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Ruger GP100 Beginner Gun Review

Quickly learn everything from reliability, affordability, shootability, upgrades, and more in our Ruger GP100 Review. (Read)


Best 1911 80%: Stealth Arms, 1911 Builders, Tactical Machining

We compare 1911 80% products from Stealth Arms, 1911 Builders, and Tactical Machining. Everything from pricing to difficulty, calibers, frame materials, and more. (Read)


Top 10 Firearms Blogs of 2016

My list of the Top 10 Firearm Blogs of 2016 that I actually read everyday. Each one has a different feel and topic scope that together keeps me on top of everything from news, to training, gear, and the latest memes. (Read)


Best 1911 Upgrades & Mods

Find out the best 1911 upgrades to make your gun perfect. We're breaking it down into easy DIY mods, gunsmith required upgrades, and recommended products. (Read)


Angeles Shooting Range (Sylmar, CA) Review

Learn all about the nuances of Angeles Shooting Range before you get there...from range maps to safety procedures, best times, and even coupons. (Read)
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