can save lives. It’s really that simple,” Bartozzi said in a statement. “No one wants their gun in the hands of an unsupervised child, a person in crisis, someone who does not understand how to safely operate firearms, or a thief. If something bad happens because your gun isn’t stored securely, you’ll regret it, probably forever.”

    Gun Storage Check Week

    The NSSF says there are plenty of options when it comes to securely stowing guns, including:

    • Cable locks — available free of charge in most cases, including through NSSF’s Project ChildSafe program
    • Lock boxes – perfect for car or bedside storage
    • Lockable gun cases – great for travel
    • Full-size gun cabinets and safes – ideal for multiple guns and the best protection against theft and fire

    “Periodically, all gun owners should review their firearm storage practices because people’s lives change—a child grows older and becomes more curious, a teenager or adult happens to be going through a rough patch in life,” said Bartozzi. “These and other situations might require a change in storage habits or devices.

    “Make Gun Storage Check Week the time you check the box on safety in your home by making sure firearms are secured from unwanted access.”

    SecureIt Fastbox 20 open

    For more information on Gun Storage Check Week or additional resources, head over to the Gun Storage Check website.

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