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Rough Rider Heritage Rough Rider 4 inch Heritage Rough Rider 9 inch
Rough Rider Heritage Rough Rider 4 inch Heritage Rough Rider 9 inch
  • Affordable
  • Cheap to shoot
  • Fitment could be better
  • Sub-par accuracy
Editor’s Note:

The Heritage Rough Rider is an easy-to-shoot plinker that’s great for all skill levels. This single-action army inspired revolver is designed to be light and easy to operate in a fun-to-shoot package. The standard Rough Rider features a 6-shot .22 LR cylinder (.22 Magnum cylinders are available). It sports either classic-style western grips or birdshead-style grips, and it is available in various barrel lengths from 3 to 12 inches. If you are looking for an affordable gun that is cheap to shoot, this is it.

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Heritage Rough Rider Specs

Barrel Length
4-16 in
Magazine Capacity
22 LR

Heritage Rough Rider Features

6-shot .22 LR cylinder
Front blade sight, notched rear sight
Single-action only
Zinc alloy frame
Steel alloy barrel and cylinder
3 to 12" barrels available

By The Numbers - Heritage Rough Rider

While I don't expect a cheap rimfire SAA to be a tack driver, I do expect point of aim and point of impact to match. The Rough Rider has mediocre accuracy and your sights may be on or off depending on luck.
As long as none of the screws back themselves out, these guns work relatively well. As always, .22 LR can be finicky.
Grips are available, and there are models with Pic rails and threaded barrels if you want to make a space cowboy gat. Not much else is out there.
You get your typical SAA revolver ergonomics here, which means it should fit most hands fairly well. The light weight helps as well.
These are cheap, fun, and nifty guns, just don't expect an ultra-durable super shooter.

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Heritage Rough Rider Variations & Comparables

Heritage Barkeep

Heritage Barkeep


If you’re looking for an easy-to-shoot plinker that’s great for all skill levels, the Heritage Barkeep ticks all those boxes. This single-action army inspired revolver is designed to be light and portable in a fun-to-shoot package. The Barkeep features a 2-inch barrel, a 6-shot .22 LR cylinder (.22 Magnum cylinders are available), and classic-style western grips. The frame uses a simulated case-hardened finish that helps give this gun its distinctive look.

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Heritage Rough Rider 16″

Heritage Rough Rider 16″


The Heritage Rough Rider 16″ is inspired by the Colt long-barreled, long-range buntline revolvers of old. The Rough Rider is a single-action only revolver based on the old single-action army revolvers of the 19th century. It is available with either fixed sights or adjustable sights, and like all Rough Riders, users can easily swap a .22 Magnum cylinder in for added firepower and fun. The extremely long barrel gives shooters more accuracy, as well as a gun that is sure to turn heads at the range.

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Ruger Wrangler 22LR

Ruger Wrangler 22LR


Can’t beat the price on this quality and durable wheel gun. Some things can be improved but overall, this is a solid plinking gun.

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Heritage Rough Rider Upgrades & Accessories

final verdict

“Cheap, fun, and kinda cool – that is the Rough Rider in a single sentence. Only running about $100-175, the Rough Rider is easy on the wallet and makes the decision to buy a goofy plinking gun that much easier. You can get all sorts of barrel lengths and grip designs to fit your style, making it even more appealing. As for the actual shooting experience, it is okay…at best. Shooting .22 LR is always fun, and feeling like a cowboy is even cooler, but the Rough Rider has limitations. The accuracy is nothing to write home about, and it definitely isn’t enough to be considered a great training aid. My Rough Rider tends to shoot about an inch and a half left at 7 yards, and the sights aren’t adjustable. But hey, it was $120 bucks and it’s fun, and that’s what matters with these guns. They make for great gifts, whether to yourself or for a family member.” – Wyatt Sloan

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