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Springfield M1A Springfield M1A National Match Springfield Armory M1As
Springfield M1A Springfield M1A National Match Springfield Armory M1As
  • Classic styling
  • Great iron sights
  • Accuracy can be dependent on trim level
  • Not the best for optics
Editor’s Note:

The Springfield Armory M1A is a modern version of the classic US military M14 battle rifle. This semi-automatic rifle uses a Garand-style rotating bolt and operating rod combined with a short-stroke gas piston. Magazine capacity ranges from 10-20 rounds of .308, and the rifle is available in several different trim levels, from base models all the way to Super Match variants.

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Springfield Armory M1A Specs

Barrel Length
16-22 in
7.62x51mm Nato, .308 Winchester, 6.5mm Creedmoor
Overall Length
37.25 - 44.33 in
7.8-11.6 lbs

Springfield Armory M1A Features

22" Barrel (Loaded and NM models include National Match Barrel)
2-stage trigger (Loaded and NM models include National Match Trigger)
Walnut or composite stock
Flash suppressor
Aperture rear and NM front sight (NM model includes National Match rear sight)
Bedded action (National and Super Match models only)

By The Numbers - Springfield Armory M1A

We’re genuinely super confused about what happened with the accuracy tests of the guns, and don’t feel particularly comfortable assigning this area a grade while the results were inconclusive.
For all of the weird issues we had with the M1As, reliability in terms of operation wasn’t one of them.
There are a ton of aftermarket accessories available for the M1A, such as radically different chassis that update its design ergonomics to something that feels much more modern if you can’t stand the old-school vibe.
It was par for the course during the 40s, but is it fair to judge an antiquated set up by modern standards? The gun will work just fine if you adapt your shooting style to it, but it is not the most comfortable experience in the world.

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Springfield Armory M1A Variations & Comparables

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Yes, it looks like an Ugg boot…now with that out of the way, the FN SCAR 17S is a nifty rifle that will make all your range mates jealous. Though it feels clunky, and there’s not a ton of aftermarket here, it brings a smooth, reliable shooting experience. Plus, it’s just fun. The folding stock makes it easy to tote to and from the range. It also has rails for optics but beware it will destroy cheap optics. Only the finest of glass here.

The FN SCAR 17S is chambered in .308 and offers a reliable rifle with a folding stock. It features a 16.25-inch barrel with 1:12 RH twist and a magazine capacity of 10 or 20 rounds, depending on your state. It’s a clunky 8 pounds, but shoots well and performs reliably.

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M1 Garand

M1 Garand


The M1 Garand was the first standard-issue self-loading rifle adopted by the US. A simple but elegant design, the Garand uses a long-stroke gas piston that operates a rotating bolt. It is fed by an 8-round en-bloc clip that makes the distinctive “ping” sound once the clip is automatically ejected after all the rounds are spent. Chambered in the powerful 30-06 cartridge, the semi-automatic Garand gave US soldiers a huge edge over enemies and allies alike who were still using slower bolt-action rifles.

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(1 rating)
DSA SA58 Improved Battle Rifle

DSA SA58 Improved Battle Rifle


The DSA SA58 Improved Battle Rifle takes the ruggedness and reliability of the original FAL design and adds modern features. This rifle uses the B.R.S. (Battle Rifle Buttstock), which is adjustable for length-of-pull and comb, and also allows the gun to fire when folded. Also present is DSA’s extreme duty Picatinny scope mount and M-LOK front handguard. This allows you to mount all the optics and accessories you need to bring one of the most proven rifle designs in the world into the 21st century.

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Springfield Armory M1A Upgrades & Accessories

final verdict

“We really hope we don’t accidentally end up summoning the M14 defense squad by even suggesting that these guns are not the absurdly accurate sniper platforms it feels like a segment of pop culture has made them out to be, and for the umpteenth time we’re readily willing to accept that the problem may very well have been us.

As for the rifles themselves – they certainly have their niche. Guns that are a nod to the past are definitely a blast to own and shoot, and if you’re considering purchasing an M1A, we’d imagine it’s likely because you have some sort of sentimental or historical interest in the rifle – not because you’re looking for something that’s going to outperform an AR-10.” – John Currie

Video Review of Springfield Armory M1A

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