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KelTec P32 KelTec P32 KelTec P32 KelTec P32
KelTec P32 KelTec P32 KelTec P32 KelTec P32
  • Ultra-light
  • Ultra-thin
  • Short recoil operation
  • Full-length slide rails
  • Good capacity for the size
  • Tough-to-use sights
Editor’s Note:

Weighing in at just 6.6 ounces and measuring 0.75 inches wide, the KelTec P32 is the smallest semi-automatic centerfire handgun on the market. Despite its diminutive size, the P32 still offers an impressive 7+1 capacity and uses a short-recoil operating system. A 5-pound double-action-only trigger pull rounds the features out. Designed for deep concealment, the P32 is ideal for a variety of carry situations and styles.

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KelTec P32 Specs

Double Action Only / Semi-Auto
Barrel Length
Magazine Capacity
32 ACP
Overall Length
6.6 oz

KelTec P32 Features

6.6 ounces unloaded weight
0.75-inches wide
7+1 capacity
Rear slide serrations
Short recoil operation
5-pound DAO trigger
External extractor

By The Numbers - KelTec P32

For a little gun, it’s easy to control, and that helps with practical accuracy. Don’t expect to win any contests, but it’s no belly gun by any means.
Pull the trigger, and it goes bang — not much to it.
You can add a magazine extension, a laser, and grip texture, but not much else. A company called Performance Shooting Enhancements makes some ingenious replacement sights that I might have to invest in.
A tiny grip is necessary for concealed carry but not great for your hand. The weapon is simple, with just a magazine release to speak of. The last-round hold open is a nice touch, as is the lightweight racking slide.

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KelTec P32 Variations & Comparables

Beretta Tomcat 3032 Inox

Beretta Tomcat 3032 Inox


A metal-framed .32 ACP semi-automatic pistol is almost an oddity in today’s world. Despite this, the Tomcat is an interesting pistol. A tip-up barrel means you never have to rack the slide, making it accessible to just about every shooter regardless of strength or dexterity. The .32 ACP cartridge is also extremely soft shooting, and even with a heavier trigger, this gun is accurate and fun to shoot.

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Ruger LCP

Ruger LCP


The Ruger LCP is a .380 chambered semi-auto pistol that offers a convenient concealed carry gun to those looking for a slim pistol. Perfect for pocket carry, this tiny pistol also works well as a backup gun. It can hold 6+1 rounds in a standard mag and 7+1 in the extended mag.

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Ruger LCP Max 380 ACP

Ruger LCP Max 380 ACP


“The LCP Max might not win in the looks or shooting department. But it sure is the smallest and lightest gun that will reliably shoot 10 rounds of .380 ACP.” – Eric Hung

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Ruger LCP II w/ Laser

Ruger LCP II w/ Laser


“The Ruger LCP II is a fantastic option for people looking for an easily concealed .380 ACP pistol. It is surprisingly accurate, considering its size, and plenty reliable for self-defense. One thing we’d like to see is better customization options. All in all, we really like this gun.”

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KelTec P32 Upgrades & Accessories

final verdict

“I wouldn’t carry the P32 as an EDC. It does, however, serve well as a special-purpose carry gun. When you need something extremely tiny and crazy lightweight, the P32 is tough to beat. Drop it in your pocket, load it with FMJs, and you’re good to go.” – Travis Pike

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