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The Gray Man Loadout

Is discretion really the better part of valor? We took a look at the "Gray Man" style that eschews the "tacticool" look in favor of looking like just another face in the crowd, while being prepared for any situation. (Read)


Crimson Trace Offers Options for New Gen5 Glocks

Crimson Trace laser grips on a Glock are a combination that are hard to beat, and now early adopters of Glock's Gen 5 lineup can enjoy CT lasergrips too. (Read)


3 Best Rangefinders For Shooting [2019]: Dope It Right

If you’ve ever shot at any real distance, you know how important it is to know the distance to your target. These rangefinders take the guesswork out of it. (Read)

Gear Reviews

[Holster] Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 Review

Comfortable, concealable, and affordable. That's what Alien Gear's Cloak Tuck 3.0 brings to the table. See if it's the right IWB holster for you. (Read)

Optics & Scopes

Best Affordable Optics that Won't Break on You

Putting optics on all your guns can be a huge hassle and drain on your bank account. Here are some of the best optics that can be had at affordable prices. (Read)


Med Kits: The Most Important Thing to Have at the Range

When packing your range bag, there's one thing you need to always make sure you have. It could save your life, or the life of another. (Read)


Our Top 5 Favorite Kydex Holster Makers [2019]

Finding a Kydex holster you like can be a long, annoying, and often expensive process. Here are our favorites after dozens of holsters and countless hours of carrying. (Read)

Optics & Scopes

Choosing a Rifle Scope Driving You Crazy? We Can Help

Have you been struggling with choosing a new rifle scope? Wondering what all those numbers mean? We're here to help you get the best new scope possible. (Read)


Ballistol Product Review

Does Ballistol beat our tried and true Hoppe's No. 9? Find out in our review of its effectiveness, smell, price, and other useful purposes besides firearms. (Read)

Beginner's Guide

I Bought a Gun! Now What?

Congrats, you bought a gun! So now what? Follow us as we go through safety, cleaning, ammo, safes, and your first day at the range. (Read)


Best Beginner Hunting Rifles

Everything you need to know to buy your first hunting rifle for small, medium, and big game. Specific models, calibers, and optics suggestions. (Read)

Beginner's Guide

Essential Gunsmithing Tools

Find out the most essential gunsmithing tools you'll need to keep your firearms running in great shape or to make easy modifications. (Read)
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