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Author Sean Curtis

Sean Curtis is a nationally published writer who covers a number of topics. His articles have appeared in multiple print and online publications. He now works full time for Pew Pew Tactical as their head of business development.

Blue Brief

The Blue Brief: Creepy Encounters & Ghost Stories

In the spirit of Halloween, our resident law enforcement expert takes you through a few harrowing calls that will be sure to spook. (Read)

Buyer's Guide

8 Best AR-15 Foregrips [Hands-On]: Vertical & Angled

Want more control of your AR-15? We hands-on review some of the most popular options from traditional vertical grips to angled and even some special foregrips. (Read)

Blue Brief

The Blue Brief: Saving a Life with Jiu-Jitsu

In this Blue Brief, we look at how martial arts can improve your ability to handle unique calls and why that's important in modern policing. (Read)

Blue Brief

The Blue Brief: Falling to the Level of Our Training

Our LE expert takes a look at law enforcement training and the pitfalls of not keeping up with best practices and training. (Read)


1791 Ultra Custom Holster: Sous Vide Your CCW [Review]

We love a custom holster so when we saw the 1791 Gunleather Ultra Custom Concealment Holster, we knew we had to try it. Come see what we thought! (Read)

Blue Brief

The Blue Brief: Advocacy and Breaching a Tent

In this week's Blue Brief we look at how to advocate for yourself when dealing with police and an interesting encounter involving a tent... (Read)


[Hands-On Review] Benchmade Mini & Auto Adamas

We take a look at the fixed Mini and Auto Adamas knives from Benchmade to see if either of these are worth adding to your EDC kit. (Read)

Blue Brief

Blue Brief: The Best Laid Plans…

What happens when the best laid plans suddenly go awry? You adapt. What does that look like in high stakes situations? Come see... (Read)

Blue Brief

The Blue Brief: The Most Dangerous Job?

Sean explores how some police reach the "us vs. them" mindset due to the dangers of the job and what can be done to prevent that. (Read)

Blue Brief

The Blue Brief: Speed Demon & Lessons Learned

Sean shares a story from early in his policing career as a young deputy and how this important lesson shaped future interactions. (Read)

Blue Brief

The Blue Brief: Militarization of the Police

Sean takes a look at the militarization of police -- what the term means, if it's accurate, and what military gear police actually use. (Read)

Blue Brief

The Blue Brief: Mental Health Episodes

Sean shares some stories of mental health crises he's encountered during his police career and ways he's diffused the situations. (Read)


The Blue Brief: How To Survive a Carjacking

We run you through how to prevent a carjacking and what to do if you're faced with this kind of situation. Come read up on how to stay safe! (Read)

Blue Brief

The Blue Brief: An Introduction

We're introducing a new column on PPT centered on law enforcement. From tactics to answering your questions, Sean Curtis tackles policing! (Read)