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Optics & Scopes

Vortex Spitfire HD Gen 2 3X & 5X Prism Optics [Hands-On Review]

We take the Vortex Spitfire Gen 2 3X and 5X for a test drive to see how these two prism optics do at close and longer range shooting. (Read)


Weekly Wrap: Chipman Out, Bump Stocks, & a Glock Watch?

We walk you through all the gun news of the week -- from Dave Chipman's exit as ATF Director nominee to U.S. military courts ruling in favor of bumpstocks. (Read)


AK Models: Ultimate Guide to Kalashnikov Rifles

We take a look at the AK series of rifles, breaking down the various models and, most importantly, telling you where you can get the civilian equivalent. (Read)


A Picture from History: I Will Stay

In this Picture from History we look at Richard Webb -- a blind man from Louisiana who bravely brought his Ham radio to a local hospital to save lives. (Read)


[Video+Review] Sig Sauer MPX K: MP5 Killer?

We got our hands on the Sig Sauer MPX K pistol caliber carbine...and boy, did it run! Come see why we think this PCC is one of the best on the market! (Read)

Gun Laws

Gun Control Act of 1968: How It Affects Gun Owners Today

We take a look at the Gun Control Act of 1968, which continues to govern most of today's gun laws. Learn the roots of the GCA and how it affects you. (Read)


80% Lowers & Kit Sales Spike in 2021

We investigate the increase in 80% sales to see what retailers are experiencing and what the spike in sales is rooted in. (Read)


1791 Ultra Custom Holster: Sous Vide Your CCW [Review]

We love a custom holster so when we saw the 1791 Gunleather Ultra Custom Concealment Holster, we knew we had to try it. Come see what we thought! (Read)