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[Guide] How to Install the Magpul BAD Lever

Learn how to quickly install the Magpul Bad Lever which helps you manipulate the bolt catch with just your right hand.

Reload faster and lock your bolt more easily with this AR-15 upgrade.

Tools Needed

  • Magpul BAD Lever ($30): Installed on every single one of my lowers.  It drastically lowers the time to reload (you don’t have to slap the bolt catch with your left hand) and also the ease of locking your bolt to the rear.

First start off with an unloaded rifle and disconnect the upper receiver from the lower receiver.  All we’re going to need is the lower.

Magpul BAD Lever
Magpul BAD Lever

You should receive four parts.

Back Section of BAD Lever
Back Section of BAD Lever

Place the rear section behind your bolt catch.

Assembled BAD Lever
Assembled BAD Lever

Put the front part on and screw on.  Easy peasy.  Check out the AR-15 Guides below for more upgrades and how-to’s.

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  • David Sutton

    Okay, what does it do?

    June 6, 2020 6:41 pm
  • Billyjoebob

    no mentions of the redi-mag?

    November 17, 2018 9:30 pm