Best Discreet Rifle & Pistol Bags [Ultimate Guide]

As a concealed carrier, I have gained an appreciation for discretion and this led me to the world of discreet/diversion bags.

Since I own more than just concealed carry pistols, I like to find ways to be discreet with my big guns while traveling.


Don’t get me wrong; I have my fair share of your normal, everyday gun cases — both soft and hard types.

But most of the time, I prefer to be discreet, and there are several reasons why. More on that in a minute…

Discreet Glee

Let’s discuss diversion bags from top to bottom – what they are, the pros/cons, and which ones you should consider – to help you safely and sneakily travel with guns.

If you’ve wanted to channel your inner spy, read on to see how to do it.

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What is a Discreet Case?

Unlike bulky rifle cases and pistol bags, a discreet bag hides the fact that you’ve got a gun inside.

But there’s a little more to it.

Vertx Commuter Sling
Just a regular sling. Definitely nothing to see here.

There are actually two categories of bags – discreet and diversion — and each has its function.

A discreet case simply tries not to look like a gun case. These ditch the camo colors, MOLLE, big patches, and all sorts of the normal tactical giveaways that plague most rifle cases.

Elite Survival Systems Covert Operation Case
Is it a laptop? Is it a subgun? Who knows.

On the other hand, a diversionary case looks like something else entirely. We’re talking bags that appear more like a tennis racquet safe, guitar case, or laptop bag.

Peak Case Violin
Looks like a violin case on the outside, but inside it’s a different story.

Diversion bags fly under the radar much more than simply discreet bags.

Ok, this all sounds cool and all, but why do I need something like this?

Read on to find out…

Why Use a Discreet Gun Bag?

First reason: deter thieves. Gun cases typically stand out and are easy to spot.

Not to mention, guns prove popular targets of theft because they are valuable, often high-ticket items.

Bugs Bunny Money
It’s all about the resale value.

Say I am out on a hunt, three hours from home, and I need to make a pit stop. When I leave my vehicle, I don’t want a big rifle case chilling in the back seat.

Talk about a prime target for a smash and grab!

Smash and Grab

Even if you aren’t dealing with masked baddies, simply traveling for a class can be troublesome with a long gun.

Staying in a hotel, I definitely don’t want to leave my gun in the car overnight.

I also don’t want to tote it through the hotel, drawing attention to myself. Call me shy, but I prefer people not to know my business.

In a similar vein, I want to keep the Karens away. You know what I’m talking about.

Yells in Karen

One time, I visited my brother in the ‘burbs when I got an invite to shoot with some friends. As I walked to my car with an uncased rifle, my brother’s neighbor happened to pull into her driveway.

Her eyes bugged out of her head. (Not that I completely blame her. A guy she’d never seen before was walking around with a rifle in hand.)

Shooting with the Cloud Defensive OWL
I mean, it’s not like I was walking around like this…

No laws were broken, so, at worst, if she called the police, it would have been a quick encounter; BUT it’s something to avoid, if possible.

Best Discreet Rifle and Pistol Bags

So, we’ve established why you might want a discreet or diversion bag; but now, you’re wondering which one should I buy?

We have you covered with our recommendations for the best gun bags that don’t look like gun bags.

1. Hazard 4 Dropshot Tennis Racket Bag

The Hazard 4 Dropshot model is a purpose-built gun case that looks just like a tennis racket case.

Why this style?

Hazard Dropshot Case
Hazard Dropshot Tennis Racket Case in action

Tennis racket cases are great for discreet carry because tennis rackets are rarely the targets of theft.

While rackets can cost a pretty penny, there is no resale value. Unless you face an up-and-coming tennis champ who moonlights as a criminal, the likelihood of this case being nabbed is low.

Hazard Dropshot Case inside
Inside the Dropshot

The Hazard 4 Dropshot bag features a heavily padded design to protect your weapon and optics from drops, falls, and general storage hazards.

Inside the pack, you’ll find two compartments. A smaller compartment offers a healthy amount of MOLLE and hook-and-loop areas to attach magazine pouches, medkits, knives, and whatever tactical gear you choose to carry.

Hazard Dropshot Case Guns

Meanwhile, the main compartment measures 32.7-inches long and fits an M4-sized rifle with collapsed stock.

Need something for subguns or bullpups? It handles that too.

Using tie-downs, the Dropshot keeps everything locked down and safe.

Despite looking a little plain, it’s simple, and that’s good if you are trying to be sneaky about your wares. You won’t find any MOLLE or patches.

Covert is the name of this game.

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

2. Hazard 4 Battle Axe Guitar Case

If the Dropshot is too small for your needs, fret not, Hazard’s got you with the Battle Axe Guitar Case.

Guitars have an interesting shape that makes them perfect for rifle cases.

Hazard Battle Axe Front
Hazard Battle Axe Guitar Case

First and foremost, there’s a distinctive look to guitars and their cases. And this bulbous body and thin neck aesthetic accommodate a modern rifle well.

The body makes it easy to stow a magazine and optic on the rifle, while the thin neck accommodates the barrel exceptionally well – all without making the case look overly large or odd.

Hazard Battle Axe with Gun
Inside the Battle Axe

The Dropshot is 20-liters, while the Axe Guitar case is 35-liters. Its main compartment measures 40-inches long, so pack a larger rifle or shotgun.

Or go really wild and stow multiple small guns. An internal pad keeps multiple guns separate and safe.

Hazard Battle Axe Inside

The big, open case provides enough room for the rifle, as well as a chest rig, magazines, and a whole lot more.

Outside, the Axe Guitar Case offers three external pouches, varying in size.

Hazard Battle Axe Pockets
All the pockets!

One accepts multiple magazine pouches, another delivers hook and loop accommodation, and the last measures just small enough for a sandwich if you get hungry.

The Axe Guitar case can be worn as a backpack or with a single shoulder strap. You can also channel your inner rockstar by toting it around via the carrying handle.

All in all, it’s a sweet setup. Perfect if you want to travel discreetly (and look cool doing it).

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

3. Peak Cases (Pretty Much all of Them)

Let’s talk about a company that produces hard cases for firearms that are both discreet and ultra-cool.

Peak Company makes cases in various shapes and sizes. Outside of being discreet, they protect your weapons extremely well.

These are purpose-built deceitful cases that appear, on the surface, to be guitar cases, violin cases, and even medical first aid kits.

Peak Case Scorpion Evo 3
Looks like a first aid kit, but looks are deceiving.

But lo and behold, there’s a gun lurking inside!

Standard cases look rectangular and plain, with no MOLLE, Multicam, or anything screaming, “gun.”

That said, the quality is very nice, and the contents of these cases will easily be mistaken for A/V equipment.

Peak Case Inside

Regardless of style, Peak Cases delivers custom cut foam inserts designed for specific weapons.

If you are worried you won’t find one that fits, don’t be. You will be surprised at just how many guns Peak Cases accommodates.

From AR-15s to CZ Scorpions, Shockwaves, and even oddballs like the SRM 1216 and the Tikka T3X TAC A1…they have it.

Editor's Pick Not-A-Shotgun
at KY Gun Co

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Oh, and did I forget to add, the cut foam will often accommodate extra ammo, magazines, and other accessories? That’s a nice touch.

Blending that custom cut foam with a hard exterior design makes these bags extremely protective.

Peak Cases brings the cool factor that doesn’t damage your guns and gear.

at Peak Cases

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

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4. Elite Survival Systems Covert Operation Cases

Are you a big fan of subgun-style braced pistols like me?

Well, then the Elite Survival Systems Covert Operation Case will be perfect for you.

Built for these teeny tiny guns, the Cover Operation Case accommodates a variety of braced pistol styles.

Elite Survival Systems Covert Operations Case-Front
Elite Survival Systems Covert Operations Case

This includes the Micro Scorpion, Roni Glocks, K model MPXs, K model MP5s, and so many more fun subguns.

Using an ultra-small case design reminiscent of a laptop bag, the Covert Operation comes outfitted with strap tie-downs to keep weapons secure and unmoving.

The guns squeeze into the pack, looking like they stepped out of an awesome 80s spy movie.

A View to Kill
This could be you.

It opens quickly and cleanly, allowing you to retrieve your subgun without removing the bag. In short, you can fight Russian spies through the streets of Moscow, no prob.

Or, you know, move your gun easily from your car and back to your gun safe.

Elite Survival Systems Covert Operations Case
Hidden inside.

With an external pouch that compliments the main pouch, basic gear can be brought along for fun. Additionally, inside the main compartment, you’ll find a magazine pouch.

The Covert Operation Case is simple, well made, and tough. But warning: it’s a little pricey.

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

5. Sneaky Bags Covert Rifle Bag

Sneaky Bags started my obsession with discreet rifle bags. The company’s sole purpose is to make nondescript bags to hide gear, guns, and much more.

Bags range in size from 22- to 36-inches and accommodate everything from a Micro Scorpion to a standard carbine length AR-15.

Sneaky Bags Covert Rifle Bag
Sneaky Bags Covert Rifle Bag

The Covert Rifle bag is my go-to rifle bag for travel and in public. I have the standard 31-inch variant, and it accommodates most of the guns I own – carbine-length rifles.

While they don’t actively imitate other bags, they do avoid looking like an everyday rifle case. It’s long, tall, oval, and available in several colors that are completely non-tactical.

It features one main compartment and one small round compartment.

Sneaky Bags Spyder Covert Rifle Bag
Sneaky Bags Spyder Covert Rifle Bag.

The main compartment measures 12-inches wide, enough to easily accommodate a gun with optic and most magazines.

It ships with a divider, allowing you to carry more than one gun and preventing them from bumping or grinding against each other.

Inside, it’s slick without straps or dangling junk. You can draw your gun with speed and without something getting caught.

Quite convenient.

Sneaky Bags Covert Rifle Bag Inside
A peek within…

The secondary pouch is large enough to accommodate lots of mags, drums, an IFAK, or some light load-bearing gear. It even offers MOLLE ladders and hook-and-loop for quick attachment of gear.

A plastic insert rests on the bottom of the bag, protecting it from sharp muzzle devices and blowouts.

Covert Rifle Bag Rear

Zippers are lockable, and the pack comes equipped with two rear straps for easy backpack carry.

It’s made from 1000D nylon – a tough and mostly water-resistant material. I wouldn’t go swimming with it, but it can hold a little rain off.

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

6. Vertx Commuter

The Vertx Commuter goes beyond a discreet weapon case…it’s a load-out bag.

You can fit so much stuff in it!

Designed with organization in mind, users can load up on daily essentials like laptops, tablets, daily electronics, an IFAK, multitools, a knife, a flashlight, spare phone batteries, and a gun.

Vertx Commuter Front
Vertx Commuter looks like a regular bag

Multiple compartments allow you to store essential everyday gear and your tactical gear together.

And because they are in different compartments, your fixed blade knife or three 33-round Glock magazines aren’t revealed if you need to remove your computer or phone charger.

The oversized rear main pouch has enough room for a broken down short-barreled rifle or AR-15 pistol. Stuff a Micro Scorpion, Sig Sauer Copperhead, KelTec Sub 2k, or any sized handgun you want.

Vertx Commuter Open
Stick an IFAK or other gear in the pocket.

A Velcro-compatible material allows you to latch down gear or guns with ease.

In total, four different compartments offer different organizational options.

The Vertx can hold enough supplies to go to class or enough to bail out for a day or two when a disaster occurs.

San Andreas Disaster Movie
If San Andreas happens, you’ll be ready.

A massive sling strap distributes weight well and makes carrying a full load pretty comfortable. The stability strap does a great job keeping the bag from jumping and bouncing as you move.

Vertx Commuter Back Panel
Hide more stuff in the back.

At the same time, the Vertx Commuter appears to be a plain sling bag on the outside. Honestly, it looks like something you’d find with an UnderArmour or Nike logo – sporty and modern.

All in all, it’s perfect for discreet daily carry.

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

7. UTG Alpha Battle Sling Pack

A lot of these bags could be considered pricey, but don’t worry. There are budget-friendly options out there — case in point, the UTG Alpha Battle Sling Pack.

The Alpha bag is either 30- or 34-inches depending on your selection. You have options as far as colors go — dark earth and blue and gray on black. (I prefer the blue.)

UTG Alpha Battle Sling Rear
The rear of the UTG bag.

As a sling bag, it offers a center point sling that attaches to the right or left side of the bag. The thick sling supports the weight of whatever firearm(s) you carry.

Speaking of guns, you can fit a lot of different kinds in this bag.

Even the 30-inch bag can accommodate a broken-down AR-15, rifles, or shotguns with folding stocks. A padded divider is included to keep two long guns stored safely without them grinding away at their respective finishes.

UTG Alpha Battle Sling Inside
Look at all that storage space.

Included tie-down straps keep the rifles from shifting and moving. This makes carrying the gun more comfortable since guns do not shift around the bag.

The UTG Alpha Bag is mostly solid, but it has one cardinal sin — the big UTG logo.

While UTG isn’t a household name, logos like this rub me the wrong way.

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

8. Regular Tennis Racket

Many options exist, outside of the gun/tactical industry, that aren’t necessarily built for gun ownership…but they still manage to work somehow. A standard tennis racquet case is one such example.

Sure, it will work.

But I stick to purpose-made cases because they support the heavier weight of a gun in a better manner. They tend to be better built, water-resistant, and disguise a gun less conspicuously.

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing


Transporting guns discreetly doesn’t have to be a difficult task with the right bag. Whether you opt for an innocent-looking guitar-style case or a work-appropriate sling bag, there’s plenty of rifle bags available to meet your needs.

Hazard Dropshot Case on person

Do you fine folks have any discreet carry cases you’d recommend? Let us know below. In the meantime, if you’re headed off to a less discreet location, like a range, check out our list of the 5 Best Range Bags.

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  • Robert Gunderson

    Creepy shit to be posting this week.

    2 weeks ago
    • Krush

      Nah. The need for opsec never takes a holiday, regardless of what a few idiots are doing.

      1 week ago
    • David, PPT Editor

      Aged a bit like milk this week :(

      2 weeks ago
  • Jordan

    I would have added Eberlestock bags to this list too. The "secret weapon" back looks like a hiking bag but can hold up to an 11.5in AR pistol WITHOUT a folding stock.

    2 weeks ago
  • Icecolb

    I agree with the comments about a guitar case being a bigger target for theft than a discreet bag. I've carried the Vertx Transit Sling 1 to work most of the last 3-4 years. It's very similar to the Commuter Sling. It's a great bag, well thought out. Everything about it works like it is supposed to. I like that I can get to my laptop and other things without opening up the handgun section. I just wish it had one small easy access pocket for sunglasses, keys, chapstick, ect. I'd buy Vertx again.

    2 weeks ago
    • Mark

      I've had the unfortunate experience of having almost every kind of bag or case stolen from my vehicle "smash and grab" style, including a brand new (but empty) guitar case, a laptop in a laptop bag, a camera in a camera case, and a small back pack with smelly gym cloths in it (would love to have seen when they opened it!). I guess any case is an easy S n G target. I carry my long guns in long gun cases, but wrap them loosely in an old blanket and lay them on the back set. It looks like I sleep in my back seat and no one has ever touched them!

      2 weeks ago
  • KevO

    I super duper love my LaRue Tactical Covert Rifle Case (I use it with a bullpup 12ga). Very high quality, great adaptability with their additional modifications (it ships with a good pile to start), and nice, simple, discreet looks (though not diversionary).

    2 weeks ago
  • KO

    Out here in BFE, the racket bag would be kinda odd. Plus, to pull it off you need to wear a track suit, but then you look like a low level Russian gangster. I insist on only looking like a high level gangster. A small wheeled tool tote or tool bag with a DeWalt or Milwaukee logo would never raise an eyebrow in blue collar country. Although like the guitar case, they still might appeal to a smash-n-grabber. Some rifles can fit into softball bat/kit shoulder bags. Same for golf club bags. I guess it depends on the environment and if you think you need immediate deployability, or are simply transporting.

    2 weeks ago
  • Lee

    You can always put patches or stickers on the bag to camouflage it. I throw on a Subaru hat or wear a Kermit the Frog shirt or some other harmless looking shirt. I dress in dad clothes and no ones thinks I am carrying a Glock or two. Simple camouflage.

    2 weeks ago
  • IrishAstronaut

    Sup peeps, first time commenter. I feel like in most situations, this would actually be a tactical disadvantage (if using for EDC) drop to knee, UNZIP a pretty good sized bag, pull out weapon, then load mag etc, etc. I carry a 5.11 RUSH MOAB 10 everyday and it is perfect. Kimber micro 9 in the hidden pocket which also fit my Kimber Ultra carry ii .45 3 inch barrel. In the situations I am referring to this is faster to sling around and get to your weapon. Plus it holds all my other things and is light and compact. Great durability and very well made. Been using mine for about 5 yrs and going strong. Worth the $100 bucks.

    2 weeks ago
  • Rick Lynn Mattice

    I have a Savior 30 " COVERT SINGLE RIFLE CASE and am really impressed by its quality and design not to mention the price.....

    2 weeks ago
  • peejaybee

    I'm not sold on guitar cases as gun bags. Guitars are easier to resell than guns and some of them are just as expensive -- like candy for thieves.

    2 weeks ago
  • Mark Wynn

    I like the features of the fake tennis bag, but it's not as off-putting to a thief as a regular tennis racket bag. I would stencil a tennis brand logo on it, and hang a tennis racket-shaped ID tag on a zipper.

    2 weeks ago
  • Paul C

    Color is most important to me - anything not black, OD green or tacti-camo doesn’t scream guns. Maybe cameras if you choose tan, which is bad enough. I choose gray color for my bags. Second most important is backpack form rather than small duffel bag style. I don’t wear tacti-clothes either - only denims or khakis. Look like just another dumbass civilian, then own it. I just pull the rain cover over my range backpack to hide the Molle and carry it on my back like a day-hike pack. No one would assume I’m anything other than a Boy Scout leader. I do the same with my 42” double rifle case but while that isn’t obviously a rifle case when carried on my back, people DO wonder what’s in there and often look twice.

    2 weeks ago
  • silverlining

    Really nice dedicated options. I might also suggest a “trendy” branded backpack from one of the more popular outdoor companies like north face, patagonia, or a house brands from rei, etc. Not always big enough for larger platforms, but definitely discreet in a hiking/student kinda concealment concept. Only downside is leaving it exposed for theft in a vehicle, but that goes for any gear bag honestly. One of my favorite bags is actually a rather bright one I got on clearance. No one would guess it’s got a roni and some stick mags in it.

    2 weeks ago
  • Rob Nicolay

    I have found tool bags to be very useful for handguns. Have a bag that came with a cordless drill set I got a couple of years back is amazing. Divided into three compartments, can carry four pistols, five boxes of ammo, hearing and eye protection with no problems. Better yet, a tool bag looks appropriate if it is on the heavy side.

    2 weeks ago
    • Mark Wynn

      Tool bags contain tools ... a prime theft target as thieves can easily sell or pawn tools. That said, I confess to carrying my pistols to the range in the ubiquitous brown and green tool bag.

      2 weeks ago
  • Michael B.

    great choices. i have been using a modified hard cello case for my tack drivers (long guns) for years. a friend uses a golf club bag, but sorta stands out in the winter...

    2 weeks ago
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