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Taurus G2S Taurus G2S chewed up hand Taurus G2S sights
Taurus G2S Taurus G2S chewed up hand Taurus G2S sights
  • Budget friendly
  • Thinner than the G2C
  • Can concealed carry
  • Not so great ergonomics
  • Snappy recoil
Editor’s Note:

“The Taurus G2S isn’t innovative or new. It doesn’t offer anything a dozen other pistols don’t offer. What it does do is remain accurate, lightweight, relatively reliable, and easy to use, all at sub-$200. When you don’t have a lot of extra cash on hand and don’t live in the best area of town — a really cheap, reliable, safe, concealable handgun might be the thing you’ve been waiting for. Guns like the Taurus G2S are what make the second amendment available for all Americans.” – Travis Pike

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Product Description

The Taurus G2S is a slimline, single stack take on the G2C. Sporting either 9mm, this gun measures 6.3 inches in overall length with a 3.2-inch barrel. And it weighs in around 20 ounces unloaded. It’s bare bones but a budget-friendly option for those that need it.

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Taurus G2S Specs

Double Action Only / Semi-Auto
Barrel Length
3.2in / 3.3in
Magazine Capacity
9mm Luger
Overall Length
1.25 lbs
White Dot

Taurus G2S Features

Slim and thin grip
Single stack design
9mm chambering

By The Numbers - Taurus G2S

It is carry gun accurate or minute-of-bad-guy and that’ll get you by for both home defense and concealed carry. Don’t expect Glock 40 range or accuracy, but it’ll get you where you need to go.
Two failures to eject, and the magazine issue on top of the sight being loose knocks a couple of points off here. It seems to run fine now, but we’ll see.
You can add Talon grips, new sights, and a light or laser, and you can customize the insides with parts from Galloway precision and Lakeline LLC.
I like how the gun is laid out, how it feels in my hand and how it handles. The downside is I have some pink scare tissue on the web of my hand from slide bite.

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Taurus G2S Variations & Comparables

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Ruger EC9S

Ruger EC9S


“The Ruger EC9s 9mm pistol is great as a beginner carry gun. It has lots of safety mechanisms and upgrade options. Best part is it’s very affordable with street price around $280.” – Sean Curtis

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final verdict

“A $180 gun is a $180 gun. It runs well enough and looks and feels good in the hand. So for the price…it delivers a lot. Plus, the magazines are fairly cheap also. That’s a huge plus. If you need something for protection but don’t have a lot of cash to spend, go with the G2S. You won’t be disappointed.” – Travis Pike

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