1911 80% Tactical Machining Build, Part 7: Sear & Hammer Pin Holes

Quickly learn how to drill the sea and hammer pin holes for your 80% 1911 project.


Keep the jig on like you did for the slide cutting and barrel seating.  You’ll just remove it from the vise and lay it flat.  Remember to bubble level it and clamp it down!  Disclaimer again.


Choose whichever bit size first.  Here I went with the 4mm hammer pin hole.  I’m going to drill just through one side.

1911 Hammer Pin Hole Jig
1911 Hammer Pin Hole Jig

TOO EASY after what you’ve been through.  Now finish up the other three holes.

1911 80% Hammer and Sear Pin Holes
1911 80% Hammer and Sear Pin Holes

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