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[How-To] Concealed Carry in a Dress or Skirt

When it comes to concealed carrying, ladies have to think outside the box. So, if you find yourself in a dress or skirt, come see how we recommend carrying.

For lady gun owners, fashion often dictates how we concealed carry.

Ideally, we would all sport belted jeans or pants and rock an IWB or AIWB Kydex holster with our full-size 15-round capacity hand-cannons…but that’s not a reality for most.

Womens Concealed AIWB
Me just chilling with my midsize.

The reality of modern femininity is we often change our appearance depending on where we’re going, who we’re meeting, and what we’re doing.

We work around form-fitted blouses, elastic waistbands, and, yes, even dresses and skirts.

As such, women’s concealed carry proves a bit more complicated.


But lucky for you, the ladies of Pew Pew Tactical are here to help!

Though my day job here at PPT means I’m actually encouraged to carry in jeans and a PPT tee (so comfy), I’m a single lady who partakes in the occasional date.

This means skirts and dresses sometimes end up in my wardrobe rotation.

Womens CCW Dress
Just because I want to get dressy doesn’t mean I have to ditch the gun.

To stay safe, I adapt my concealed carry to work with this dressier attire.

I’ve had years to perfect the art of belt-less carry in fancy fashion, and I’m here to pass my tips and tricks on to fellow gal pals.

Me about to impart some sage wisdom…

So, buckle up as I walk you through how I manage to concealed carry in a dress or skirt. We’ll talk guns and holsters as well as placement on the body.

By the end, you’ll be ready to conquer dressier CCW!

Table of Contents


Concealed Carry in a Dress/Skirt

I find concealed carrying in a skirt a bit easier to pull off than dress CCW, so we’ll start here.

The first thing to look at is, well, the skirt itself.

Some skirts, like denim or khaki, actually do come with belt loops. So, if that’s the case with your skirt – throw on an IWB or AIWB holster and rock on. Easy peasy.

Womens Concealed Carry AIWB
If you have belt loops, you can pretty much roll with your regular EDC.

If, however, your skirts aren’t so lucky to sport belt loops, then we move into other options.

Belly Bands

Namely, we turn to the belly band. This style of holster wraps around the wearer and secures to itself. It usually comes with a gun pocket (or two) that retains the firearm.

Womens Concealed Belly Band
Belly band

Some models even offer a blended approach with a Kydex shell mounted to a fabric band.

The Crossbreed Modular Belly Band is a great example of this.

Crossbreed Modular Belly Band
Crossbreed Modular Belly Band (Photo: Amazon)

A belly band’s advantage is that it offers a similar draw stroke as an IWB or AIWB holster but doesn’t rely on belt loops. So, it’s a win for skirts!

You simply slip it on under your skirt and blouse, and you’re ready to roll.

I prefer the Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger for these purposes. It is low-profile, uses magnets to help retain the firearm, and opts for a super durable elastic fabric.

Womens Concealed Belly Band
The gun is retained fairly well in the Can Can Concealment holster.

Plus, you get four firearm pockets, so it’s lefty-friendly. Also, it comes with two accessory pockets for spare mags, pepper spray, or your EDC knife.

Can Can Concealment offers three sizes of Hip Hugger, so you can even carry your regular EDC gun.

This is awesome if you only have one carry gun, OR you don’t want to worry about swapping between gun models.

Womens CCW Dress Belly band
Belly bands offer more versatility.

However, the downside to this style is that it can creep up on you since there’s nothing really holding it in place. I find that on particularly sweaty days, belly bands have a tendency to move.

Womens Concealed Belly Band
Rear pocket on the Can Can.

The result?

Dashing off to the bathroom to readjust.

Worth noting, you could theoretically sport a belly band and a dress. I have been known to do this with short dresses that prevent me from wearing a thigh or ankle holster.

Womens CCW Dress
This dress is too short for a thigh holster.

Trade-off here is that the dress has to come up in order to get the gun…so wear your good undies!

Or, you can do what I do and throw on some Spanx or bike shorts under the belly band.

Womens CCW Dress Belly Band
So a belly band works better. I toss on some shorts to keep things modest.

That way, if the dress has to come up you’re not showing your Calvin Kleins to everyone near you.

Another option in a similar vein is the UnderTech UnderCover Compression Shorts. These are compression shorts with a built-in holster. Kind of an all-in-one approach.

Womens CCW Dress UnderTech UnderCover
The UnderTech UnderCover blends shorts and a holster.

If a belly band doesn’t sound like your cup of tea or you happen to wear longer dresses more than skirts, there’s always thigh carry.

Thigh Holsters

This style uses a similar approach as the belly band, in that it wraps around the wearer and secures to itself.

Womens CCW Dress
Sig Sauer P238 in a thigh holster

But the key difference is that it attaches around your thigh versus your waist.

Some thigh holsters also come with a garter attachment which I highly recommend.

Womens Concealed Thigh Holster
Yep, there’s a gun under there.

The garter fixes around your waist and helps keep the thigh holster in place.

Not to mention, it helps better support the gun while it’s in the holster.

Again, I turn to Can Can Concealment as my preferred choice.

Womens Concealed Thigh Holster
Can Can Concealment thigh holster.

They bring the same durable elastic as the Hip Hugger, and I think it’s the best-made thigh rig for ladies out there.

The downside to thigh holsters, in general, is that you can’t run and draw your gun at the same time. You have to stop to remove it, so that needs to factor into your CCW plan.

Womens CCW Dress
Can’t really move while I’m digging this out.

Also, make sure to practice the draw.

Super short dresses or skirts won’t work with a thigh holster, so check your outfit out in the mirror before heading out of the house.

Womens CCW Dress
Dark colors, patterns, and billowy material help hide the gun nestled on my thigh.

Ankle Holsters

Another method for CCW in a long dress/skirt is to toss a gun on your ankle…in an ankle holster, of course.

This style of holster wraps around the leg and, again, secures to itself. It usually offers at least one firearm pocket, if not a spare pocket for accessories.

Womens Concealed Ankle Holster
I actually don’t own any long dresses or skirts, so you’ll have to deal with a pant suit instead!

For this style, I find a small gun works best – think pocket pistol or smaller.

I tend to use my Sig Sauer P238 when I carry in this manner as it’s small enough to not feel super heavy on my ankle.

Womens Concealed Ankle Holster

Again, similar to the thigh rig, you’ll have to stop to draw, so factor that into your decision-making.

To read more on how to draw from an ankle carry, check out our guide dedicated to…well, Ankle Carry.

Bras, Corsets, & More

So, there are a few options I didn’t mention above that are worth discussing. First, there’s bra carry. Yes, that’s a thing.

Typically it works better in a skirt/blouse scenario as you have to pull the gun down and out of the clamshell to draw.

Womens Concealed Bra Holster
A bra holster is exactly how it sounds.

I’ll be honest, in all my years of carrying, I’ve never felt a need to CCW in this manner. I’ve always been able to make one of the options above work. That said, it’s an option.

Note that the gun tucks under the bra and that bras play a big factor in success. Also, be careful when reholstering or drawing to prevent flagging your arm (or others).

Womens Concealed Bra Holster
See, I did not pay attention and am flagging my arm.

Corsets are another option for skirt carry and act very much like belly bands.

If you choose to go this route, make sure the model you choose has a guarded trigger area to prevent the trigger from being accidentally engaged. (No one likes an ND.)

Womens Concealed Carry Corset Holster
Corset holster

Finally, there are integrated fashion items like the Alexo Athletica Carry Skirt. This is a skirt with a built-in holster.

It’s definitely more sporty and probably less suitable for the board room, but it’s an option nonetheless.

Womens Brands Alexo Athletica Skirt
Alexo Athletica Skirt

Worth noting that it does not have a trigger guard, but there is a pocket in front of the firearm pocket to easily insert a card or ID to protect the trigger.

What About Purses?

This style of carry seems tempting and easy — just toss the gun in your purse and go.

But I hesitate to recommend it because it’s not as easy as it seems.

Womens Concealed Purse Carry
Use an actual CCW purse!

For one, you need a dedicated concealed carry purse with an integrated holster or an area to mount a holster.

Do NOT put your gun in your regular purse. Styles have come a long way since CCW purses first came on the market, and there plenty of cute options.

Womens Concealed Purse Carry
A dedicated CCW purse will have a pocket for the gun or a place to mount a holster.

Second, the purse must stay on you at all times. No ifs, ands, buts. You sit down to eat – the purse needs to be on you. You decide to run to the lady’s room…purse stays on you.

Sitting the purse on the ground or leaving in at the table means you lose access to your gun. And it opens up the possibility of theft or, worse – roving kids’ hands.

Finally, practice your draw. Purses move and swing, so you need to know how to control this to efficiently draw your firearm.

Womens Concealed Purse Carry
Practice makes perfect, so practice if you intend to purse carry!

Best Guns for Dress & Skirt Carry

Now that we’ve talked about how you can carry a gun in a dress or skirt, it’s time to look at some guns that tend to do well in this environment.

While I believe in the power of positive thinking and that anything is possible…a Glock G19 in an ankle holster just doesn’t cut it.

Shadow Systems MR920 and Glock G19
Shadow Systems MR920 and Glock G19 might be a bit big for an ankle holster.

For that reason, I tend to use smaller guns like the Smith & Wesson Shield, Sig Sauer P238, Glock G26, and Ruger LCP II as my go-to options for this style of carry.

But you aren’t limited to just these models. The market is flooded with tons of sub-compact and micro guns. Find one that speaks to you! (To get a head start, see our picks for the best handguns for women!)

But, like holsters, it’s good to have a few different models available for carry, if you can afford it.

Concealed Carry Guns
I’m a girl that likes options! (L to R: Gen 4. Glock G19, Smith & Wesson Shield, Sig Sauer P238)


Concealed carry in a dress or skirt doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require some thought and planning.

Whether you opt for a belly band, thigh holster, ankle rig, or purse carry, practice drawing and know the limitations of your preferred carry method.

Womens CCW Dress
Stay safe ladies!

Also, if you can, double up on holsters.

Yes, it’s a bit expensive, and I’ve had to spread out purchases to accommodate a single mom’s income.

Still, it’s worth it to have options and versatility.

How do you carry in a dress or skirt? Let us know in the comments below! Want to learn more about women’s concealed carry? Check out our article on How to Concealed Carry as a Woman.

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3 Leave a Reply

  • Commenter Avatar

    I like thigh carry a lot if I'm in a situation where I can't appendix carry. It does take practice, and I've found carrying inside and toward the front of the thigh helps to reduce printing while being able to walk! I reach across to draw so it's on the opposite side. The garter is important for security just in case something slides or comes apart. Practice and get someone at home to tell you when you're flashing so you know how to avoid that.

    January 23, 2023 10:59 pm
  • Commenter Avatar
    Dee Dee

    Good article. Thank you for this. Another vote for Can Can Concealment! I love my Can Can's. I do want to point out the Can Can Concealment belly band holsters have very durable and effective lines of silicone at the top and bottom of the inside to hold the band in place. I have never had my Can Can ride up.

    I wear long skirts a lot and like to use an ankle holster (Sticky Anklebiter) just below my knee. That is actually my favorite place/way to carry. I carry a Ruger SP101 or a CZ PCR in that method.

    Thank you for your guarded concern about purse carry and for stressing the importance of keeping your firearm ON YOU at all times.

    May 13, 2021 5:16 pm
  • Commenter Avatar

    Me: "honey, you're printing a lot."

    My wife: "$%@^&$. You try wearing this thing in a skirt."

    May 13, 2021 1:15 pm
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