Top 10 Firearms Blogs of 2021

My list of the Top 10 Firearms Blogs of 2016 that I actually read almost everyday. 

Each one has a different feel and topic scope that together keeps me on top of everything from news, to training, gear, and the latest memes.

Lots of AR-15 Uppers

Top 10 Firearm Blogs

1. Pew Pew Tactical

I mean come on, we’re awesome and we know it.

We got a lot of great stuff coming your way in 2021 from big updates of popular articles to boatloads of reviews and lots of new topics to cover for old and new shooters alike.

If you haven’t checked it out, be sure to stop by the PPT YouTube Channel for some hands-on reviews and lots of pings on steel!

awards meme PPT
Some times it do be like that

2. Gunsamerica

Site that sells guns but also has a crazy good blog. 

You’ll find quality reviews of guns and gear, but it raises the bar with a good selection of other interesting topics such as shooting skills, prepping, and reloading ammo. 

It might not be for everyone, but as you dive deeper into the gun world, you’ll probably be learning a bunch of it from Gunsamerica.

Journey into Competitive Series
Journey into Competitive Shooting Series

3. The Firearm Blog

Their tagline is “Firearms not Politics” and with that, they stick to lots of great reviews of guns, accessories, and gear. 

It ranges the gamut from new handguns, to knives, flashlights, suppressors, and even old school guns.

 Get ready to live vicariously through all the cool stuff they show.

4. ITS Tactical

Lots of quality gear reviews, skill teaching, and news articles with a more military-centric point of view. 

I like it for the cool camping toys they show and their recent series of Knot of the Week for all the stuff I’ve forgotten.

Camping ITS Tactical
Camping ITS Tactical

5. Jerking the Trigger

Strictly gear reviews here of the latest and greatest. If you’re looking for the newest thing in the “tactical” world, you’ll likely see it here first.

Gear Reviews Jerking the Trigger
Gear Reviews Jerking the Trigger

6. The Loadout Room

“Harcore Adventure” spans guns, gear, and everything outdoorsy. 

As far as I know, all the writers have extensive military backgrounds, and they bring their expertise to interesting articles such as “Neurological Training for Shooting Performance.”

Loadout Room Shooting Tips
Loadout Room Shooting Tips

7. Lucky Gunner

Not just my go-to place to buy ammo before I started reloading, they also have a really good weekly blog.

They cover gun/ammo reviews but also have great tips in their shooting articles and videos. See How to Shoot Small Pistols Better and their super in-depth review of the best handgun defensive ammo.

Lucky Gunner Small Pistols
Lucky Gunner Small Pistols

8. Precision Rifle Blog

A dedicated resource for long range precision shooting, PRB houses some outstandingly in-depth articles about the science of hitting things really far away as well as a ton of articles looking at what the top shooters in NRL and PRS use for their equipment.

barrel contours Precisionrifleblog
barrel contours, what the pros use, Precision Rifle Blog

From .22 LR at 500 yards to .416 Barret at 5,000 yards, you can find info on it all here!

9. The Truth About Guns

I find myself visiting several times a day since they update so frequently. Lots of great guns, gear, and news articles.

Plus a lot of entertaining comments for every post. 

TTAG Tested Muzzle Devices, Jeremy S.
TTAG Tested Muzzle Devices, Jeremy S.

10. The Well Armed Woman

While we have some awesome ladies writing for PPT, the Well Armed Woman is dedicated to an often-ignored part of the firearms community and is an outstanding resource.

We’re big fans of their blog and their work in the shooting community!

The Well Armed Woman
The Well Armed Woman


These are the blogs I try to get to every day, but let me know what you think! What am I missing out on?

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  • Bull o' the Woods

    How about the Precision Rifle Blog if you are into long range?

    7 months ago
    • David, PPT Editor

      Oh ya!

      Man we really need to update this article. Thanks for the reminder!

      7 months ago
  • CK Watts

    Now that I’ve gone through all of this site, and it has been AMAZING you know of similar sites?

    9 months ago
  • Peter Clark

    The post you published here is good and informative also. Toy guns are toys which imitate real guns, but are designed for children to play with. From hand-carved wooden replicas to factory-produced pop guns and cap guns, toy guns come in all sizes, prices and materials such as wood, metal, plastic or any combination thereof. Many newer toy guns are brightly colored and oddly shaped to prevent them from being mistaken for real firearms.

    1 year ago
  • Casey Meraz

    Really useful tips. I agree about sharing though. We all need to keep blag alive.

    2 years ago
  • Casey Meraz

    Really useful tips. I agree about sharing though. We all need to keep the blog alive.

    2 years ago
  • K

    what is up with everydaynodaysoff link, are they off line? temporary or for good, anyone know?

    4 years ago
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