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[Top Ten] Vickers Tactical Videos

Larry Vickers is the real deal and we've been a fan of his Vickers Tactical YouTube channel for years. Here's a few of our favorite videos.

One of our favorite YouTube Channels, Vickers Tactical is not only insanely entertaining to watch – but also one of the most real-world informative channels on YouTube for firearms.

You can find a range of videos from training, to slow-mo of rare firearms, to legendary guest speakers, and impossible to find elsewhere content.

Who is Vickers Tactical?

The man in charge is Larry Vickers, retired from the U.S. Army with many years spent in 1st SFOD-Delta – Larry is the real deal.

Warrior, trainer, inventor, there are few in the firearms industry that can claim a resume as impressive as he.

But the YouTube channel isn’t the only thing Larry does these days, Vickers Guides are a series of books with amazing photograph and history on rare firearms across a wide spectrum of topics.

Vickers Guides2

Finally, Larry has developed or helped develop some major innovations for the firearms community. Best known for his Vickers Sling, he has also involved in the design of the HK416, Glock accessories, and Wilson Combat parts for the 1911.

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Best Vickers Tactical Videos

1. Russian Spetsnaz Competition

The only thing I don’t like about this video is that it was WAY too short!

Vickers had the awesome opportunity while visiting Russia several years ago to attend a yearly Russian training/competition event held for the Spetsnaz (Russian special purpose units from military and police forces)

There is a lot of cool information the keen-eyed observer can unpack from this video from the equipment used, the tactics employed, to also how different the Russian version of “safely training” is from western standards!


Sure, it’s an AK.

But it’s also one of the very, very few AKs of this type in the United States…and it’s full-auto! So that makes it wicked cool to watch. Plus, badass slow-mo.

3. Shooting at an INSANE Killer Robot!!! Or a cool Moving Target Drill.

Training for Skynet or just sharpening a skill – shooting at moving targets isn’t easy and is likely not on your training schedule. Larry and crew head down to Gunsite for some training and give some great tips on how to stay on target.

4. US Ordnance M60E6

The “Pig” has been in service since the Vietnam war, but while the USA has made strides to replace their aging M60s in inventory, some nations are looking to upgrade and overhaul theirs.

This video is a few years old, but provides an outstanding overview and break down of the new and improved US Ordnance M60E6 along with some comparison with the older M60E4.

5. Chinese AR-15 – Norinco CQ M311-1

Another rifle that is just impossible to find in the USA, the Chinese made Norinco M311-1 is an AR-15 clone, but with some…interesting twists and turns. And of course, badass slow-mo!

6. Russian Alpha AK

Larry has a lot of great videos from his time visiting Russia, he also got to spend a load of time working with Russian special forces and watching how they trained and the gear they ran. Back home, he takes a look at his version of an “Alpha AK47” – a build trying to clone what some Spetsnaz are running. 

A very cool look at foreign gear and how you can build your own Alpha clone!

7. Inside AK-74

Soooo much badass slow-mo! If you’ve ever wanted a really close look at how an AK fires in full-auto, this is the video for you!

8. Tactical Impact (2008) – Clearing the Street/Building – Episode 1

The first in a series, Larry uses a collection of equipment and firearms to demonstrate not only the tactics behind small unit fighting – but also how the equipment used has changed over the years.

Starting off showing how modern US forces would clear a building before transitioning to what the Wehrmacht would have used and how it would have changed their tactics during the Battle of Stalingrad, one of the closest and most brutal close quarter battles of all time. Continuing on through modern history, Larry gives more examples and real-world demonstrations that are truly fascinating.

I highly recommend the entire set of videos, but this one will get you started off!

9. Navy SEAL Sniper Stress Test

You’ve heard “Train as you fight” and this is that concept in action. Larry teams up with a U.S. SEAL sniper to show us what really training like you fight means. While most of us will never have access to an awesome shoothouse like they used, it still delivers great television and some good ideas for augmenting our own shooting skills.

10. Russian AK-107

If you don’t know what the AK-107 is, let me give you the quick version: Russian space rocket surgery magic.

An updated version, sort of, of the AEK-971 the AK-107 uses counterbalancing forces to deliver an AK in 5.45 that is the most controllable full-auto rifle you’ve ever seen. 

While the design was never really fielded by the Russians or anyone else, the rifle works amazingly well and is a very cool bit of engineering that we in the west are likely to never, ever get our hands on personally.

11. INSANE Russian Counter Terror Confidence Drill

Those Russians…live ammo, literally shooting each other in the chest and trusting their body armor, shooting right next to each other’s ears and faces, and a whole lot more. This is NOT recommended for you at home – but it is cool to see in action.

Parting Shots

These are just a few of the outstanding videos that Vickers Tactical has to offer. I highly recommend checking them out. And if you’re interested in getting some real hands-on training, Larry Vickers also does a host of training classes every year.

Whats your favorite video? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re looking for some more great YouTube videos, take a look at the Pew Pew Tactical channel!

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  • Commenter Avatar

    If you ever get a chance to take a class with LAV, you will really enjoy it.

    May 11, 2019 7:57 am
    • Commenter Avatar
      Eric Hung

      That would be one of my bucket list items!

      May 11, 2019 10:55 am
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