The Best Mossberg 500 and 590 Upgrades

Confession time: I love shotguns. 

There is just something about delivering what’s best described as a ‘payload of lead’ with each pull of the trigger. 

Plus, the shotgun just so happens to be the most versatile weapon in my armory.

Mossberg 590
Mossberg 590

With a single 12 gauge pump gun, I can hunt deer, birds, and bear. 

I can defend my home or shoot skeet. A shotgun is a do-it-all kind of weapon, as long as it’s at close range. 

One of my favorite modern pump-action shotguns is the Mossberg 590, and the 500 series in general. The Mossberg 500 series and I go back a long, long ways. Over years of use I’ve gathered a few upgrades I know and love. 

The Author Shooting His Mossberg
The Author Shooting His Mossberg. Remember your eye protection, kids!

These are all items I own and have spent significant time with. Only one is what I’d describe as new to me, but we’ll get there soon. 

So let’s get started.

Best Mossberg 500 Upgrades

1. Knoxx Breachersgrip Gen III

In most cases pistol grip only shotguns suck. They are painful to shoot, difficult to control, and filly very niche roles. Very few work well, one being the Knoxx Breachersgrip Gen III from Blackhawk Industries. 

The Knoxx Breachersgrip works with the 590, the 500, and the Mossberg Shockwave. 

The Shockwave is an odd gun legally. I won’t dive into the legal details, but it must remain over 26 inches to be a non-NFA item. This traditionally means you have to use included the included Shockwave Raptor grip. 

I made a big bet when I got the Blackhawk Knoxx Breachersgrip Gen III. I saw it had an odd extension and was really counting on it resulting in an overall length of 26 inches to keep the Shockwave NFA free. 

The Blackhawk Knoxx Beachersgrip Gen III on the Author's Mossberg
The Blackhawk Knoxx Beachersgrip Gen III on the Author’s Mossberg

(To my ATF agents and forum lawyers I just attached a Mossberg 18.5 inch barrel I had on the gun before installing the grip. I don’t even joke about NFA violations.)

The Breachersgrip is a recoil reducing pistol grip designed for short shotguns used in breaching operations. I just wanted a comfortable upgrade to my mini hand cannon. The Breachersgrip greatly reduces felt recoil and makes PGO shotguns comfortable. 

I have put some nasty rounds through guns with this grip, including those powerful PDX buck and ball slugs. I felt almost nothing. It turned a 12 gauge powerhouse into something closer to a 45 ACP from a 1911. 

Full View of the Author's Mossberg with the Knoxx Breachersgrip
Full View of the Author’s Mossberg with the Knoxx Breachersgrip

It’s a modern and comfortable option for handling a mini 12 gauge. It’s sling ready and a lot more comfortable than I ever imagined. Knoxx and Blackhawk have made what’s likely the only traditional pistol grip that’s actually comfortable. 

Recoil reduction is important for more than keeping your wrists from aching. With this grip I can confidently aim the shotgun, I don’t flinch when I shoot, and I can shoot faster and more efficient with it. 

The Breachersgrip is great for replacing standard Mossberg JIC pistol grips, or those found on cruiser models. Most importantly the Breachersgrip from Knoxx and Blackhawk is one way to tame the Shockwave. 

Check out more of our favorite grips (including recoil reducing ones) in Best Mossberg 500/590 Stocks.

2. Magpul MOE Shotgun Forend

Magpul SGA furniture is fantastic for shotguns, and like most Magpul gear it’s extremely high quality and modular. The Magpul SGA Mossberg 500/590 MOE pump allows you to add stuff only where you need it. 

You can attach M-LOK or MOE accessories directly to the pump, or you can attach rails to accommodate any accessory that mounts to Picatinny rails. This allows the easy mounting of lights, lasers, and even chainsaw grips. 

The pump doesn’t overlap the receiver so it doesn’t interfere with side saddles if you want one. The pump is textured and ribbed for a sure grip. Also, it looks cool as hell. 

The Author's Magpul MOE Shotgun Pump
The Author’s Magpul MOE Shotgun Pump

To mount it to a short barreled shotgun or firearm you have two options.

Option 1 is to Dremel the pump to fit the short action tube. It’s easy, but takes a bit of time and the necessary tools. 

Option 2 is an adapter from Hogue. This makes the Magpul MOE Shotgun pump compatible with shorter action tubes. 

Magpul MOE Shotgun Pump with Rails
Magpul MOE Shotgun Pump with Rails

And don’t forget some M-LOK Rails to mount your favorite accessories. 

3. Magpul M-LOK Vertical Grip

If you are rocking a Magpul forend, a Magpul M-LOK vertical grip is the perfect addition. Why, you may ask? Because with a vert grip you are a lot less likely to short stroke the shotgun. 

You get a really solid grip and a stable platform. If you want to be really effective with 12 gauge shotguns you need to learn to mitigate recoil. The best method I’ve found is the push-pull method, pushing forward with the firing hand and pulling rearward with the pump hand.

It’s a lot easier to pull on a vertical grip without worrying about your hand slipping. Since the M-LOK grip mounts directly to the Magpul pump it’s not going to slide off the pump either.

Magpul M-LOK Vertical Grip on the Author's Mossberg
Magpul M-LOK Vertical Grip on the Author’s Mossberg

On Mossberg 500/590s with pistol grips a vert grips adds a lot of control to the gun. It makes it easier to aim, and helps prevent getting an eye full of shotgun. If you start running a shotgun hard and fast the likelihood of your hand slipping is real and those barrels are short. 

If your hand goes in front of the barrel near the time you pull the trigger… Well, it won’t be pleasant. 

4. XS Big Dot Front Sight

Night sights can make a big difference in your low light shooting performance. If you’re like me and still rely on the boomstick for home defense you want to see your sights, no matter what. 

The XS Big Dot front sight is a combination day and night sight that replaces your teeny tiny bead. It’s a massive, high visibility front sight that’s easy to see regardless of the time of day. 

At night it glows bright and you’ll have no issue getting that rock-solid front sight focus. The XS Big Dot is a must have even if you rock an optic. It stands high enough to co-witness with my chosen optic and optic rail. 

XS Big Dot Front Sight in the Dark
XS Big Dot Front Sight in the Dark

By itself, it’s an outstanding sight. The fact that it co-witnesses with my red dot is just icing on the cake. It’s not limited to tactical applications either. This would be great for hunters since a lot of hunting takes place in low light conditions. 

The Author's Own Mossberg 590 and XS Big Dot Front Sight
The Author’s Own Mossberg 590 and XS Big Dot Front Sight

5. Ergo Tactical Stock Adapter

The Mossberg 500’s aftermarket is quite large, but it’s nowhere near as large as the AR-15’s. Some of the best stocks and pistol grips I’ve ever used came from ARs, and the ability to adapt them to my favorite pump shotgun was a godsend. 

The Ergo stock adapter is just that. This small and affordable little piece of gear allows me to easily add my chosen AR 15 pistol grip, buffer tube and stock to my Mossberg 500 and 590. This was one of my all-time favorite buys. I love being able to toss my Magpul AR grip and carbine stock on my shotgun. 

It attaches in about a minute and you instantly have access to a multitude of system options, including the ability to add a brace to a Mossberg Shockwave. It’s also affordable, which is always nice. 

Stock, Grip, and Stock Adapter
Stock, Grip, and Stock Adapter

What do you think of being able to add an AR-15 onto your 500?

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6. LaserLyte Center Mass Laser

Lasers are a great addition for most defensive guns. They offer defensive shooters just one more option when it comes to aiming their gun. The main issue a lot of shooters run into is having trouble finding the dot. 

With the LaserLyte Center Mass laser, you aren’t left looking for the dot. The Center Mass target throws a 9 dot laser in a circular pattern. This mass of lasers is perfect for a shotgun because it’s designed for close quarters shooting.

LaserLyte Center Mass Laser Pattern
LaserLyte Center Mass Laser Pattern

It’s not directly dialed into an actual shotgun pattern. I’m not trying to make the claim that each dot will be directly where a pellet lands. Instead, it gives you a rough idea of your spread will be at particular ranges. 

Closer Look at the LaserLyte Center Mass Laser's Pattern
A Closer Look at the LaserLyte Center Mass Laser’s Pattern

The pattern grows 1 inch per yard and with modern shotgun ammunition that’s actually a bit wider than what a realistic pattern will result in. It does give you a massive, easy to see laser pattern that’s perfect for home defense. 

The Author's LaserLyte Center Mass Laser
The Author’s LaserLyte Center Mass Laser

This particular center mass laser uses a pressure pad for its on and off switch. It’s perfect when mounted to a M-LOK shotgun pump. When combined with rock-solid sights this laser is just one more aiming option for close quarters combat. 

7. Meopta Meosight III

The Meopta Meosight III is my go to miniature red dot optic for my guns. I have two of them so far and will likely have another in the future. They are a great miniature red dot, and mini red dots are perfect for shotguns. 

Miniature red dots give you a lower profile, lighter weight option for close quarters shooting. Since the shotgun is the king of close quarters they are quite compatible. The Mossberg series of shotguns are almost always tapped and drilled for a scope mount. 

Installing a scope mount is easy and there are plenty out there. I went with a simple Monstrum Tactical model. The Meopta Meosight III attaches via a QD mount and is pretty simple to use. 

10 at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

It has two modes, a manual adjustment and an automatic adjustment. 

In automatic mode, it automatically adjusts to the external light conditions becoming brighter and dimmer when necessary. 

The manual mode allows you to easily cycle through 8 different brightness settings. The optic uses a single button for all its controls. This does mean if you miss your favorite manual setting you have to go through all of them again. 

The Author's Meopta Meosight III
The Author’s Meopta Meosight III

Two of my favorite features of this optic aren’t even related to its optical performance, but its logistical performance. First, the battery is changed via the side. There is no need to dismount the optic to swap batteries. Second, adjustments are easy to make, but secure. You can lock the adjustment tabs down with a small flat head screwdriver. This makes it so nothing moves, even on the fiercest recoiling of guns. 

The optic is small, lightweight, but offers a bright, but clear dot. It also co-witnesses perfectly with my XS Big Dot front sight. 

The View Using the Meopta Meosight III
The View Using the Meopta Meosight III

I mention close quarters all the time, but this is a great tool on a Mossberg used for skeet shooting or hunting. Skeet shooting is slowly being infiltrated by miniature red dots. Burris is even producing something they call the speed bead that uses a miniature red dot for sport shooting. 

8. Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling

When it comes to sling selection for any weapon, I’m pretty damned biased. I like my Vickers Blue Force Gear slings. I own a standard issue, an AK limited edition, a Vickers One sling, and even one of the rare Vickers Medic slings. 

The two-point Vicker Tactical sling from Blue Force Gear is my all time favorite sling. What makes it interesting is the rapid adjustment tab. A quick pull rearward or forward of this tab tightens and loosens the sling. 

This allows it to be tightened down when climbing, crawling or running and then bam, instantly loosened for shooting and maneuvering. The quick adjustment tab allows for easy adjustment and control over your weapon. 

The Author Using the Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling
The Author Using the Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling

While it traditionally found on a carbine there is nothing stopping it from being an excellent Mossberg 500 sling. This is another tool that’s not isolated to tactical use. It’s perfect for hunting. 

I love it for climbing a tree stand. I can tighten the sling around my back and work my way up without the gun banging and clanging as I climb. 

9. Opsol Mini Clip

The Opsol Mini Clip is one of the coolest little gadgets you can add to a Mossberg 500 series shotgun. 

The Opsol mini clip is a drop in, drop out upgrade that allows you to reliably use those Aguila mini shells

19 at Brownells

Prices accurate at time of writing

Those mini shells don’t always run super reliably in shotguns, but this adapter makes them run like a dream in the Mossberg 500. In a standard 5 shot tube, you can load 9 rounds of the Aguila mini shells. 

Aguila Mini Shell Loaded into Mossberg 590
Aguila Mini Shell Loaded into Mossberg 590

This is the best 15 bucks I’ve ever spent on a shotgun, especially for those shooting Mossberg Shockwaves. 

Opsol Mini Clip and Aguila Mini Shells
Opsol Mini Clip and Aguila Mini Shells

10. Hornady RAPiD Safe Shotgun Safe

Okay, so this isn’t an upgrade, but it is my personal choice for securing my self-defense shotgun. It’s a really cool system that’s quick and modern.

You have three different options for opening this safe. The first is your traditional key and lock option, which is great in case the power goes out and batteries die. 

The second method is through a 4 or 6 digit combination. The combination keys are 1 through 4 and are illuminated. 

The third is my favorite, the RFID keys. The RFID keys are little round chips that are outfitted with adhesive to mount to almost anything. They can attach to your phone, to a keychain, or whatever you want. 

The Author's Mossberg 590 Safely Secured in His Hornady RAPiD Safe Shotgun Safe
The Author’s Mossberg 590 Safely Secured in His Hornady RAPiD Safe Shotgun Safe

There is also an included wristband that has a built-in RFID chip. The idea is you wear the wristband while sleeping and if something goes bump in the night you have the key automatically on hand. 

Once the combo or RFID key is entered the safe jumps opened. And I mean jumps! You have instant access to your gun and you’re ready to bump back. It does offer limited security to your gun, and shouldn’t be used for long term storage. 

One other downside is you can’t mount an optic and store your shotgun. While the trigger is exposed, the design of the safe makes it so the weapon must be stored with the action opened. This means it’s nice and safe. 

Open Hornady RAPiD Safe Shotgun Safe
Open Hornady RAPiD Safe Shotgun Safe

I still lock my shotgun up in an actual safe when I leave home. Small safes are easily stolen. This safe will keep kids, nosy guests, and other casual folk’s hands off my shotgun, though. 

Check out more of our favorite safes for long guns and pistols in Best Gun Safes.

Mossberg 500 Forever

The Mossberg 500 platform is well proven, dependable and as evidenced above almost endlessly upgradeable. You can tune and customize a Mossberg 500 almost as much as you can an AR-15. 

These are my favorite upgrades, but I want to know yours. Or do you want to check out its main competitor…the Remington 870’s Best Upgrades?

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  • cmblake6

    Now, if I could just find some of these things for my 20 ga Shockwave.

    1 month ago
  • Pete in Alaska

    Many of these aftermarket adds are useful but there is a game changer here that’s missing from the list. The Bullpup Unlimited, Bullpup aftermarket stock.. Turn that 500 or 870 Remington into an even more serviceable firearm with even greater potential. Take a look!

    1 month ago
  • Adrian

    Don’t waste your time with the Knoxx, it’s as robust as a plastic cup. Mine had some gear shift up against it in the back of the Jeep, the guide rails broke. I never knew the plactic rails were the only thing holding the grip on. That piece should be made of aluminum or other metal.

    2 months ago
  • William R. Buchanan

    I am also a M500 fanboy. I have two, a 20" Tac Gun with rifle sights and an 18" HD Gun with the XS big Bead and a Streamlight mounted on the underside of the Magpul Fore end. Both guns have Magpul furniture and are equipped with the larger Remington Recoil Pads. The Tac Gun has had the Vang Comp Treatment to the barrel and it makes all the difference in the world. The gun patterns 00 Buck into 3" at 15 yards and 7" at 25 yds, not to mention the smoother recoil and no tendency to raise the muzzle during recoil. This makes the gun a joy to shoot lots of ammo thru like in a class scenario. Both guns also have a Brownell's Steel Safety with the raised center which makes for more reliable safety deployment either on or off. Both guns have Velcro Side saddles from Brown Coat Tactical as well as side mounted slings using Magpul parts with MY own 1.5" wide nylon slings. I don't keep the Sling on the HD Gun for obvious reasons. Mossbergs run so much easier than 870's and have less issues., and that's why I use them. Would post pics of both guns if allowed. Randy

    5 months ago
  • Susan

    I won a Mossberg 500 Chainsaw 12ga several years ago at a Friends of NRA banquet. Left it in the box until last week when I saw this article. Ordered the Magpul M-Lok forend and the SGA stock. My barrel is that weird breacher barrel and it’s stamped 500. I put the forend on with the 500 anti-roll piece at the castle nut. The forend would not work smoothly and jammed up a lot. Finally took it off and put on the one for the 590. Works correctly and smoothly. Cleaned and oiled/greased appropriately (gun has been sitting for 5 years). Any ideas why the 590 anti-roll piece worked? I can’t stand this barrel and would prefer one without the ugly breacher brake. Anyone know if I can put a differen barrel on? TIA

    6 months ago
    • Card

      Your Mossberg Chainsaw is actually closer to a 590a1 pattern shotgun than a 500-pattern. Any Mossberg 590a1 barrels built for a 5-shot mag tube will work. Be careful, though, because new 590a1 barrels are built to a longer, 6-shot mag tube and will not fit on your shotgun. These particular barrels will work (I've included factory part numbers for clarification) 16025P standard heavy-wall barrel, 16017P choaked heavy-wall barrel, 18925P Ghost Ring Sight heavy-wall barrel [you will want the rear GRS for this one as well]. Hope this helps. If you need more help, Mossberg customer service is actually not half-bad and can assist you with ordering spare barrels.

      5 months ago
  • Cody

    I have a 590 12 gauge. Will the Magpul forend and m-lok vertical grip fit? Some say yes. Some say no. I don't know and don't want to waste my money

    8 months ago
  • Ryan

    What is the Hogue adapter you talk about in option 2 of the Magpul MOE forend solution to having a shorter action tube? I see they make the larger action tube but also make a larger castle nut which is much cheaper than buying the action tube but am not sure if it will work. I'd rather not dremel out my new forend to make this work.

    9 months ago
  • DeadIdahoSky

    Travis, Just wanted to say that I read this entire page. It really helped me decide on the best way to set up my 590. I am using the Blackhawk Gen 2 stock, but was struggling with a forend solution. I shoot Long guns on my left side, and pistols on my right, but have an old injury that prevents me from getting a solid grip on the forend of my 590. After reading this, it looks like the Magpul forend and MLok Foregrip is going to solve my issue. Great in-depth read sir!

    10 months ago
  • Justme

    I have the shockwave. I switched out the safety for one that is more "upright" I kept the birds head grip and went with the "tape" that gives me a postitive grip. I went with the rapid safe myself. The only drawback is what can be mounted on the receiver. As I am a fan of side saddles I went with the cloth ones attached with Velcro. I have two of them velcoed to the door of the rapid safe. I can grab one and slap it on the gun in a milasecond. I do have the opsol mini clip (for practice only as I am a big believer in 00 buck or slugs). At this juncture I am looking around for sighting options.

    11 months ago
  • Wayen

    Look up the local fire-arm regulations and fedral possesion laws, BEFORE you go "modifying" any fire arm. Unless you just plan on keeping it in the gun cabinet or under the bed, to show your buddies what a bad-ass you think you are., when they come over for a BBQ. Adding a "breacher", or full stock to the Shokwave, will make "shouldered" weapon. For that to be leagal, the barrel must be more than 18". The Shock wave is only legal, in and of itself, as layed out in federal perameters as a "speacialty fire-arm", NOT a short barrel shotgun, NOT a pistol grip shotgun, not a pistol, nor does it require a federal tax stamp. Fore grip fine. accessory rail on top for light / laser / sight / ammo, fine. The designed length of pull / barrel length / and specific grip, in conjunction make it legal to own. AGAIN, per ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS DESIGN FROM FACTORY. Look it up.

    1 year ago
  • Wayen

    You do realize, if you modify it from "factory configuration", it is no longer a legal fire-arm, right? For the 14" barrel configuration to be legal, it must have the FACTORY INSTALLED Raptor bird-head grip.

    1 year ago
    • Brian Majewski

      You can now add a brace to the shockwave and still be legal. Brownells sells them (SB Tactical) for 160. I believe you get paperwork as well from the company when you purchase the brace confirming its completely legal.

      10 months ago
      • Brian Majewski

        10 months ago
    • TravisP

      Negative, as long as it retains the OAL of 26 inches it;s legal. I do have an ATF letter clarifying this.

      1 year ago
    • David

      Travis points out in the article that he switched out the barrel before switching the grip/stock - to quote him: "To my ATF agents and forum lawyers, I just attached a Mossberg 18.5 inch barrel I had on the gun before installing the grip. I don’t even joke about NFA violations." This gives it the OAL required for it to be a legal firearm.

      1 year ago
      • Devon

        Will a standard 18.5 inch barrel fit on the shockwave? I have been trying to find an answer to this all day. My impression was that the shockwave has a 5 shot tube that is slightly shorter in length than the standard 5 shot tube Mossberg makes, therefore the "lug" ring at the front of the barrel that slips over the tube will not be in the same position. Can anyone verify this?

        1 year ago
        • Rick

          I do know that an 18.5 inch barrel from a 500 will NOT fit on a Shockwave. They mount differently.

          9 months ago
        • Johnbob2x4

          You’re correct, the 18.5 inch on the 500 has a +1 tube over the shockwave creating a longer space between the lug; which also prevents you from chopping the 500 under 16”.

          1 year ago
        • David

          Sorry, I don't know. If you can't find an answer you might just want to call Mossberg directly, anytime I've had a firearm question that I couldn't answer with Google I just call the company and ask - very positive experience so far with Winchester, Ruger, and Sako.

          1 year ago
  • Tim

    So im trying to find out what the final result of the breachers grip on the shockwave was. Is it legal to install with the 14" barrell? Thanks great article.

    1 year ago
  • And

    So the best forend grip for the mossberg is the one that comes standard on Remington's Tac-14?

    1 year ago
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